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Sea Elves

119: A Fantasy Race
By: Dave Washburn [1157]
Date: 20:59 11/28/91

This is an extension of the basic details in Magic on the Sea Elf race.
Please note that I'm not familiar with the treatment of Elves (if any) in Fantasy Folk but I am writing this in the spirit of Fantasy and Magic.

Sea Elves (45 pts)

These unusual Elves once flourished, dominating trade along rivers and in some portions of the sea and were once great users of water magic. Some time ago, their place in the world was changed by the contraction of a rare disease. The Sea Elf Nation's elders determined (presumably through magic) that the disease was contracted through contact with the other races. They declared that each tribe should break off contact with the outside world and go their seperate ways, in order to prevent the destruction of the race. It was rumored that the great wizards and warriors who made up the Nation's military force went off to battle and were defeated shortly thereafter. Most of their water magic lore was lost when they did not return.

The actual cause of the disease was that a band of Orcs came into the favor of a master alchemist who, as repayment for services rendered, devised a potion (a variant Philoctetes) which was only deadly to the Sea Elf Nation, with whom the Orcs had been feuding. This fact is not well known anywhere but in the stories of certain tribes of Orcs, and not known at all amongst the Elves. Now that the aftereffects have worn off, there are a few adventurous Sea Elves who wish to reestablish a place in their world. A small cult has developed who specialize in healing and water magic in an attempt to regain their lost lore, and there is rumored to be a lost knowedge of runes among these people.

Sea Elf characters have the following attributes:


(-10) ST -1
(+10) DX +1
(+10) IQ +1


(+15) Combat Reflexes
(+10) (Solitary) Magery / 1
(+10) Unusual Background


(- 5 ) Mild Shyness


(+ 5) Age and receive a +1 reaction bonus from mankind as per normal Elves
(+ 0) Physical attributes as per normal Elves

Notes on Sea Elf characteristics:

1) Their shyness and magery is biased only by the edict of the (former) elders of the race. It is quite possible that a character could buy off the shyness disadvantage and "trade in" the solitary magery for (normal) magery. This would take some time and experience with other cultures. Similarly, there are many Sea Elves who have more severe shyness due to a complete lack of experience (trade dealings, etc.) with other races.

2) The UB reflects the fact that this is an unusual race in the campaign, and covers certain minor details such as an additional (native) dialect, and perhaps vague benefits in dealings with certain water creatures.

3) These Elves receive the same reaction bonus as standard Elves do, but only because of their rarity (and not their temperament).

Comments? If there is any interest, I'll post more details on the various aspects of this race (their developing cult, a sample character . . .). Anyone want to see something in particular?

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