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6. Martial Arts

6.1 General

6.1.1 Some of the rules between Basic Set and Martial Arts are different. Why?

It should be understood that the Martial Arts book provide extensions for the Basic Set rules. If the rule in Basic Set says one thing, and MA says another, this is because MA gives more detailed rules, which are optional (because buying the MA book really is optional – some GMs don't want that level of detail). Think of it as of the differences between the basic and advanced (tactical) combat rules.

6.1.2. If I have a Reach-1 weapon, and I'm attacked by a Reach-C enemy, can I Parry . . .
. . . while Retreating?
. . . while the enemy enters my hex?

Yes. A retreat allows a momentary increase of Reach, even if the enemy follows you almost immediately. You can also parry as the enemy enters your hex.

6.1.3. Can't find any particular reason per the rules why a [weak] halfling can't Judo throw an Elephant. Makes my brain hurt. Please send help.

Originally Posted by Kromm
I'd say that since "more than twice your ST" is the limit on useful grappling, the same ought to go for Judo Throw. So a ST 6 halfling can throw up to a ST 12 man, a ST 23 ogre up to a ST 46 elephant, etc. It errs on the side of cinematic, but then most games do.
PS: As always, this is Approved For Sharing™.

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