Technophile #17 copyright 1995, David L. Pulver
This issue, I've adapted a character from one of my favourite anime videos:

33-S Sexaroid

The 33-S Sexaroid is a female "cyberdroid" built by the Tokyo megacorporation Genom and sold to SDC, the Space Development Corporation, which owns Genaros space station in high Earth orbit. A sexaroid appears to be a young, good-looking woman aged 17 to 19. The Sexaroid project seems to have been publicly advertised as a pleasure android design, but that may have been a cover to produce a special operations model designed as a mecha or aerospace pilot. Certainly the SDC branch at Genaros was involved in illegal arms manufacturing and Sexaroids have displayed a superior ability to interface with vehicles and spacecraft.

It can be speculated that sexaroids were programmed as recreational androids but could be reprogrammed for special ops. The 33-S is partly biomechanical, with a semi-organic brain and body. This makes it a "low maintenance" design. A unique feature of it is a power plant that requires regular amounts of fresh human blood to maintain its systems: it's a vampire robot.

For reasons unknown, several sexaroids attempted to escape Genaros station. Most were killed by SDC "Doberman" security robots, but two sexaroids, Silvie and the badly damaged Anri, stole a shuttle craft and crash-landed on Earth near a major city. Aboard the stolen shuttle was a prototype mecha, the "DD battlemover."

"33-S Sexaroid" Design

This is the "robot" design common to all 33-S models. It's built using the final draft of GURPS Robots.
Brain: standard with compact, neural net, biocomputer, +3 DX booster and sentient option (11.25 lbs., .225 cf, $135,000, 50 points), complexity 6.
Sensors: Basic Sensors (.5 lb., .01 cf, $2,500) with night vision ($25, 10 points), hypno eye (.25 lbs., .005 cf, $2,500), 10 points) and discriminatory taste (.05 lbs., .001 cf, $500, 10 points).
Communicator: Basic Communicator (.25 lbs., .005 cf, $125, 15 points).
Arm Motors: Right arm motor with ST 15 (1.5 lbs., .03 cf, $1,500, .075 KW); left arm motor identical.
Drivetrain: Leg drivetrain with .25 KW motive power and two legs (6 lbs., .06 cf per leg motor, $1,200).
Weaponry: Cutting jaw with ST 10 (1 lb., .05 cf, $1,500, .1 KW, LC 5). Weaponry costs 10 points.
Power System: Routine power requirement .4 KW. Vampire bioconvertor with .4 KW output (6.4 lbs., .128 cf, $2,000, requires .045 gallons of blood per day). Operates for 48 hours on vampire bioconvertor. A 33-S can also store blood in its body's empty space, and transfer it to another 33-S.
Subassemblies: Two arms, head, two legs.
Head design: .3 cf head, houses basic sensors, cyborg brain, communicator and .004 cf empty space, for a volume of .3 cf.
Arm design: Right and left arm. Right arm houses arm motor and .07 cf empty space for a volume of .1 cf; left arm is identical.
Body design: Houses bioconvertor, .03 cf waste space for head rotation, and 1.042 cf empty space for a volume of 1.2 cf.
Leg design: Right leg houses leg motor and .3 cf empty space; left leg is identical.
Area: Head 3, right arm 1.5, left arm 1.5, right leg 3, left leg 3, body 7 total 19.
Structure: Biomechanical and heavy options (57 lbs., $5,700).
Hit Points: Head 9, right arm 9, left arm 9, body 21, right leg 11, left leg 11.
Armor: DR 4 nonrigid (2.88 lbs., $288, LC 5, 25 points).
Threat Protection: IR cloaking and stealth (19 lbs., $2,850, LC 5, 8 points).
Biomorphics: Living (8.5 lbs., $9,500), beautiful ($2,850), surface sensors ($4,750), sex implant ($2,000).
Design Weight: 116.28 lbs. (.058 tons), volume 2.42 cf, size 5.8' tall, price $175,388, body and arm ST 15 (60 points), DX 14 (45 points), IQ 11 (10 points), HT 12/21 (65 points), Speed 8.3 (10 points).

Racial point cost: 328 points.

Programs: Combat Reflexes (complexity 4, $3,750, 15 points). Skill programs: Acrobatics [2] (Comp 3, $2,000), Dancing [.5] (Comp 1, $500), Computer Ops [1] (Comp 1, $500), Electronic Ops [1] (Comp 1, $500), Driving: Mecha [2] (Comp 3, $2,000), Gunner [1/2] (comp. 1, $500], Guns (Pistol) [1/2] (comp. 1, $500), Driving: Motorcycle [.5] (Comp 1, $500), Pilot: Space Shuttle [1/2] (Comp 1, $500), Savoir-Faire [1/2] (Comp 1, $250); Sex Appeal [2] (Comp 3, $1,000). Total $12,500, 26 points.

Using the robot design as a racial template, we can create a specific character: the 33-S Silvie.

Sample 33-S Character: Silvie

"DD Battlemover" (TL10)

This is a 17' tall humanoid mecha ("giant robot") with a gatling gun pod and sensor stalk attached to its body. If the pilot is injured or DD's power plant is destroyed, DD is programmed to take control, defeat its opponents, and use its nuclear bomb to self destruct if it is about to be destroyed or its power runs out.

Brain: Microframe brain with +1 DX booster, hardened, high-capacity and neural-net options (150 lbs., 3 cf, $225,000), Complexity 6.
Sensors: Basic sensors with spectrum vision, telescopic zoom +5, 360 degree vision, super hearing, ten levels imaging ladar, all three scanners, no sense of taste/smell (8.55 lbs., .171 cf, $15,375, 2.5 KW power). Backup sensors are identical (8.55 lbs., .171 cf, $15,375, 2.5 KW power).
Communicator: Basic communicator with mute, long-range radio, IFF, lasercom and neutrino com options (35.05 lbs., .701 cf, $21,550.
Arm Motors: Two ST 200 arm motors with cheap option (each 40 lbs., .8 cf, $20,000, 1 KW). One retractable, cheap, extendable ST 40 arm motor (24 lbs., .48 cf, $12,000, .2 KW).
Drivetrain: Leg drivetrain with two legs and 100 KW motive power (612 lbs., 6.12 cf per leg motor, $122,400, 100 KW).
Thrust Propulsion: Fusion rocket with 10,000 lbs. thrust (275 lbs., 5.5 cf, $27,500, uses 200 gph water). Vectored thrust option (137.5, 2.75 cf, $13,250).
Weaponry: Gatling Gausscannon (250 lbs., 5 cf, $10,000, LC -1); four heavy missile launchers, concealed (each 100 lbs., 5 cf, $1,500, LC 0).
Crew: Battlesuit system (180 lbs., 3 cf, $1,500) with 24 hours life support (50 lbs., 1 cf, $500). Front of mecha head can hinge open to reveal the pilot.
Accessories: Inertial navigation system (10 lbs., .2 cf, $12,500). Mini-nuke, one kiloton yield neutron bomb (12.5 lbs., .25 cf, $12,500, LC -1). Neural-induction helmet for crew (3 lbs., .06 cf, $10,000).
Power: Power requirement 112.5 KW (assumes only one set of sensors used at once). Energy bank using ten rE cells (200 lbs., 2 cf, $20,000) with 3,600,000 KWS stored power. TL10 Nuclear
power unit with 112.5 KW output (147.5 lbs., 1.475 cf, $2,950, LC 4). Self-sealing tank with 20 gallons water (210 lbs., 3 cf, $800) good for six minutes of flight.
Subassemblies: Three arms (left and right and retractable); head; two legs.
Arm Design: Right arm houses arm motor and 2.2 cf empty space (3 cf); left arm is identical. Retractable arm holds arm motor and .02 cf empty space (.5 cf), housed in body.
Head Design: Houses main sensors, inertial navigation system, life support and pilot and .629 cf empty space (5 cf).
Body Design: Houses brain, communicator, four heavy missile launchers, energy bank, nuclear power unit, retractable arm, waste space for head rotation and 1.09 cf empty space (40 cf).
Leg Design: Two legs, each houses leg motor and 5.88 cf empty space (12 cf each).
Gun Pod: Houses gatling gausscannon (5 cf).
Sensor Pod: Houses backup sensors and .029 cf empty space (.2 cf).
Surface Area: Right and left arm 13 each, retractable arm 4, head 18, body 75, two legs 40 each, sensor pod (2.5), gun pod (18) total surface area 223.5.
Structure: Heavy body (670.5 lbs., $44,700).
Hit Points: Right/left arm 39 each, retractable arm 12, head 48, body 225, legs 113 each.
Armor: DR 500 laminate armor (4,470 lbs., $447,000, LC 0). IR cloaking and stealth (223.5 lbs., $33,525); sealed ($2,235).
Statistics: 8,295.15 lbs., (4.139 tons); Size 80.7 cf (17.7' tall); $1,094,425; body ST 7,669, arm ST 200, DX 12, IQ 10, HT 11/225. Ground Speed (in yards/second) 19.6, air Speed 119.6, stall speed 0, can hover. Cannot float. Legality Class -1.
Programs: Gunner [4] (comp. 4, $4,000], Electronics Operation (Sensors) [4] (comp. 4, $2,000]. If operating on its own, DD has Gunner-15 and Electronic Ops (Sensors)-13. If piloted, Silvie's skills and DX are used, but DD's programs add +5 to Silvie's Gunner and +3 to her Electronics Operation skills.

The laminate armor gives x 2 DR vs. shaped charge warheads.

The gatling gausscannon is SS 20 (15 with robot aiming systems), 6d x 6(2) damage with APDU rounds, Acc 15, 1/2D 2,000, Max 6,000, RoF 40, 400 shots, Rcl -1.

The four rocket launchers are each 6d x 8 (10) damage with shaped-charge warheads, SS 15 (10 with robot aiming), Acc 3, 1/2D n/a, Max 1,200, RoF 1, shots 3, rcl 0.

DD's automatic control system still has some bugs in it: if the pilot is wounded or stunned, DD may mistakenly think the pilot is dead, lock itself into "destruct mode." The only way known to quickly disable this malfunction is to kill the pilot for real while he is hooked up to the mecha, which creates a feedback loop and shuts the system down harmlessly.

Notes: The 33-S, Silvie and DD are adapted from the Japanese anime Bubblegum Crisis, episode 5, Moonlight Rambler. Some of Silvie's skills are guesswork, since its unclear as to the sexaroid's exact purpose. BGC 5 is unclear as to whether a 33-S is a totally biological android or very sophisticated biomechanical robot; cyberdroid as used in the film has a loose meaning, like "android." (We see a 33-S bleed, but the cut heals almost instantly; at one point a villain refers to a dead 33-S saying "the machine stopped," but he's being mean at the time, so it's hard to tell.) I believe John Nowak did a loose adaptation of the 33-S using the biological android approach.

"There may be a few mistakes; as anyone who has read my sample vehicles and robots know, I can't add, and Sylvie was designed from the final draft text; some minor changes were made after that in the printed book; I don't know whether or not they affected her design, though."

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