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These critters were originally designed by They quickly gained a reputation among the PCs as "insta-thug" blue humans. They've gotten a little more defined as "alien" since then, but they'd do just fine in a Star Trek universe.

They have a slightly heavier bone-structure than humans (humans find them course-featured), and a more "burly" muscle-structure for the same STs. Appearance between Thrals and humans is generally averaged towards the center one level (an Unattractive Thral and an Attractive Thral both look Average to a human; Ugly = Unattractive, Beautiful = Attractive, etc.). They are physically compatible with humans, but not cross-fertile. Voice is cross-species, but only at +1.

The Thral homeworld is run by the Orginization - corruption is a way of life. Surprisingly enough, it limps along and the economy hasn't crashed yet. Thrals are still found in most illegal schemes, though - from dealing in illegal pharmecuticals to piracy to slavery to "unfortunate aircar explosions." (Aircars on other worlds rarely explode; explosions aren't covered by insurance on Thral, they're so common there.)

They cost 33 points.


DX: 11 [10 points]
HT: 11 [10 points]


Toughness +1 (DR 1, thick skin) [3 points]
High Pain Threshold [10 points]

A subset with a vastly different culture lives on the newly re-discovered world of Parva. They are usually quite picky about being refered to as Parvans, not Thrals, but are genetically identical. They tend to have higher HT than even normal Thrals, but it's not yet a racial trait. Parva, when discovered, bore a striking resemblance to the forthcoming worldbook, GURPS Reign of Steel. It is a well-known stereotype that Thrals can't program computers worth beans.

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