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Bio-engineered psi-amps, who make other races their slaves. They aren't telling whether their creators were overthrown or destroyed, or whether the [....] merely managed to escape them... (Maybe these critters' creators are worse!) [....] were created to be biological psi enhancers; whoever made them sentient as well wasn't very bright, considering how uniformly annoying the [....] are.

[....] look like half-cantelope-sized lumps of fur in whatever colors the GM feels would be amusing. They have no limbs, only a slit of a mouth (toothless, and usually gaping open to breathe) and a pair of beady little eyes. They can make some noises (they're not Mute), but rarely do so to communicate, preferring to use Telesend. (The GM should probably let their Telesend "just work" at any time when it doesn't matter. Roll for Extra Effort and such, though.)

(Name: patric rogers ( suggests: "how about "Vac'oosh"? kind of a combination "vaccuum" (as in "empty headed") and "koosh" (as in "Koosh ball")."

They are -13 points!


ST: 4 [-50]
HT: 10/5 [-25] (Including Reduced Hit Points -5, as shown here.)


Early Maturation x2 (moves maturation from 6 years to 1.5) [10]
Hard to Kill x 3 [15]
No Neck [5]
Racial Memory 2 (active access to ancestral memories) [40]
Recovery [10]
Reduced Sleep [10]
Silence x2 [10]
Unfazable [15]
Decreased Life Support x1 [10]
Fur (DR 0) [0]
Sanitized Metabolism [5]
Psi Power Enhancers, Power Catalysts; touch only [25]
Telepathy Power 5 (Telereceive gains no data for them - it's only for "pre-attack" contact) [25]
Healing Power 8 (All Carbon-based Life; +60%) [39]
Psi Vamp Power 1 [3]
PK Power 1 (Personal Use: Levitation only; -30%) [3]

Racial Skills:

Healing skill: IQ-3 [0.5]
Telesend: IQ [4]
Levitation IQ-3 [0.5]


No Manipulators [-50]
Non-Iconographic (Locations = Where I am & Everywhere Else) [-10]
Illiterate [-10]
Cannot have 3D Spatial Sense or Absolute Direction [0]
Short Lifespan x 3 (adult at 6 (1.5 with Early Maturation), aging at 20) [-30]
Intolerance (All other species) [-10]
Invertebrate [-20]
Delicate Metabolism (can only ingest Glucose Syrup) [-20]
Reputation -2 (Slaver race) [-10]
No Sense of Smell/Taste [-5]
Attentive (+1 to long tasks, -1 to notice important inturruptions) [-1]
Dull (rarely innovate) [-1]
Humble (Members tend to put the concerns of the group before their own) [-1]

Due to their peculiar neural structure, they are unable to navigate using Astrogation, read symbols, or otherwise deal with abstracts - they can fly themselves around with Levitation primarily by watching how their world moves around them. They can only comprehend two locations: "Where I am" and "Everywhere else." This means that if they want space travel (and the tech that's required to make their purified food), they have to get other races to do it . . . Telecontrol is such a fun skill.

They cannot read minds, though they communicate via Telesend. A telepath using one as a Power Enhancer is not limited in this way, though, just as a PK can access a [....]'s full PK Power and not just Levitation (which is the only PK skill the [....] can use). A Healer using a [....] as a Power Enhancer gains the "All Carbon-based Life" enhancement for 8 levels of Healing Power.

A psi attempting to use a [....] against its will will probably have to win a Contest of Wills, or possibly use Telecontrol. Mindwipe could be used to make a [....] serve willingly. (If the GM thinks it should be easy to use [....] if you can get your hands on one, then give them a -5 penalty to the contest of Wills; they were designed to be Power amplifiers, after all. Making them automatically lose the Contest if they've been grabbed is probably too easy, though.)

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