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GURPS Traveller GM's Screen – Cover


GURPS Traveller GM's Screen

Edited by Loren Wiseman * Cardboard Heroes drawn by Tom Biondolillo
Cardboard Heroes colored by Alex Fernandez * Deck Plan by Kieren Yanner

2 two-sided screens with 1 floor plan and 1 sheet of Traveller-specific Cardboard Heroes.
Suggested Retail Price $9.95 * Stock number 6619 * ISBN 1-55634-457-0
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Put the Third Imperium at your fingertips with this fact-packed GM's screen. Two screens contain all the charts, tables, and other essentials for the GURPS Traveller Game Master. And, since every GM needs a tavern to start the adventure off right, here's a poster-sized floor plan for Brubek's, the starport bar . . . and a sheet of new Cardboard Heroes miniatures showing typical patrons.

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