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GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 3 – Cover

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GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 3

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Written by David L. Pulver, David Nilsen, Andy Slack, and David Thomas
Edited by Gene Seabolt and Loren Wiseman * Cover art by Doug Shuler
Coyns by Alex Fernandez
Illustrated by Jesse DeGraff, Glenn Grant, Sean Murray, and Ed Northcott

148 pages. PDF. * Price $9.99 * Stock number FFE30-6608
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144 pages, softcover, and 36 cardstock coyns.
Suggested Retail Price $9.95 * Stock number 6608 * ISBN 1-55634-431-7
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The Hivers Should Worry You . . .

Openly cooperative, apparently pacifistic, reportedly cowardly, the starfish-shaped Hivers don't seem to be empire-building material – but they hold one in a secure grip. They won the only interstellar war they've fought after losing every battle, but with this most alien of the major races, looks almost always decieve. Inscrutable, patient, and subtle, the Hivers puzzle their neighbors more than they worry them. It should be the other way around.

The Droyne Should Awe You . . .

An insectoid race scattered across the Imperium like so many gypsies, the seemingly insignificant Droyne often fall beneath the notice of Humaniti . . . and most Humans are foolish enough to think it's their own choice. A series of puzzles in their history and culture suggests that huge secrets lurk behind the compound eyes of these tiny sentients . . . and that the most awesome of the major races may come in the smallest package.

Ancient Answers Await!

Alien Races 3 offers an expose on the Ancients themselves, and examines in detail the biology, homeworlds, culture, and society of the enigmatic Hivers and cryptic Droyne. Included are racial and career templates, sample equipment and starships, Ancient artifacts, and much more.

This book also includes a set of 36 Droyne "coyns" and instructions for predicting the future and making decisions, Droyne style.

Two new minor races are presented here as well:

  • The Inheritors, a race of fluorine-breathers living on the shell of an ancient Dyson sphere and "improving" on the technology left behind;
  • The Lithkind, a nocturnal species for which mating means death and death means rebirth, and who treat the opposite sex as taboo!

Droyne Coyn Set

36 cardstock coyns, instruction sheet. * Price $3.95
Stock number 6618
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Coyns are tokens used in the Droyne casting ceremony, and are also used as an augury for important life-decisions. Coyns are cast before each important event in Droyne society to help divine the correct course of action. Our coyn set includes 36 card coins and instructions for their use by GMs.

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