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Excerpts from GURPS Warriors

Berserker Template

Berserker [90 points]

Attributes: ST 13 [30], DX 11 [10], IQ 10 [0], HT 12 [20].

Advantages: Hard to Kill (1 level) [5] and an additional 25 points chosen from Ambidexterity [10], Combat Reflexes [15], Daredevil [15], Extra Fatigue [3/level], Extra Hit Points [5/level], Fit or Very Fit [5 or 15], High Pain Threshold [10], Rapid Healing [5], Toughness (DR 1) [10], additional levels of Hard to Kill [5/level], and +1 HT [10] or +1 ST [15].

Disadvantages: One of Berserk [-15], Compulsive Behavior (Fighting) [-15], Fanaticism [-15], or On the Edge [-15], and an additional -20 points chosen from Addiction [varies], Bad Temper [-10], Bloodlust [-10], Bully [-10], Callous [-6], Disciplines of Faith [-5 to -15], Impulsiveness [-10], Odious Personal Habit [-5 to -15], Overconfidence [-10], and Stubbornness [-5].

Primary Skills: One of Axe/Mace, Broadsword, Two-Handed Axe/Mace or Two-Handed Sword (all P/A) DX+3 [16]-14 or Flail (P/H) DX+2 [16]-13. (High-tech berserkers may substitute one (P/A) Combat Skill at DX+2 [8]-13 and either Guns/TL (light auto) (P/E) DX+4 [8]-15* or Gunner/TL (machine gun) (P/A) DX+3 [8]-14* for this last option.)

Secondary Skills: Intimidation (M/A) IQ+1 [4]-11 and either Brawling or Knife (both P/E) DX+1 [2]-12.

Background Skills: Armory/TL (any) (M/A) IQ+1 [2]-10, First Aid (M/E) IQ [1]-10, Running (P/H) HT-1 [2]-11, and 8 points in any of Brawling (P/E), Carousing (P/A; HT), Knife (P/E), Stealth (P/A), Survival (any) (M/A), Philosophy or Theology (both M/H).

*Includes +1 for IQ 10.

Sample Character: Steampunk Warrior

Sterling Nichols (100 pts)

Age 28; 58, 159 lbs.; black hair, blue eyes; gambler in black suit with vest and hat, wearing an odd, mechanical holster.

ST 10 [0], DX 14 [45], IQ 12 [10], HT 11 [10]

Basic Speed 7.25, Move 6.

Dodge 7, Parry 9.

Advantages: Combat Reflexes [15]; Increased Speed +1 [25]; Temporary Wealth (Comfortable) [5].

Disadvantages: Glory Hound [-15]; Jealousy [-10]; Laziness [-10]; Selfish [-5].

Quirks: Fascinated by new technology; Prefers faro to poker; Loves to gamble; Hates getting dirty; Shuffles cards when bored [-5].

Skills: Armoury/TL5 (Rifles and Handguns)-12 [2]; Body Language-12 [4]; Brawling-12 [1/2]; Fanning-14 [0] (defaulted from Guns skill); Fast-Draw (Spring Holster)-16** [2]; Gambling-13 [4]; Guns/TL5 (Pistol)-18* [4]; Riding (Horse)-13 [1]; Slipping the Hammer-16 [0] (defaulted from Guns skill); Speed-Load (Pistol)-14 [1]; Streetwise-12 [2]; Savoir-Faire-11 [1/2].

*Includes +2 bonus for IQ 12.

**Includes +1 bonus for Combat Reflexes.

Languages: English (native)-12 [0].

Equipment: Colt Peacemaker revolver; Remington Double-Derringer; Spring holster and magnetic glove (+2 to Fast-Draw; Malf 16); Bulletproof vest steel breastplate, protects areas 9-11 and 17-18, front only (PD 4, DR 10); Armored hat, protects areas 3-4 (PD 3, DR 4); Two spare loaded cylinders for Peacemaker; Deck of cards.

Frank is a professional gambler who hit it big at a poker tournament on a Mississippi riverboat. Due to the questionable circumstances of his win, he had to head further west at the earliest opportunity. He stopped just long enough to invest most of his earnings in a few inventions he hopes will give him an edge should he ever find him self in similar circumstances.

The first item was a spring-loaded holster and magnetic glove that's supposed to allow him to draw his weapon faster. It does give him a +2 bonus, but he also runs the risk of the gun flying out if he misses his catch! Frank also picked up a breastplate cleverly disguised to look like a part of his suit and a steel-lined hat. Both items are perforated with ventilation holes, but still get quite uncomfortable in the summer each adds 5 to the current temperature!

Tactics and the Common Soldier

Prior to the last century or so, the average soldier didn't receive a great deal of training in individual tactics. Rather, he was drilled extensively in coordinating his actions with those of the other soldiers in his unit and responding in a rehearsed fashion to his superiors' commands.

Tactics (Drill) is an optional specialization (p. B43) that represents the series of practiced maneuvers which allow large groups of soldiers to conducted turns, advances, retreats, charges, and defensive postures by rote memorization. It's found among members of organized military units (e.g., heavy foot soldiers and cavalrymen) in a TL5 or lower setting.

By late TL5, most armies no longer used strict battlefield drills advances in weapon and communication technologies have made it obsolete, although there are a few notable exceptions. Soldiers in these modernized armies receive training in small unit tactics and are encouraged to employ their own initiative. There are exceptions to this generalization, of course. Conscript armies tend to retain the concepts of drill in combat; soldiers from such militaries may still retain the Tactics (Drill) specialization.

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