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Last revised June 3, 2005

First: This is not the same as the GURPS Character Assistant. This page is about the idea of putting GURPS onto CD-ROM in interactive format, which is currently a pipe dream. GURPS Character Assistant is a character creation program on disk, and is available now.

Okay, what about the interactive version? It's been sidelined, shelved, reapproached, and otherwise abused, and at the moment no work is being done on the GURPS CD-ROM concept. The basic idea was to make GURPS easier for beginners to grasp and experienced roleplayers to utilize. This FAQ is very old; we'll update it when we have any new movement on this project.


Q: What would the GURPS CD-ROM include?
A: Interactive editions of the Basic Set and both Compendia at a minimum. Additional sourcebooks and utilities are being considered at this point.

Q: Will it be another of those straight-to-PDF conversions? I'm not sure my eyes can stand the strain.
A: No. The text will be presented in a format taking advantage of (and accounting for) the computer screen. The "linear" page flow of the books will be supplanted by interactive boxed text and the like.

Q: Where will I be able to buy the GURPS CD-ROM?
A: Through direct order, at a minimum. Other marketing options are being considered.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: How much would you pay?

Q: For those of us GURPSheads who can recite the flight turning radius rules backward in Aborigine, will it still be cool enough to justify the expense?
A: Definitely.

Q. Both Windows and Mac, right?
A. We still plan on as much, yes.

Q: Will the GURPS CD-ROM be in a platform-independent format so that I can use my web browser with it?
A: We're not as sure about this as we used to be. A very strongminded group of alternative-OS users (you know who you are) have argued to be let under the tent.

Q. Where can I send suggestions?
A. For now, the GURPS forum. We may set up a web board later.

Q. Can I volunteer to playtest it?
A. We have to get a working version before we can even THINK about playtesting. That will be a while.

Q. If this is successful, will you supplement it with CD-ROM versions of other GURPS products?
A. Of course. Gleefully.

Q. Will this be a separate, playable game?
A. No (though we may put in a solo adventure for tutorial purposes, to help GMs introduce new players to the game). It will be a reference for GMs and players.

Q. Cool. What other features will it have?
A. Reply still hazy. Our Magic 8-Ball appears to be defective.

If you have comments or suggestions, please post them to the GURPS forum.

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