GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

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1. About this FAQ

Distribution Frequency: The FAQ will be updated as new questions come along.

1.1 Availability

The GURPS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list will be updated as needed and posted on the Web at A new minor version will be created every month, and a new major version every year.

1.2 Contributors

We would also like to thank those who have contributed to the Third Edition FAQ, from which questions still applicable to the Fourth Edition of GURPS have been lifted.

1.3 Comments, Corrections, and Suggestions

If you have any suggestions for new questions or corrections, or if you feel some additional info would be useful, please post it at the official Steve Jackson Games forums. Alternatively, you can send them directly to the FAQ Keeper.

1.4 Abbreviations

HTML = Hypertext Mark-up Language
URL  = Universal Resource Locator
WWW  = World-Wide Web (a.k.a. "the Web")

GURPS books are abbreviated "p. AAAnnn," where AAA is a one- to three-letter abbreviation of the title and nnn is the page number. An up-to-date guide to GURPS book codes can be found at

Some of the more common abbreviations are:


B     Basic Set, Fourth Edition.
F     Fantasy
M     Magic
P     Powers
MA    Martial Arts
HT    High-Tech
UT    Ultra-Tech
BIO   Bio-Tech
S     Space
SU    Supers
DF    Dungeon Fantasy (use DFi, DFiv etc. to denote numbers)


B     Basic Set, 3rd Edition Revised
BIO   Bio-Tech
CI    Compendium I: Character Creation
CII   Compendium II: Combat and Campaigns
CY    Cyberpunk
DL    Deadlands: Weird West
F     Fantasy: the Magical World of Yrth
G     Grimoire
GT    Traveller
H     Horror
I     Illuminati
IN    In Nomine
LI    Lite
LT    Low-Tech
M     Magic
MA    Martial Arts, Second Edition
ME    Mecha
P     Psionics
R     Religion
RO    Robots
S     Space
SO    Special Ops
SPI   Spirits
STM   Steampunk
SU    Supers, Second Edition
SW    Swashbuckler
T     Technomancer
TS    Transhuman Space
UN    Undead
UT    Ultra-Tech, Second Edition, Revised
VE    Vehicles, Second Edition
W     World War II

1.5 Other sources of information on GURPS rules on the net

The excellent krommnotes, maintained by Peter Dell'Orto, is the net's biggest "unofficial" GURPS FAQ for specific answers to fussy rules points by GURPS Line Editor Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch.

The brand new GURPS Wiki aims to act as a depository for GURPS house rules, characters, templates, and all manners of neat stuff. Also check out their Infinite World Wiki for new worlds to explore in your Infinite Worlds campaign.

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