Robot passing for human

[Created by David L. Pulver]
Total: 300 points


Technophile #17 copyright 1995, David L. Pulver
This issue, I've adapted a character from one of my favourite anime videos:

[I've pulled the "Racial" description out for another page.]

Sample 33-S Character: Silvie

Silvie resembles a beautiful woman, perhaps 18 years old, with shoulder-length blue-gray hair and light skin. She usually wears a tight-fitting blue, white and yellow riding suit and boots, and drives a motor bike.


ST 15 (0 points)
DX 15 (10 points)
IQ 11 (0 points)
HT 12/21 (0 points)
Speed 8.3, Move 8.

Advantages (354 points):

Racial point cost (328 points); computer program point cost (26 points).

Disadvantages (-65 points):

Enemy: Genom, a large megacorporation, on 9 or less (-40 points); Secret: boomer posing as human (-10 points); Sense of Duty to close friends (-5 points); Social Stigma: Valuable Property (-10 points)

Quirks (-5 points):

Likes biking; talks enigmatically about "being free"; prowls highways drinking blood; stylish dresse; dates humans.

Skills (5.5 points):

Acrobatics-14 (program), Computer Ops-14* (1/2 point + program), Dancing-14 (1/2 point plus program), (Driving: Mecha-15 (2 points plus program), Electronic Ops (Sensors)-13 (1/2 point plus program*), Gunner-16 (program), Guns-16 (program), Hypnotism-10 (1/2 point*) raised to 14 thanks to Hypno-Eye, Motorcycle-15 (1/2 point and program), Holdout-12 (1/2 point*), Pilot (Shuttle)-14 (program), Savoir-Faire-12 (program*), Sex Appeal-16 (1 point plus program*), Stealth-13 (1/2 point).

* Counts four-fold due to Eidetic Memory.

Point Cost: 300 points.


DD Battlemover, motorcycle, automatic pistol. In apartment: $1,000, wardrobe of clothes. When not in use, DD is concealed in a junkyard on the city limits.

Silvie and Anri escaped the shuttle wreck before the authorities could investigate. After finding an apartment, Silvie devoted her efforts to seeking a datadisk containing biomedical information needed for Anri, raiding the offices of Genom corporation. At the same time, she stalked the streets at night in DD, attacking motorists, trashing their cars (and possibly robbing them), then draining their blood and killing them to leave no witnesses. There have been a rash of "freeway vampire" reports, which police are investigating. Silvie has used some of the blood herself, and transferred the rest to the damaged Anri.

When she's not on the hunt, Silvie is friendly and happy, grateful to be on Earth, feel a breeze on her face, see animals (even if they hiss at her) and be free of Genom and SDC's control. She hangs out at night clubs or rides the highways on her motorbike, getting a feel for human civilization. If she finds someone she fancies, she may try to befriend them: her tastes run to attractive young women, bikers or rock stars, preferably all three at a time. She does not like killing, but sees it as necessary to ensure her own and Anri's survival . . .

Notes: The 33-S, Silvie and DD are adapted from the Japanese anime Bubblegum Crisis, episode 5, Moonlight Rambler. Some of Silvie's skills are guesswork, since its unclear as to the sexaroid's exact purpose. BGC 5 is unclear as to whether a 33-S is a totally biological android or very sophisticated biomechanical robot; cyberdroid as used in the film has a loose meaning, like "android." (We see a 33-S bleed, but the cut heals almost instantly; at one point a villain refers to a dead 33-S saying "the machine stopped," but he's being mean at the time, so it's hard to tell.) I believe John Nowak did a loose adaptation of the 33-S using the biological android approach.

[Silvie is a character from the anime (Japanese animation) series, Bubblegum Crisis. No infringement to copyrights / trademarks is intended.]

"There may be a few mistakes; as anyone who has read my sample vehicles and robots know, I can't add, and Sylvie was designed from the final draft text; some minor changes were made after that in the printed book; I don't know whether or not they affected her design, though."

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