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Written by Sean Punch, based on the GURPS Basic Set by Steve Jackson

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GURPS in 32 pages! FREE!

GURPS Lite is a 32-page distillation of the basic GURPS rules. It covers the essentials of character creation, combat, success rolls, magic, adventuring, and game mastering.

The purpose of GURPS Lite is to help GMs bring new players into the game, without frightening them with the Basic Set, Compendiums, and a stack of worldbooks! With GURPS Lite, you can show your players just how simple the GURPS system really is.

It can also be used as a neophyte's stand-alone introduction to roleplaying . . . but it is really designed as a tool to let the experienced player bring his friends into the game.

It's available free from e23. You are welcome to copy and distribute it freely, within the restrictions found at the bottom of p. 1 of GURPS Lite itself. It has also been included in some GURPS books, such as the Discworld Roleplaying Game.

GURPS Lite for Specific Settings

Some of our newer Powered By GURPS lines have core books which include specially-adapted versions of GURPS Lite. Like the original, these new versions are free to download:

GURPS Lite In Other Languages

Here's an Italian version of GURPS Lite. Layout and supervision by Andrea Minini Saldini. Translation by Yuri Abietti, Paolo Barberis, Marco De Stefani, Ambrogio Di Renzo, Fabio Milito Pagliara, Alessandro Noviello, Pier Luigi Rocco, and Mario Tani.

And here's the German GURPS Lite, courtesy of the crew at Pegasus Games.

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