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Traveller Deck Plan 5: Sulieman-Class Scout/Courier – Cover

Traveller Deck Plan 5: Sulieman-Class Scout/Courier

Edited by Loren Wiseman * Cover art by Jesse DeGraff
Cardboard Heroes by Tom Biondolillo * Deck Plans by Kieren Yanner

8 two-sided map sheets, one sheet of Cardboard Heroes miniatures.
Suggested Retail Price $16.95 * Stock number 7505
ISBN 1-55634-515-1
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The 100-ton Sulieman is one of the most commonly encountered vessels in Imperial space and on its borders. The Scout Service uses thousands of Suliemans for reconnaisance, survey, courier/VIP transport, and liaison duties; the Sulieman II seeker is the standard mineral survey craft. Retired scouts are sometimes granted the long-term use of a Sulieman for private prospecting or trade.

Because this vessel is so easily available to PCs, this deck plan will be of interest to players as well as GMs. It comprises 8 double-sided sheets (hexes on one side, squares on the other), and includes a set of Cardboard Heroes miniatures to crew the ship and provide encounters.

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