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Esperance/Solomani Rim                  293-1120

After several days of fierce fighting, the Imperial 310th Field Army has entered Ciudad de las Estrellas, the Neuva Argentinean capital city. The Nueva Argentinean government has already fled to a redoubt in an unknown location, but Army spokesmen confirmed that its representatives are already attempting to negotiate a surrender to Imperial authorities. While guerilla action remains a possibility, the Esperance War appears to be over.

Anaxias/Delphi                  277-1120

Duchess Margaret Alkhalikoi Tukera gave birth to a single child today, sparking an air of celebration around the world.

The child was a girl, named Julia Iphegenia Cassir Alkhalikoi-Tukera.

Both mother and child are reported to be in good health.

Ludmilla/Solomani Rim                  275-1120

After several rounds of talks, a legal agreement has been reached involving the government of Ludmilla, the Vegan tuhuir Ewm Shao Gwi, and the Imperium. The Ludmillan government will take no further steps to nationalize Vegan business interests on Ludmilla, and will provide the same protection and service to Vegan ships as to any others transiting the critical Boskone system. Any concessions made by Ewm Shao Gwi are unknown at this time.

Human supremacists within the Ludmillan public are mounting a vocal protest against the agreement, but a surprisingly large number of Human citizens are remaining silent or voicing support. Apparently a large segment of the Human populace is significantly less committed to anti-Vegan policies than most outside observers had suspected.

Shululsish/Solomani Rim                  267-1120

The Office of the Duke reports that Archduke Adair will arrive on Shululsish on or about day 320, to preside over a four-day session of the duchy's Senate.

The most pressing order of business is likely to be the selection of a candidate for the vacant position of Duke of Alderamin. The current situation is complicated by the lack of any other Imperial duke associated with either of the subsectors of the duchy. By the Archduke's decree, Imperial counts holding demesnes in the Duchy of Alderamin will be eligible for election to the duchy.

Although the choice of the Senate is not binding on the Emperor, he is considered unlikely to overrule it so long as Archduke Adair gives the result his own concurrence.

Esperance/Solomani Rim                  265-1120

Full-scale Imperial intervention began today on this war-torn world. Admiral Sir Kristian Sandkvist, commanding the 1295th Colonial Fleet in system, announced that his office had uncovered credible evidence of biological warfare against the forces of Waothan, using a genetically engineered virus. "This constitutes the use of a weapon of mass destruction, which is a clear violation of the Imperial Rules of War. I am therefore ordering the immediate investment of Esperance. As soon as planetary space has been secured, forces of the Imperial Army and Marines will land and begin the task of separating the combatants and degrading the ability of the so-called Human Bloc to continue fighting."

Forces of Nueva Argentina and its Human ally nations are apparently in full retreat, as the Imperial Navy bombards their forward positions and logistics areas. Off-world, the Imperial 226th and 310th Field Armies (based on Yrsai), the 311th Field Army (based on Glaucas) and the 634th Field Army (based on Upirzanu) are all preparing to land once the way has been opened for them. The 1105th Lift Infantry Corps, already based on Esperance, has made a lightning strike to occupy the city of Todos Santos. Imperial forces are opening a command-and-control center there to oversee occupation of the disputed territories.

Europa/Aldebaran                  258-1120

Violent riots have erupted in several major population centers here, apparently leading to a full-scale popular revolt against the dictatorial Europan regime. A number of Home Guard units have apparently declared for the insurrection and are now fighting the regime's Republican Guard troops.

Esperance/Solomani Rim                  250-1120

A particularly vicious outbreak of the Vegan catarrh has taken place in regions already affected by the ongoing war here. The disease has little effect on Humans, who may suffer no more than mild upper-respiratory discomfort, but it is often very debilitating or even fatal to Vegans. Perhaps as a result, the Vegan advance into Human Bloc territory has slowed dramatically in the last few days.

Sacnoth/Spinward Marches                  245-1120

Sir Adrian Montrose, prominent official in the Imperial Border Office, was found dead today in his suite at the Ambassador's Hostel in Foerstaborg. Although Imperial and Border Worlds security forces are investigating the death as suspicious, there was apparently no sign of foul play.

Ludmilla/Solomani Rim                  238-1120

The Vegan tuhuir Ewm Shao Gwi has called for outside arbitration in its ongoing legal dispute with the human-supremacist government of Ludmilla. A commission composed of Imperial officials is expected to arrive on-planet within two weeks. Highly-placed sources in the subsector government have expressed concern that the Human-Vegan conflict raging on nearby Esperance is in danger of spreading to nearby worlds.

Esperance/Solomani Rim                  234-1120

Sporadic reports of combat in the deep Esperance system were confirmed by a spokesman for the 1291st Colonial Fleet. "A number of Esperancian SDB squadrons with human crews have broken the Treaty of Milagro and taken up arms on behalf of the Human Bloc," said Lieutenant Fielle Wilson-MacCraig, IN. "As this is also constitutes treason against the Imperium, our forces have responded decisively. I am happy to inform you that the rebel SDBs have been smashed by elements of the 1291st Colonial Fleet, and the few survivors have scattered into deep system space."

In other news, Lieutenant Wilson-MacCraig denied rumors of tension between senior IN commanders on the scene in Esperance. "All naval commanders involved in the observation and blockade of the planet are fully aware of their obligation to follow the chain of command," he said before ending the press conference.

Esperance/Solomani Rim                  225-1120

After a brief cease-fire, fighting resumed today in the region of the city of Guevara between troops of Waothan and its human rivals. Waothani mechanized infantry and grav armor resumed their advance into territory claimed by Nueva Argentina.

In response to the renewed fighting, Imperial Naval spokesmen announced that Esperance would soon be subject to a full blockade, enforced by elements of the 1291st and 1295th Colonial Fleets already in system.

Enos/Spinward Marches                  208-1120

The planet Enos is in shock today after a statement released by the Regent of Enos, Hamund Nafnisen Riseger. "Queen Ros has suffered a severe horse-riding accident, and is now at Hardenberg Castle," it said. "While the queen will recover, our top medical specialists are indicating that it will take several months or more before she will be well enough to resume her duties. Until that time, she will be withdrawing from public life. We ask that your thoughts be with her in this difficult time, and express our hopes that her health returns quickly."

Gram/Spinward Marches                  202-1120

A protest was jointly lodged with Confederation House by the Border Worlds Authority and the Imperium early this morning. Both states are objecting to the recent reconstruction work on Bryn Avgrunn Base, between the planets Orcrist and Enos.

A spokesman for the Confederation rejected the protest. "We admit that the previous base at that location was intended to threaten Caladbolg, yet it also bridged the four parsec gap to our most outlying world. After its destruction in the last war, Enos was cut off, and that needs to be remedied. We are willing to allow Imperial inspectors on the station, but rebuilding will be going ahead in light of recent obstruction of traffic through along the alternative J-2 route through Border Worlds space."

Esperance/Solomani Rim                  201-1120

Nueva Argentina claimed that its forces had halted and smashed a Waothani advance near the city of Guevara today, inflicting massive casualties on the invading Vegan forces. Waothani defense spokesmen dismissed these reports, but admitted that the advance into Human Bloc territory "has not entirely met expectations."

Home/Aldebaran                  185-1120

During closing proceedings of the Solomani Party Congress, the Secretariat has elected a new Secretary-General.

The new chief executive of the Solomani Confederation is Marc Chissano. Chissano is a member of the ruling family of Twilight/Aldebaran and has served as his homeworld's delegate to the Secretariat since 1113. He has also held a series of posts in the Solomani bureaucracy, most recently serving as Deputy Minister of Information. His politics are believed to be firmly radical - he has consistently supported strict racial-purity laws and an anti-Imperial foreign policy.

As usual, the Secretariat held its elections behind closed doors, so details of Chissano's election are unclear. Several delegates have stated to the press that Chissano was a "compromise candidate," nominated only after several more prominent delegates were unable to break a deadlock.

Esperance/Solomani Rim                  177-1120

War began today, as Waothani air and grav-armor forces crashed across the border into territory of the Human Bloc. The city-state of Todos Santos was quickly surrounded by Vegan forces, and declared itself an open city to avoid attack. Imperial observers quickly set up residence in the city and began monitoring the battle. In accordance with international law, the commanders of all significant system-defense squadrons have delivered their commands to the Imperial Navy for sequestration.

Esperance/Solomani Rim                  173-1120

Peace talks between the Vegan and Human blocs on Esperance have broken down, after a series of shouted exchanges between principal negotiators. Count Willem Salacrou, the lead Imperial negotiator, was seen to be pale and drawn as he left the conference room. To the press, he stated that: "I've never seen anything like this. As long as both sides were engaged in lower-level discussions, everything seemed to go well. The minute the principals got into that room together, it all fell apart. If I was a superstitious man I'd say that there were evil spirits plaguing us."

Both negotiation teams have left the neutral city of Todos Santos for their respective capitals. Forces on both sides of the contested borders are said to be on high alert.

Dimmurak/Solomani Rim                  168-1120

Three days before planetary elections, a bomb blast in the capital city claimed the life of seven citizens and an undetermined number of offworld observers. Notable among the casualties was Cheng Golok, leader of the Interstellar Brotherhood of Labor and a prominent figure in the pro-democracy movement here. It is unknown whether Golok was killed or merely wounded, as IBL officials quickly moved him to a secure location.

"The knife at the throat of our enemies has been taken away," said Eneri Shirika, so-called Speaker for the People’s Party. "A great man has fallen, and we cannot know if he will return. Yet if our enemies hoped to silence him, they will be disappointed. They will find him returning as a thousand knives wielded by free, unafraid people."

Public reaction to the bombing has been one of shock and anger. The effect on the upcoming elections is as yet undetermined.

Mora/Spinward Marches                  160-1120

The office of Duchess Delphine, in conjunction with Archduke Norris and the Ministry of Colonization, announced today that Bronze (1627 Spinward Marches) would be placed under interdiction for the next 270 days. At the end of that period, the planet will be opened to any and all persons or corporations for claim-staking and exploitation.

Results of the IISS survey of the planet were released simultaneously, and the intent of the Red Zone is to allow all competitors to plan on equal footing for operations beginning next year.

Dimmurak/Solomani Rim                  150-1120

Planetary elections have yielded a razor-thin majority for the pro-Imperial Iishadun Party, along with a great deal of election-day violence and widespread accusations of vote fraud.

Cheng Golok of the Interstellar Brotherhood of Labor stated that "if the Iishadun and their megacorporate sponsors think that they can steal this election, they are sadly mistaken. Under the Dimmurak constitution, the IBL and the People's Party demand a recount, to be monitored by neutral observers."

Late this evening, the Citizen’s Advisory Council issued a statement agreeing to the IBL demand, announcing that officials of the Imperial Ministry of Justice would be invited to oversee a recount and (if need be) a run-off election.

Esperance/Solomani Rim                  147-1120

Count Willem Salacrou has arrived on Esperance to begin a round of mediation involving both Imperial and local officials.

"This is shuttle diplomacy," the Count said during a press conference at the starport. "War on Esperance would benefit no one, not the Imperium and not the Human or Vegan citizens of the planet. If I can help defuse the situation, all the better."

Home/Aldebaran                  136-1120

The General Congress of the Solomani Party has been disrupted by the arrest of a prominent member.

Agents of the Vantage government entered the Congress chambers to arrest the de facto leader of the Nationalist caucus, Jan Malikov, on charges of bribery and malfeasance. Malikov stands accused of criminal misconduct during his service as a Vantage planetary official in the mid-1100s.

Malikov has refused to invoke delegate's privilege, and vows to return to Vantage to face the charges. It is unclear how his absence, even if temporary, will affect the ongoing campaign for the office of Secretary-General.

Knabbib/Core                  130-1120

Julian Trane, distinguished professor of interstellar history, has just published an epic analysis of Imperial history titled The Inevitability of Night.

The new work hypothesizes that interstellar civilization progresses through a continuing cycle of expansion and regression, driven by factors which cannot be avoided by any culture. In public interviews, Trane has carefully avoided making any predictions about the future of the Imperium.

"I am no oracle," Trane said in an appearance on the Knabbib world-news net. "I can't project how Imperial history will proceed over the next week, much less the next thousand years. My work suggests that another Long Night must someday come. It doesn't give us a timetable."

Imperial officials refused comment.

Stralsund/Solomani Rim                  125-1120

After several weeks of negotiations sponsored by the Countess of Hoatzin, the Paramount of Stralsund has agreed to lay down his office and go into "honorable retirement" elsewhere in the sector.

A ruling council is to be formed within 30 days to oversee the transition of the Stralsund Belt to a new form of government. The Countess, who has gained widespread respect for her actions as arbitrator, has agreed to preside over this council and appoint three out of the six other members. The remaining members are to be appointed by the three largest belt-habitats in the system.

Hayt/Solomani Rim                  119-1120

The badly-burned body of General Shamash Kanten, long-time dictator of Hayt, was found in a wrecked grav car near the starport today. The General's remaining troops retain control of several critical points in the capital city, but by all accounts they are wavering and ready to surrender to rebel forces.

Senator Peresh Bedandii has appeared in public for the first time since his dramatic confrontation with Guardian units at the Legislative Assembly building several local days ago. He has called for all citizens to remain calm and prepare to participate in the construction of a new government.

Sacnoth/Spinward Marches                  106-1120

The Investigative Branch of the Ministry for Security announced today that politician Karl-Hedin Gudmunsson has been arrested. Gudmunsson, Assistant Minister of the Economy on Sacnoth, was charged with ten counts of bribery, fraud, and peculation.

In a remarkable turn of events, a petition censuring the arrest is being circulated by opposition politicians. It notes Gudmunsson's interest in investigating the role of various large corporations during the past war against the Imperium, and questions the motives for the arrest. However, the government refused to support the statement, citing classified evidence given to them by MinSec.

Vantage/Solomani Rim                  105-1120

An important political scandal broke today, as Vantage government officials announced criminal charges against a prominent Solomani Party statesman.

Jan Malikov stands accused of having accepted bribes from the Imperial megacorporation SuSAG while serving as the planet's Minister of the Environment almost 15 years ago. Officials announced today that a courier ship has been dispatched to Home, with orders to bring Malikov back for arraignment and trial.

At the same press conference, officials deflected questions about the Imperial far trader Four Kings, whose captain and crew have been in detention for several days. Local press reports speculate that the Imperial merchants are somehow connected to accusations against Malikov, but the details remain unknown.

Hayt/Solomani Rim                  099-1120

A dramatic reversal has taken place in this world's ongoing political crisis. The First Guardians Regiment was sent to the Legislative Assembly building to arrest rebel senators, who had barricaded themselves inside the building in protest against General Shamash Kanten's rule. After several hours of tense standoff, Senator Peresh Bedandii emerged to confront the Guardian unit. With him was Carl Gyldenskjold, Count of Shululsish.

Not wishing to fire upon the count, the Guardians allowed Senator Bedandii to approach, and negotiated with him for several hours. They then redeployed to protect the Assembly hall rather than threaten it. This setback for the dictatorship was widely broadcast over planetary media, just before they were shut down by government censors.

Count Gyldenskjold was not previously known to be on Hayt, and there is no information as to how he came to be in the presence of the rebel senators.

Hofud/Spinward Marches                  089-1120

Fragmentary reports out of Ny Vanaas, an isolated industrial city, are claiming that the town has been overrun by forces of the Hofud People's Army. A communique from the HPA appeared to confirm this, as the insurgents declared the city "Provisional Capital of the Republic of Hofud."

Hofud's Imperial Liaison, Sir Jonas Arikar, was quoted as saying "The rebels' statement is just propaganda. This is only a raid, albeit quite a large one. Once Hofud's planetary authorities appear in force, they'll fade back into the wilderness as they always have." He had no comment when asked why the HPA had pressed their attack home against a large city for the first time.

Teilhard/Aldebaran                  084-1120

This relatively isolated world's starport has been raided by an unusually powerful (or unusually bold) corsair band.

"Whoever they were, they came out of nowhere," reported Ibrahim Tall, captain of the free trader Nureddin's Fortune. "Half my crew was in the settlement on liberty. We had no warning, no time to lift off. They didn't pay any attention to us, though. Apparently they only raided the repair yard and then left."

From eyewitness accounts, the corsairs used one very large vessel, roughly equivalent to a large escort or a destroyer. A wild rumor claims that the corsair was a Confederation Navy warship, but this has not been confirmed and seems very unlikely in any case.

Home/Aldebaran                  079-1120

The 104th General Congress of the Solomani Party opened today, beginning many days of intense political activity at the Solomani capital. Secretary-General Lin Peres presided over the opening ceremonies, calling for all Party delegates to be "mindful of the heavy responsibility inherent in making decisions that affect all the Solomani people."

As Secretary-General Peres is not expected to win re-election, much attention fell on the Party leaders considered most likely to succeed her. Jan Malikov, a prominent Nationalist delegate to the Secretariat from Vantage/Solomani Rim, is considered the favorite in the upcoming voting. He spoke during several formal gatherings today, and appeared relaxed and confident.

Hoatzin/Solomani Rim                  071-1120

The Gran Hoatzin Consortium has announced that it will seek bankruptcy protection under Imperial commerce laws. The consortium began three years ago with an ambitious plan to decentralize planetside industrial production, setting up dozens of small robotic factories in the oldest settled regions on Hoatzin. The plan was supported by the planetary government and the office of Countess Muuadin, but strongly opposed by Solomani industrialists in the planet’s New Cities. A series of cost overruns and marketing failures has plagued the consortium since its foundation.

Gran Hoatzin Consortium securities were trading at 7.4 Cr/share on the Hoatzin Exchange at closing, down from 68.5 at their height on 048-1120.

Daedalus/Aldebaran                  063-1120

The pleasant island resort of White Kyros was attacked before dawn this morning by an armed party of unknown origin. Over a dozen cottages were destroyed before the attackers withdrew. Although no specific report has been released to the media, casualties among both security staff and vacationers were apparently high.

The authorities are treating the incident as an unusually bloody terrorist attack, but have made no public statement as to the identity of the terrorists.

Terrorism and political violence are rare, but not unknown, on Daedalus. The White Kyros resort is quite exclusive, and is known to cater to Solomani Party leaders as well as the occasional Imperial aristocrat on a tour of the Solomani Confederation.

Esperance/Solomani Rim                  049-1120

Air and interface forces of Waothan and Nueva Argentina have clashed over the neutral airspace of the city-state Todos Santos. Three aircraft were shot down, two Human and one Vegan, before the opposing forces could disengage. Both major states (and Todos Santos) are now engaged in a vicious name-calling contest in the Assembly of Nations, although other powers are attempting to mediate the dispute.

Dingir/Solomani Rim                  048-1120
Duchess Erika haut-Beaudoin of Dingir made a brief appearance at her father's Grand Conclave, lending considerable luster to this otherwise-dull gathering of conservative aristocrats. Despite rumors of strain between the Duchess and her father, the Marquis appeared at her side throughout the evening, and the two conversed before his guests with every evidence of warmth. Marquis Beaudoin was particularly careful to introduce his daughter to several of the younger men present, and looked on with approval as the Duchess enjoyed several minuets on the dance floor.

Anaxias/Delphi                  047-1120

During a routine press conference today, Duchess Margaret announced that she is pregnant, confirming rumors of the past several weeks. Margaret went on to say that she is carrying a single child, which her physicians have declared to be in perfect health. Her husband, Count Blaine Tukera, is said to be looking forward to being a father again.

Ludmilla/Solomani Rim                  035-1120

Representatives of the Vegan minority have attempted to present a list of grievances to the central government, but were unable to speak to any official of senior grade. When the Vegans attempted to peacefully block entrances to government buildings, police forces in riot gear attacked and drove the dissidents off. Several hundred Vegans and Human sympathizers were arrested, many of them badly beaten or subjected to repeated doses of riot gas before being taken into custody.

Fenris/Solomani Rim                  024-1120
Anti-Imperial sentiments have boiled over in a number of cities, as members of conservative Lodges took to the streets in violent protest. Businesses were looted, vehicles were wrecked, and offworlders and pro-Imperial citizens were mobbed. Rioters engaged in dozens of pitched battles with police, fading away only when Imperial troops arrived on the scene. Casualties have been light, almost entirely limited to unarmed civilians caught in the crossfire.

Imperial Army spokesmen dismissed today’s protests as an expected surge in mob violence. "On the Solomani calendar, today was the 7th of May," explained Major Eneri Enleshkaadshar during a press conference. "That's the anniversary of the final surrender of Terra during the Rim War. We see some unrest every year about this time. The Governor's staff is confident that these malcontents will crawl back into their holes soon enough. I also guarantee that they will do more damage to fellow citizens of Fenris than they will to the Imperium."

Heimdall/Aldebaran                  020-1120
The nation-state of Bremagne has withdrawn from the planetary League of States, leaving the stability of this balkanized world in question.

Bremagnians have long objected to the procedures for selecting Heimdall's delegate to the Secretariat. These procedures were laid down in the League's charter over 200 years ago. They strongly favor nations which were predominant at the time, but which have long since been overshadowed by growing Bremagnian influence. The dispute has become heated in recent years, and now appears likely to cause the breakdown of the League of States.

In a statement, Prime Minister Alois Perrault said that "Bremagne will use every available means to secure its right to representation in the Confederation government. We will challenge any delegate that is named to go to Home without recognition of our legitimate concerns."

Mora/Spinward Marches                  012-1120

The normally reclusive Sylean community of Wavecrest City has become a center of attention, with the approach of the traditional "Feast of the Ancestors." Well-wishers and tourists alike are thronging the walkways of the Sylean quarter, anticipating the nine-day celebration.

In anticipation of Emperor Strephon's upcoming Jubilee Year, festival organizers plan a celebration of particular magnificence. Starburst banners are appearing everywhere in the city. On the first day of the festival, there will be a large procession led by a massive effigy of Cleon I. Afterward, several hundred members of the sector's elite will attend a traditional feast on the grounds of the Sylean University of Mora.

Vantage/Solomani Rim                  010-1120

Jan Malikov, prominent Nationalist delegate to the Secretariat, has resurfaced in dramatic fashion. Appearing before the Council of the Bootean League, he announced his intention to stand for election to the office of Secretary-General of the Solomani Confederation at this year's General Congress of the Solomani Party.

"The Confederation is facing a crisis of confidence," stated Malikov. "With all due respect to the current administration, we badly need leadership of a kind that has not been in evidence for many years. The Solomani people deserve no less."

After the meeting of the League Council, Malikov took questions from members of the press. He continued his civil but vigorous attack against the Solomani government's current policies. He made no comment when asked about his location or activities since disappearing from Home/Aldebaran on 311-1119.

Muan Gwi/Solomani Rim                  001-1120
Archduke Adair announced today the Empress Iolanthe is due to visit the Solomani Rim during the upcoming Jubilee Year. Her itinerary has not yet been announced, but the Archduke confirmed that the Empress would visit Muan Gwi, Shulgiasu, Shululsish and Terra at some point during her tour.

Sarpedon/Solomani Rim                  364-1119

Imperial Navy spokesman Lieutenant Gaamagin Cho has announced the defeat of a band of pirates on the outskirts of the Sarpedon system.

According to Lieutenant Cho, the liner Pleiades came under attack while approaching Laodemeia, the Sarpedon system's only gas giant. Fortunately a Navy escort squadron was performing readiness drills in Laodemeia space, and was able to respond to the liner's distress signal. Lieutenant Cho did not give specifics of the engagement, and refused to speculate on the identity of the pirates involved. She stressed that there were no casualties to Navy personnel, or to crew and passengers aboard the Pleiades.

The Pleiades is a 600-dton subsidized liner registered to the merchant line Silk Road Factors. Silk Road Factors is known to specialize in cross-border trade into the Solomani Confederation.

Sarmaty/Solomani Rim                  355-1119

Taehtaukhakhtko, chief-paramount of the Aslan clans of Aorhtoi, announced today that Duke Iwoahlarko has died of natural causes. "My friend is gone, my honor-brother is gone," stated the ko, who was reportedly present at the Duke’s deathbed. "His last words were of his clan and his demesne. Let all who respected him hold silence. Let all who would dishonor his memory beware."

Renaud, Baron Argentueil, read the Duke’s personal legacy aloud. In it, he left the choice of a new Duke to his superiors in the Imperial aristocracy, trusting in the wisdom of the Archduke and Emperor. The Duke’s position as ko of the Iwoahlar clan is currently in abeyance, and will be awarded to a clan elder after a brief period of mourning in accordance with clan custom.

Gashidda/Solomani Rim                  346-1119

Planetary security forces have made an extensive arrest sweep during a crackdown on anti-Imperial protests in the Capital District. The protests began peacefully several days ago, but have since degenerated into mob violence. Armed dissidents have engaged in several pitched battles with security forces, causing dozens of casualties and millions of credits in economic damage.

In related news, security has been tightened on the entourage of former Solomani Confederation naval officer Alexander Spyridion, who has been pursuing local speaking engagements for some time. Spyridion's representatives confirm that they have received death threats from radical Solomani groups on Gashidda.

Shululsish/Solomani Rim                  344-1119
The Office of the Duke today announced that a message had been received from the Emperor, confirming Lord Carl Gyldenskjold in his honors as Count of Shululsish and Marquis Gyldenskjold. The count is currently touring his off-world estates, but his office announced that he will be informed by courier.

Esperance/Solomani Rim                  338-1119

A reconnaissance drone has crossed the border of Waothan, only to be promptly brought down by Waothani air-defense forces. The Vegan state's government made no accusations as to who had launched the drone, but spokesman Eran Wen Tonshaon stated flatly that “Waothan stands ready to defend itself against all enemies.” The incident seemed likely to exacerbate rapidly-rising tensions between Waothan and its Human rival states on Esperance.

Dingir/Solomani Rim                  320-1119

Robert, Marquis of Beaudoin and once Duke of Dingir, emerged from seclusion today to announce a Grand Conclave of the sector’s nobility. The meeting is to take place on Dingir from 045-1120 through 050-1120. "I cordially invite all of my friends and kinsmen to join us for several days of talk and revelry," he said. "We have much to discuss regarding the future of our beloved Imperium, and in any case it has been far too long since many of us have seen one another in person."

The marquis’ daughter, Duchess Erika haut-Beaudoin, was not present at the announcement. Her office made no formal comment, although her seneschal stated informally that "the marquis is fully capable of making his own social arrangements without our assistance or advice."

Home/Aldebaran                  316-1119
A prominent delegate to the Secretariat has been missing for almost six days, according to senior Solomani Party officials.

Jan Malikov has not been seen since attending a society dinner on 310-1119. Malikov and his security escort left the home of a senior Transstar executive just after midnight local time, but they do not appear to have arrived back at his residence. His disappearance was first reported by his office staff at the Secretariat.

Malikov is a prominent member of the Nationalist wing of the Solomani Party. He has been openly critical of current government policies, notably Solomani Security's purge of the Confederation Navy's officer corps. SolSec officials deny having anything to do with Malikov's disappearance.

Terra/Solomani Rim                  313-1119

An unusual historical conference convened at the University of Terra today, and will remain in session through 340-1119.

The colloquium is entitled "The Genesis of Solomani Ideology: A Hemimillennial Perspective on the Srys Conference." The title refers to a meeting of academics, military leaders, and nobles which took place on Srys/Old Expanses in 619. The Srys Conference, which took place at the height of the Civil War, is widely regarded by historians as one of the pivotal moments in the formation of the so-called "Solomani Cause" ideology.

Today's conference has attracted historians from across the Imperium and beyond. The attendance list includes a substantial contingent of academics from the Solomani Confederation, permitted to travel to Terra under a cross-border cultural exchange program.

Imperial officials are said to be watching the meeting closely. There has been no public comment regarding the security arrangements for the conference, although both Terran police and Imperial security forces have been placed on moderate alert until the closing sessions.

Euxene/Aldebaran                  307-1119

An official of the Euxene planetary government has taken the unusual step of criticizing Solomani Security for its handling of political dissent cases.

"We've long suspected that SolSec agents are interfering with the government's investigation of anarchist cells," claimed Minister of Truth Kelvan Tommsen. "We didn't want to believe it. Why would any agency of the Confederation hinder our pursuit of these anti-Solomani terrorists? Even so, I have unequivocal proof that SolSec has helped three major figures of the anarchist underground escape arrest in the past year alone."

Tommsen demanded that SolSec cease any support it may be providing to local anarchists, and called for it to immediately open its records to government inspection. Thus far, planetary SolSec officials have issued no public response.

Capital/Core                  300-1119

Professor Julian Trane, distinguished interstellar historian, arrived in system today. Professor Trane has accepted an offer to conduct a special series of advanced seminars at the University of Sylea, to be delivered over the next five years. The Professor's arrival was delayed from earlier in the year, for reasons which the professor's private secretary described as "personal."

Professor Trane's researches deal with the cyclical nature of historical trends and their predictibility in broad terms. His visit to Capital is to conduct a detailed study of the Imperial archives.

Hayt/Solomani Rim                  295-1119
Planet-wide rioting continues against the government of General Shamash Kanten. Although military and Guardian forces have been successful in putting down riots in many areas, civil order remains elusive. The General and his civilian staff promised to take ruthless action to restore order, "putting down these criminals before they attack vital environmental and industrial facilities."

Dingir/Solomani Rim                  288-1119
Former Solomani Confederation naval officer Alexander Spyridion appeared on Dingir today, beginning a long-delayed speaking tour covering several worlds in the Imperial portion of the sector. Spyridion plans to address audiences regarding political and military trends in the Confederation.

Spyridion is a defector from the Confederation, and according to Solomani officials is under suspicion of being involved in the assassination of former SolSec Chairman Marya Kibaki. Imperial officials have denied several requests from the Solomani for Spyridion's extradition.

During his speaking tour, Spyridion will be accompanied by a number of Imperial citizens who support his efforts to rouse sentiment against the current Solomani regime.

Vantage/Solomani Rim                  281-1119

A political crisis in the Bootean League has been averted, after the delegation from Polyphemus failed to carry a vote of no confidence in the League Council. Several delegates who had been expected to support the vote changed their positions at the last minute, remaining in support of the League's current leadership.

Speaking to the press, Speaker Willem Sandoval, delegate from Sequoyah, called the vote an unambiguous victory for moderate elements within the Bootean League. "The Polyphemians have been trying for years to pull the League into line with their own militant policies," said Sandoval. "This vote tells us that most of the Cluster's people remain committed to the democratic values that shaped our civilization."

Sarmaty/Solomani Rim                  273-1119

Accompanied by a number of aides and retainers, Duke Iwoahlarko has arrived on Sarmaty. After greeting planetary officials, he immediately traveled to his clan lands in the nation of Aorhtoi. Human representatives of the press were excluded from his audience with clan leaders, which lasted until well past local midnight.

Covenant/Aldebaran                  267-1119

Paul Knox, a prominent member of the planetary Parliament, has been found dead in his own home. Police officials reported that the death was "suspicious," but refused to release details.

Knox was a leading member of the local Humanist faction of the Solomani Party. News of his death has provoked speculation regarding his possible role in Solomani Security. Knox has long been suspected of acting as a covert monitor for SolSec, and possibly of using this position to discredit political rivals.

Shululsish/Solomani Rim                  254-1119

Iwoahlarko, Duke of Alderamin, announced that he would soon be leaving Shululsish for an extended voyage to his homeworld of Sarmaty. In his absence, he requested and required all members of the duchy’s nobility to continue in their duties with honor and diligence.

The Office of the Duke issued a brief statement denying that the Duke’s health had anything to do with this decision.

Marava/Aldebaran                  235-1119

Following the death of his father, Grand Prince John Petrov has been crowned Emperor John III in a lavish ceremony at the Imperial Palace. As is traditional, the new Emperor confirmed all members of the Imperial Moot in their offices, promised to hold timely elections for the House of Commons, and reiterated his family's claim to the throne of the Third Imperium.

"The Alkhalikoi usurpers have held sway over the Imperium for far too long," said the new Emperor in a holocast address to the Maravan population. "It's long past time for a Solomani Emperor, who will be ready to implement Solomani ideals of democracy, free competition, and Human rights."

Petrov has made few public statements since being named Grand Prince over 30 years ago, so his political leanings are unknown. He is believed to be a moderate, likely to oppose Solomani Security and the most radical factions of the Solomani Party.

Imperial officials have made no comment, except to deny that Petrov or his family have any legitimate claim to the Iridium Throne. The Imperium does not recognize any titles of nobility granted by the Maravan government, which traces its origins to the Barracks Empress Marava.

Capital/Core                  229-1119

A near tragedy was averted today, when quick thinking on the part of a sport rentry diver prevented the death of a companion.

Davros Janni Gannisibek, a member of the Karbiili School's Atmospheric reentry diving team, experienced an equipment malfunction during a practice jump yesterday, when his retro pack malfunctioned and fired prematurely, placing Gannisibek on the wrong course for reentry. Team member Karen Selkirk Kabinda risked death herself to match course with Gannisibek, use her own retro pack to correct her teammate's vector, and then moved far enough away for both divers' ablative reentry shields to deploy without entangling each other.

"We ended up about 20 klicks from where we were supposed to land." said Kabinda in an interview after both divers landed safely, "I didn't have the fuel to correct our courses to bring us both down in the right spot, and we almost landed in Zhukov Memorial Park Lake."

Both divers were planning on going up again at the next opportunity. "You can't dwell too much on the risks," said Gannisibek, "otherwise nobody would ever go rock-climbing, or enter jump in a starship." No explanation has be brought forward for the malfunction, but the school and local law enforcement officials are investigating.

Capital/Core                  225-1119

One of the semifinalists in the Core Sector Chess Association championships has lodged a protest against the Association. Sir Lenos Hendri-Masterson, one of four master players to make it to the final series of games for this year objects to the fact that the Association will not allow him to use a personal psi-shield helmet during the contests. Association rules prohibit the use of any personal psi equipment of any sort (use of psionic powers during championship games is against Imperial law as well as Association rules) -- players who request them are allowed to wear psi-shield helmets issued by the Association, but any other equipment is prohibited.

"We have to be able to insure the equipment is properly functional," said Janis Kalkhan Meyers, chairman of the CSCA's rules committee, "and we have found it easier over the years to have our engineers issue the devices at random before each game. Sir Lenos must abide by the same rules as anyone else."

A spokesman for Sir Lenos states that the champion is distracted by any helmet other than his own, and that use of a "foreign device" will throw off his game.

Inidu/Solomani Rim                  221-1119

Evidently fearing for her life, a SuSAG executive has voluntarily placed herself under the protection of MoJ official, according to a press release issued today by the Inidu office of the Ministry of Justice. Assistant to the Inidu Division Manager, Gwenj Bondi-Lamotrek has been sought by officials for questioning in an investigation of drug smuggling involving SuSAG-manufactured psi drugs being brought into the Imperium. The MoJ has yet to formally charge anyone, but sources close to the investigation indicate that the MegaCorporation is probably not officially involved, although some local executives might be. No one involved with the case would say who Ms. Bondi-Lamotrek was seeking protection from.

The SuSAG public relations office issued a statement affirming the MegaCorporation's commitment to comply with all Imperial drug regulations, and offering to assist with the investigation, but otherwise had no comment on the investigation.

Capital/Core                  203-1119

Hanna Wendemere, daughter of Sir Aella Wendemere, announced today that she plans to take over her father's The Benasi Papers a series of novels chronicling the adventures of a Terran family in the early years of the Second Imperium) by creating a series of "prequel" novels covering the Benasi family during the Interstellar wars period.

Ms. Wendemere, a graduate student in sociology at the University of Sylea, says her father approves of her intentions, and has sent her his extensive library of Solomani and Vilani history, although his priceless collection of Terran artifacts will remain with him on Dlan.

Inidu/Solomani Rim                  197-1119

Received 197-1119

Only days after being questioned by investigators for the Imperial Ministry of Justice, SuSAG's Assistant to the Inidu Division Manager, Gwenj Bondi-Lamotrek, has disappeared. Bondi-Lamotrek was questioned as part of an investigation into a psi drug smuggling operation involving a high executive of SuSAG, although the MoJ announced that she was not a suspect in the crimes herself, but was an important witness in the investigation.

In the absence of evidence of foul play, Gwenj Bondi-Lamotrek is now being sought as a material witness in the investigation, but the MoJ spokesman declined to answer if she is being sought outside of the Inidu system.

Inidu/Solomani Rim                  193-1119

Received 193-1119

SuSAG's Inidu public relations office announced today that a high official of the company's Inidu operations will be relieved of responsibilities and placed under arrest pending investigation of the executive's involvement in a scheme to smuggle psi drugs from extra-Imperial SuSAG factories into the Imperium. Imperial law prohibits possession, use, manufacture, or sale of psi enhancing drugs, but SuSAG operates facilities outside of the Imperium where these drugs are legal. SuSAG formally declined to comment further on the allegations, other than to say that the megacorporation is cooperating "fully and completely" with the Imperial investigation.

The public relations office of the Ministry of Justice had no comment, but confirmed that an investigation was on-going.

Krypton/Solomani Rim                  189-1119

Received 189-1119

Local Solomani officials today denied that SolSec Coordinator Elias Treleven changed his plans to visit the system because of suspicions he would be the subject of an assassination.

"We were on the Coordinator's schedule, to be sure," announced a Solomani Naval spokesman, "but we received word several weeks ago that his itinerary had changed, and we would be visited by a lesser official instead. There is no evidence of any plot against him or any other SolSec official."

"We were told the reason for the change in the Coordinator’s plans, and while we cannot reveal them for security reasons, we wish to quash the idle speculation that has been endemic in the system recently."

Muan Gwi/Solomani Rim                  184-1119

Received 184-1119

A spokesman for Alexander Spyridion, formerly a senior officer in the Solomani Confederation Navy, announced today that Spyridion has temporarily suspended plans for a speaking tour covering several Imperial subsectors. Spyridion's spokesman said that until the legal status of her client can be settled, he has chosen to adopt a low profile for the moment

The Solomani Confederation has formally requested the extradition of Spyridion and other former Solomani Naval officers in connection with the assassination of Solomani Security Coordinator Marya Kibaki earlier in the year. Spyridion and his fellow officers have requested political asylum within the Imperium, which is still pending.

Capital/Core                  178-1119

Writer Elil Jornada, who specializes in Solomani political affairs, believes that newly appointed Coordinator of Solomani Security (SolSec) Elias Treleven is attempting to exploit the wholesale purges of Solomani Naval personnel.

Jornada, in a newly published book on Solomani politics, expresses the belief that Treleven hopes to use recent disorganization within the Solomani Navy and the formers inability to deal with the situation on Kilenur to increase SolSec's influence within the Solomani Confederation at the expense of the Solomani military.

The book, SolSec Rising, goes on sale on 180-1119.

Dlan/Ilelish                  172-1119

Received 172-1119

Spokesmen for Archduchess Isis Arepo Ilethian today confirmed that the Archduchesses’ uncle, Hutara Astrin Ilethia recently suffered a second stroke that will necessitate his complete retirement from the stresses of public life.

The archduchess' uncle had not completely recovered from a stroke he suffered approximately 245-1118, and his seneschal had taken over administration of the family estates and industrial interests shortly after that time. The archduchess’ statement did not indicate if any changes were planned in the administration of these holdings.

Terra/Solomani Rim                   164-1119

The Imperial Ministry of Justice declined a request from the Solomani Confederation for the extradition of Alexander Spyridion and other former officers in the Solomani Confederation Navy. Spyridion and the other former officers are being sought in connection with the assassination of Solomani Security Coordinator Marya Kibaki earlier in the year.

Spyridion and other officers have requested political asylum in the Imperium, claiming they were being unfairly persecuted in the Confederation.

Barnard's Star/Solomani Rim                  162-1119

Received 162-1119

Officials at Barnard Highport today reported that a yacht owned by a local businessman is four weeks overdue out of Agidda. Selene Malek, owner of Malek Trading, LIC, announced that her son Iye Malek left Nuska six weeks ago, bound for the Barnard system in Malek’s Destiny, a company-owned J-2 capable Lady of Shallot-class yacht. Malek’s Destiny arrived in Agidda on schedule, where it spent six days refueling. Malek’s Destiny left Agidda four weeks ago, and did not exit jump when scheduled.

The freighter Alcibiades was also reported missing several weeks ago when jumping from Terra to the Barnard system, but officials at Barnard Hightport have no reason to believe the two cases are connected.

Capital/Core                  158-1119

Spokesmen with the Ministry of Justice report that Archduke Adair and the Emperor have both received formal requests from the Solomani Confederation requesting extradition of Alexander Spyridion, and several other former officers in the Solomani Confederation Navy. The document states that Spyridion and the other former officers are being sought in connection with the assassination of Solomani Security Coordinator Marya Kibaki earlier in the year.

Spyridion and other officers have requested political assylum in the Imperium, claiming they were being unfairly persecuted in the Confederation The document does not directly accuse the defectors of Kibaki's murder, but indicates they are wanted for concealing evidence and obstruction of the investigative process.

A representative of Archduke Adair accompanied the Solomani diplomats on their mission to the Imperial palace, and is said to have conferred with Emperor Strephon at great length.

Mirabilis/Solomani Rim                  151-1119

In a rare visit to the border zone, SolSec Coordinator Elias Treleven visited the local offices of Solomani Security today. Afterward, he attended a reception at the Prime Minister's residence, conversing affably with local Solomani Party officials and Imperial representatives alike.

This is Coordinator Treleven's first visit to the border zone since rising rather abruptly to his current position early this year.

Kilennur/Solomani Rim                  142-1119

For Immediate Release

By order of Fleet Admiral Vander Gukarishim, Baron Usharki, commanding the 293rd Imperial Fleet:

The Kilennur star system is hereby placed under interdiction immediately and until further notice. No civilian traffic may enter the system except by express permission of the Imperial Navy. All ships entering the system are directed to heave to for inspection, search and possible seizure.

The Travellers' Aid Society has declared the system a Red travel zone, in accordance with the admiral's directive.

Capital/Core                  140-1119
Mirabilis/Solomani Rim

Official confirmation received today from the Confederation government confirms what Imperial sources have known for some time -- SolSec Coordinator Marya Kibaki was assassinated on 001-1119, by party or parties unknown. Imperial intelligence will not speculate on the perpetrators, but the Solomani believe it was a cabal former Solomani Naval officers cashiered during the recent purges.

Kibaki was succeeded as SolSec Coordinator by Elias Treleven (although again, this seems to be a secret only from official government spokesmen).

Prometheus/Solomani Rim                  136-1119

The chief of police at Prometheus Downport has announced that his agency is formally seeking Jeffrey Long for questioning in the death of Fustin Hanover, a local criminal found dead a few days ago. Ivestigators stress that Long is not a suspect in the death of Hanover, but now believe the former reporter was present when Hanover was killed, and seek answers to a number of questiions.

Long, a former reporter for the Phoenix Sun news organization on Terra, is missing from a private sanitarium after being admitted under an assumed name in order to receive treatment for an unspecified mental disorder.

Terra/Solomani Rim                  128-1119

Received 128-1119

Officials at Terra announced today that the freighter Alcibiades is reported overdue at Barnard Highport, and is now officially considered missing. The J-2 capable vessel, leased by Tukera lines to Lambeth Factors, LIC, of Terra, left Terra over a month ago, bound for Barnard en route to Nuska, and did not exit jump when scheduled. Alcibiades transmitted the normal messages before entering jump, and reported all systems working perfectly upon arrival at the jump point. Analysis of the jump signature on departure indicated nothing unusual.

A search of expected arrival points Barnard system revealed no recent debris, and no distress calls or other messages have been received. All systems within 36 parsecs are on alert for a possible misjump. The official announcement indicated there is no evidence of hijacking or sabotage, but these and other possibilities cannot be discounted until more evidence comes to light.

Prometheus/Solomani Rim                  121-1119

A body at first believed to be that of Jeffrey Long was discovered in a little used-storage room in a cheap hostel on the outskirts of the downport today. Documents found with the body, which was in an advanced state of decomposition, led investigators to believe the body was that of Jeffrey Long, the former reporter missing from a private sanitarium from which he escaped recently. A more detailed investigation of the crime revealed that the body was not Long's, but that of Fustin Hanover, a local minor criminal wanted by police for a number of minor burglaries in and around the startown.

Police theorize Hanover may have robbed Long or burgled the reporter's quarters acquired the documents in that way. Officials are still investigating the circumstances Hanover's death, but have no reason to suspect Long is involved other than as one of Hanover's victims.

Muan Gwi/Solomani Rim                  114-1119

Received: 114-1119

A spokesman for the Imperial Navy announced today that Imperial Navy Intelligence operatives had thwarted an assassination attempt again s former Solomani Confederation Naval officer Alexander Spyridion. Spyridion recently announced that he would undertake a series of speaking engagements dealing with conditions in the Confederation Navy.

The Imperial spokesman had no details on the nature of the plot, and would neither confirm or deny that INI believes Solomani Confederation to be responsible. An unnamed official speculated that it could as easily be Solomani disgusted with Spyridion acting on their own as an officially sanctioned assassination.

Spyridion was not available for comment.

Terra/Solomani Rim                  098-1119

Received 098-1119

Jeffrey Long has vanished from the private sanitarium in the Solomani Rim where he was a patient. Long, formerly a reporter for the Phoenix Sun news organization, is the author of a series of articles looking into rumors of a condition known as 'hyperspace sickness," evidence for which Long alleges has been suppressed by a military and industrial cabal. No information is available regarding the location of the sanitarium, the details of his stay there, or when it was discovered he was missing.

Long had been admitted to the facility under an assumed name in order to receive treatment for an unspecified mental disease, but was recently transferred to another facility because he believed that one of his fellow patients was a hired assassin. A spokesman for the family of Mr. Long said that a private investigation was underway, and that in deference to the family's wishes police and other authorities have not yet been brought into the case.

Muan Gwi/Solomani Rim                  095-1119

Received 095-1119

Alexander Spyridion, formerly a senior officer in the Solomani Confederation Navy, held a press conference to announce his plans for a speaking tour covering several subsectors. A recent defector, he intends to visit over twenty Imperial worlds in the next year, raising support for dissident factions within the Confederation.

"I am no traitor to the Solomani people," he declared. "I remain as committed to their Cause as ever. What I have betrayed, quite willingly, is the corrupt regime of Solomani Party and SolSec. This regime has done far more than any external aggression to crush the spirit out of my beloved Solomani race."

Alexander Spyridion made no announcements regarding his itinerary, although unconfirmed reports claim that his first major engagement will be on Dingir. Imperial officials familiar with his case offered no comment, although one source indicated that within reason, he is free to move about Imperial space and speak publicly wherever he wishes.

Shululsish/Solomani Rim                  085-1119

Received 085-1119

The Office of the Duke has issued a public statement regarding ongoing rumors of health problems suffered by Duke Iwoahlarko. "The Duke is in fine health for an Aslan of his advanced age," said ducal spokesman Royston Ishaagima. "Clearly we cannot expect his benevolent presence in Imperial affairs for many more years, but at present he is fully capable of attending to his duties."

Spokesman Ishaagima deflected all questions regarding the ducal succession. Duke Iwoahlarko has no acknowledged heirs of his own body, so his duchy is likely to escheat to the Emperor upon his death, who will no doubt chose a replacement rather than allow the title to become extinct.

Arkiirkii/Solomani Rim                  078-1119

Received 078-1119

Imperial Navy and Marine forces have been placed on high alert throughout Harlequin subsector, by order of Duke hault-Fionbrea. Navy spokesmen have issued terse statements regarding an upcoming deployment, but all questions regarding details have been referred to the Office of the Duke.

Capital/Core                  069-1119

Sources at the Imperial Palace today revealed that Emperor Strephon has chosen another of the 12 artists to create the official Imperial portraits for his upcoming Golden Jubilee.

The Emperor will choose one artist for each of several forms, including two and three dimensional photographs, several sculptures, and a formal painting showing the Emperor in the traditional pose on the Iridium throne. Strephon has chosen sculptor Enliis Okanta-Koroma, to create a lifesize bust in in bronze.

Okanta-Korom is most famous for her abstract sculptures in fiberglass and other media, but has executed portrait busts and full-figure monumental statues for patrons throughout the Imperium. She will create the original using a lost wax technique, and it will be scanned and duplicated in a variety of substances for sale to the public.

Dlan/Ilelish                  062-1119

Received: 062-1119

Lana Shashiig, personal assistant for Sir Aella Wendemere, announced today that the famed poet and novelist has decided to retire from his literary efforts and spend his remaining days in his home on Dlan.

" Sir Aella's health has been failing for several years," Shashiig explained, "and while he could continue for a few more years, he wants to retire and spend his remaining days working in his garden. "What use are laurels,' he told me 'If you can't rest on them.'"

Sir Aella is best known for The Benasi Papers, a nineteen book series chronicling the adventures of a Terran family in the early years of the Second Imperium, but he also produced dozens of small books of poetry and a translation of Shakespeare into Vilani.

Ilelish/Ilelish                  058-1119

Lawyers for the seven Suerrat protestors recently jailed on Ilelish's capital city of Anitarra have filed a formal appeal of that conviction. The Seven Suerrat were found guilty of disorderly conduct and refusing to obey an order to disperse in connection with a demonstration that took place in front of the Government House (173-1118), and that conviction has been appealed to the High Court on Illelish, the highest judicial review body on that world.

A spokesman for the seven convicted Suerrat has based the appeal on alleged procedural irregularities during the trial, and has asked the five justices of Ilelish's highest tribunal to review their allegations and overturn the conviction.

Knabbib/Core                  052-1119

Professor Julian Trane, distinguished interstellar historian, has accepted an offer to conduct a special series of advanced seminars at the University of Sylea. "Professor Trane is taking a 5 year sabbatical to conduct research in the university's archives," a university press release announced today, "and we wanted to take advantage of his presence on Capital." The university did not announce when the seminars would begin, merely that the professor was expected to arrive within a few weeks.

The university spokesman could not identify the nature of Professor Trane's researches, but his seminars will deal with the cyclical nature of historical events.

Capital/Core                  049-1119

Persistant rumors of unprecedented desertions from the Solomani Navy were unofficially confirmed today when sources within the Imperial Navy's highest circles confirmed that the Imperial Navy is sheltering an unspecified number of Solomani Naval officers in the Imperial portions of the Solomani Rim Sector.

The Solomani Naval officers have reportedly fled to the Imperium in the wake of the failure of the Solomani Navy to contain the crisis in Kulkulcan sector. These officers are said to be fleeing an impending purge of "disloyal elements" by Solomani Security, and in many cases, are bring their families with them.

Capital/Core                  040-1119

Baron Sir Nigel Rudel of Ynsulmaar (Admiral, Imperial Navy retired) has arrived at the campus of the University of Sylea, where he will begin work on the multi-volume History of the Fourth Frontier War

The Baron retired from the Imperial Navy on 120-1118, after a long and distinguished career, including several years as an instructor on fleet operations for the Imperial Navy.

Disi/Zarushagar                  032-1119

Received 032-1119

In a press release dated 286-1118, Imperial Navy Public relations officer Lieutenant Luis Hutara announced that the Fleet Exercises in Zarushagar will commence next week, and conclude with a mock invasion of this system on 332-1118

Capital/Core                  029-1119

Speculation continues among military observers on the extent of the crisis facing the Solomani Confederation Navy in the wake of the problems in Kulkulcan sector. Rumors abound of Solomani deserters from the officer corps, fleeing an impending purge of "Disloyal elements" and seeking asylum in the Imperium and other polities

Although no verifiable Solomani officer has been located, officials with the Imperial Navy have declined to deny that they are sheltering one or more Solomani deserters and their families in the border areas of the Solomani Rim.

Capital/Core                  012-1119

The provost of the University of Sylea today specifically denied rumors that Doctor Ganidiirsi Simalr, Banasdan Professor of Comparative Sophontology at the University will head a special team sent to study the recently discovered non-Human ruins on the third moon of Excalibur (in the Sword Worlds subsector of the Spinward Marches).

The provost's statement said, in part: "Doctor Simalr . . . excuse me, Doctor Frater Simalr . . . has not been invited to join any expedition to Excalibur -- the IISS has not told us what their plans are towards the findings there, but it has to be assumed that they have teams of their own much closer to the site. As far as I know, the IISS has not invoted any faculty member of this university to travel to Excalibur, and the university has no intention of sending a team of our own."

Capital/Core                  008-1119

Informed sources in the Imperial Navy believe that the Solomani central government plans an extensive reorganization of its naval forces in the wake of the Confederation navy's inability to deal with the crisis in Kulkulcan sector. "Disloyal elements" will be purged, according to the source, and "politically unreliable" officers will be demoted or cashiered.

the public relations office of the Imperial Navy had no comment on the situation, other to say that Imperial Naval Intelligence is studying the situation.

Capital/Core                  001-1119

In the publication of the Holiday List of the Imperial nobility today, the name of Doctor Ganidiirsi Simalr, Banasdan Professor of Comparative Sophontology at the University of Sylea, was added to the list of Fraters of the Order of the Arrow (the knightly order reserved for honoring members and honory members of the IISS). Rumors last year said that the Doctor's knighthood was to be announced with the last Birthday list, but that did not occur.

With the addition of Doctor Simalr's name to the Holiday List, a short statement followed that he was knighted by the Emperor in an informal ceremony earlier in the day, and would be formally received by the order at it's next official meeting, on 010-1119

No one at the Imperial Palace would comment on the delay in knighting the Doctor.

Excalibur/Sword Worlds                  345-1118

Received 345-1118

Sources within the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service have formally confirmed the discovery of non-Human ruins on the third moon of Excalibur, and announced that the client government on Excalibur has requested the IISS to assign an investigative team to oversee local scientists in the study of the ruins.

No further information is available, but the IISS indicated they will issue a full report as soon as the preliminary investigation is concluded.

Ilelish/Ilelish                  335-1118

Received 335-1118

A tribunal of justices today found seven Suerrat activists guilty of disorderly conduct and refusing to obey an order to disperse in connection with a demonstration that took place in front of the Government House in Ilelish's capital city of Anitarra on 173-1118. The justices (in accordance with local regulations on Ilelish) reduced the charges brought against the Suerrat, indicating they felt that the accused were less culpable in the incident than the government charges indicated.

The Suerrat were arrested earlier this year for inciting a riot during demonstrations outside the Government House in Ilelish's capital city of Anitarra. The Suerrat were demonstrating against the growing use of Galanglic as a first language among the youth of their homeworld, when the crowd erupted into violence.

Excalibur/Sword Worlds                  334-1118

Received 334-1118

More details came to light regarding the archeological find on the third moon of this Imperial client world. Sources within the IISS leaked part of an excavator's report indicating that the ruins do not appear to have been created by Humaniti, and show no characteristics of the Ancients. While the report does not include the section dealing with chronology and dating of the ruins, our sources state that dating indicates the ruins are less then 20,000 years old, and are clearly artificial constructs by at least one and possibly two species of sophonts not native to the Excalibur system.

Excalibur/Sword Worlds                  319-1118

Received 319-1118

Rumors of a major archeological find on the third moon of this world were confirmed today, when sources with the IISS, speaking under conditions of anonymity, revealed that they have evidence that ruins of a previously unknown type have been discovered. Although poorly preserved, first reports indicate that they are not of Ancient origin, but they seem to have been created by a non-human sophont species previously unknown to the IISS.

Our sources indicated that the IISS has not yet been formally called in, as the political situation on the Imperial client world is sensitive.

Mora/Mora                  316-1118

Received 316-1118

Prince Varian (Emperor Strephon's nephew) arrived at Mora (Spinwared Marches 3124) with his entourage aboard the luxury liner Dumaani as part of the prince's Imperium-wide grand tour. The prince requested that no formal celebration of his presence take place, and stayed only long enough to pay courtesy visits to Archduke Norris and Duchess Delphine, announcing himself as merely as "Duke of Sanches," and thus not requiring honors and salutes as a Prince of the Imperial family.

By traveling as a Duke instead of a Prince, Varian may have provoked a minor incident that could have proven highly embarrassing. The Prince's liner was halted for three hours while SPA officers boarded the liner to serve notice of a violation of customs regulations and conduct a search. The Prince cooperated completely with starport officials, and after the search was completed (nothing illegal was found), the Dumaani was granted clearance to leave system.

The Prince declined to comment on the search. SPA officials and Duchess Delphine's seneschal also declined to comment, although the SPA said they had received information indicating one of the crew was involved in illegal activities. Archduke Norris' office said merely that it would look into the affair to make sure no laws (Imperial or local) were violated. An official in the Archduke's office remarked that Varian, as an Imperial Prince, could have invoked the privileges of his rank and refused the search, but then he would have been honor-bound to remain on Mora until he could receive the ceremonies due him.

Ilelish/Ilelish                  312-1118

Received 312-1118

The trial of seven Suerrat activists on incitement to riot charges ended today. The presiding justices have sequestered themselves to consider the evidence presented, and will render a verdict within a few days.

The Suerrat were arrested earlier this year for inciting a riot during demonstrations outside the Government House in Ilelish's capital city of Anitarra. The Suerrat were demonstrating against the growing use of Galanglic as a first language among the youth of their homeworld, when the crowd erupted into violence. The defense alleged that the police overreacted to a peaceful demonstration, and attacked the crowd without provocation.

Capital/Core                  302-1118

Sources at the Imperial Palace today revealed that Emperor Strephon has chosen one of the 12 artists to create the official Imperial portraits for his upcoming Golden Jubilee.

The Emperor will choose one artist for each of several forms, including two and three dimensional photographs, several sculptures, and a formal painting showing the Emperor in the traditional pose on the Iridium throne. Strephon has chosen Solomani painter Mobi Branjan Ibn-Daud, to create the formal two-dimensional portrait in the traditional oil on canvas technique.

Ibn-Daud, whose parents are from Vanefa in the Solomani Rim, came to Capital to study art at the University of Sylea nearly 11 years ago, and since that time has acquired a great reputation. Ibn-Daud works in a variety of media, and is well-known for his work in traditional oil as well as more modern media.

Medurma/Sapphyre                  298-1118

Received 298-1118

An anonymous source in the Ministry of Justice revealed today that investigators from the Imperial Navy felt there might be a connection between the murder of Colonel Hiroshi Enera in 1117 and the murder of Archduke Dulinor. Enera, former commander of the Ilelish Regiment of the Imperial Guard, resigned shortly after Dulinor's death, and was found dead in a hotel room here on 240-1116, while en route to his native world of Dlan.

The MoJ source revealed that two officers from the special group investigating Dulinor's murder were assigned to monitor local authorities involved in the investigation of Enera's murder (which remains unsolved) early in 1117. The officers were recently reassigned, and our source speculates it is because no link between the two deaths could be found. Local police and the Imperial Navy refused to comment on either case, claiming that the investigations were on-going.

Kurae/Zarushgaar                  296-1118

Received 296-1118

An Imperial Navy board of inquiry has ruled that the death of an Imperial Navy shuttle pilot was due to pilot error.

Ensign Jargas Hanuman was killed on 138-1118 during a training exercise in the outer Kurae system when a cargo shuttle crashed while attempting to dock with the Imperial dreadnought Smilodon. Three other personnel were seriously injured during the incident, but are expected to recover.

The board found that Hanuman over corrected and lost control of the shuttle at a critical moment in the docking maneuver, and collided with a structural support inside Smilodon's docking bay. The shuttle was severely damaged during the crash, and Smilodon sustained minor damage to the particular docking bay involved.

Lode/Zarushgaar                  290-1118

Received 290-1118

Baron Sir Nigel Rudel of Ynsulmaar, today announced that he will accept an offer from the University of Sylea Press to edit the university's upcoming History of the Fourth Frontier War.

"The Baron retired from the Imperial Navy on 120-1118, after a long and distinguished career," university spokesman Ramsey Khan Oberta said, "and has written several monographs on the war. He is a former instructor on fleet operations for the Imperial Navy, and will enhance the prestige of the work immensely."

Dlan/Ilelish                   289-1118

Received: 289-1118

The 457th meeting of the Khanu, the supreme synod of the Virasin faith concluded today, with the usually ceremony blessing all who participated and wishing them a safe journey home. The meeting had promised to be a major theological event, debating a central issue of the Virasin faith, namely whether Virasin that die non-violent deaths while not on Dlan may attain full revelation in the afterlife. The issue has been proposed for the agenda several times in the past, but has never been debated before the full Khanu.

In what commentators are calling a major anticlimax, however, the highly contentious issue was tabled until the next meeting, which will be in two years.

Ilelish/Ilelish                  282-1118

Received 282-1118

The presiding justices today ordered the courtroom sealed in the trial of seven Suerrat activists arrested earlier this year for inciting a riot. The trial has been continually interrupted by demonstrations both for and against the defendants, and after considerable deliberation, the tribunal of judges decided to ban all non-participants from the courtroom. The public may view the trial live via closed circuit holovision, but the judges will not allow any non-essential personnel into the courtroom.

The Suerrat, apalled at what they believe to be a deliberate attempt by the Imperium to absorb and weaken the unique culture of their homeworld, accused the Imperium and the Archduchess of Ilelish of "Cultural Genocide" were demonstrating against the growing use of Galanglic as a first language among the youth of their homeworld.

Dlan/Ilelish                  278-1118

Received 278-1118

Archduchess Isis Arepo Ilethian today formally requested that Harlan Sandoval Akis, her uncle's seneschal, assume control of Hutara Astrin Ilethian's affairs until her uncle is capable of resuming his duties or until further notice. Hutara Astrin Ilethian, the archduchess' uncle, is recovering from a stroke he suffered approximately 245-1118, but the archduchess' request indicates that his recovery is not proceeding as well as was originally hoped.

Ilelish/Ilelish                  273-1118

Received 273-1118

Archduchess Isis Arepo Ilethian today confirmed that she has requested the Imperial mint on Dlan to continue striking the commemorative credit coin, issued on 001-1118 in honor of the late Archduke of Ilelish, Dulinor Astrin Ilethian.

The coin, which bears the Archduke's portrait and a stylized representation of the great reft (which dominates the night sky on Dlan), has proven immensely popular, and despite the fact that the mint has produced the coin continuously since Holiday, demand continues to exceed the supply.

The Archduchess' requested that the mint continue to strike the coin until demand ceases

Ilelish/Ilelish                  269-1118

Received 269-1118

Opening arguments from the prosecution began today in the trial of seven Suerrat activists arrested earlier this year for inciting a riot during demonstrations outside the Government House in Ilelish's capital city of Anitarra. The Suerrat, apalled at what they beleive to be a deliberate attempt by the Imperium to absorb and weaken the unique culture of their homeworld, accused the Imperium and the Archduchess of Ilelish of “Cultural Genocide” were demonstrating against the growing use of Galanglic as a first language among the youth of their homeworld.

Imperial prosecutors are expected to accuse the Suerrat of conspiracy, and attempt tp prove that the violence was carefully orchestrated. The Suerrat intend to offer evidence that police overreacted to a peaceful demonstration.

Dlan/Ilelish                  265-1118

Received 265-1118

Archduchess Isis of Ilelish, in a press release issued today, announced that her uncle, Hutara Astrin Ilethian, is recovering from the minor stroke he suffered a few weeks ago.

"My uncle is a determined man," the Archduchess said, "and is already chafing under the restrictions of his therapy. He is expected to make a full recovery, but I will insist that he get himself some help in managing our family's affairs.

Ilethian retired from the Imperial Navy when his niece became Archduchess over two years ago in order to devote his full attention to the management of the family lands and business interests.

Capital/Core                  256/1118

At a short press conference today, General Mueni Arap Rutan, commanding officer of the Imperial Guard, announced that Colonel Murnas De'Angelo, commander of the Ilelish Regiment of the Imperial Guard, will be promoted to the rank of brigadier and transferred to a field command as of 275-1118. The current executive officer of the Ilelish Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony hault-Khemiris, will be promoted to the rank of Colonel and assume command of the regiment.

Dlan/Ilelish                   251-1118

Received 251-1118

The seneschal for Hutara Astrin Ilethian, uncle of Archduchess Isis of Ilelish, confirmed that the former sector admiral suffered a minor stroke last week, and will spend the next few weeks in the care of his personal physician on the family estates.

Ilethian retired when his niece became Archduchess over two years ago in order to devote his full attention to the management of the family lands and business interests. "He's been driving himself pretty hard since that time," said Tadashi Conacht hault-Musillo (Ilethian's seneschal), "and his health has suffered. The rest of his staff and I have been unable to get him to take any kind of a break, and this is simply the inevitable result of overwork,

Archduchess Isis expressed concern for her uncle's health, and will visit him as soon as her duties permit.

Dlan/Ilelish                  248-1118

Received 248-1118

The unidentified witness against a barratry ring who escaped from MoJ protective custody on Dlan nearly 14 days ago has been found. Anonymous sources inside the Imperial Ministry of Justice confirmed today that the mysterious witness had been located and is once again under Imperial protection.

The witness had previously received immunity from prosecution in return for information on the perpetrators in a massive barratry scheme involving a number of starship captains and lower-level corporate officers at Hortelez et Cie.

Zimiin/Core                  239-1118

A major accident was avoided today by the skillful actions of Arlen Uantil, a shuttle pilot employed by the SPA at Hamilcar Starport. Uantil was a passenger on the inbound shuttle to Hamilcar highport from the outer system when Khugi Munioz, the pilot of the 95-ton shuttle suffered a seizure. Uantil, who happened to be on the flight deck at the time, administered first aid (saving Munioz’ life) and made an emergency landing of the full-loaded shuttle in a freight bay. No injuries resulted, and Munioz is currently in good condition at the highport SPA medical facility.

Medical personal are somewhat at a loss to explain Munioz’ attack. “Her medical records indicate she was in perfect health,” said the SPA’s medical director, “She’d just had her annual physical recently, and there was nothing to indicate anything amiss.”

Dlan/Ilelish                  232-1118

Received 232-1118

An anonymous source inside the Imperial Ministry of Justice admitted today that a key witness against a barratry ring is no longer in their custody. The unidentified witness escaped MoJ protective custody on Dlan last week, and is believed by MoJ officials to be trying to settle his personal affairs.

"This could be a serious mistake," the source commented, "Trying to contact any friend or acquaintance could subject the man to grave danger from unapprehended members of the conspiracy who want to prevent him from testifying -- all of his known associates will probably be under observation by those who wish him harm. We'll do what we can to find him before they do, but in these situations, who knows what can happen?"

The witness had previously received immunity from prosecution in return for information on the perpetrators in a massive barratry scheme involving a number of starship captains and lower-level corporate officers at Hortelez et Cie.

Dlan/Ilelish                  221-1118

Received 221-1118

Hortelez et Cie Divisional Director Jurgen Iwagami-Laragii issued a press release today announcing that investigators for the megacorporation's loss prevention division had uncovered a barratry scheme involving a number of starship captains and lower-level corporate officers. Undercover operatives infiltrated the organization, with the help of one of the conspirators, who received immunity from prosecution in return for information on the perpetrators.

Iwagami-Laragii announced that all key participants in the plot had been apprehended by corporate security and will be turned over to the Ministry of Justice office on Dlan for prosecution.

Warinir/Daibei                  213-1118

Calim Yei-jei, the director of the Ministry of Justice's Daibei Sector office, today announced that he will resign at the end of his current term. "I've had a great career," Yei-jei stated, "and I want to retire while I'm on a high note, and do nothing but write and watch my grandchildren grow up."

Calim Yei-jei achieved fame last year as the prosecutor who finally ran to ground the saboteurs responsible for the so-called Ulane Hoax. This is considered to be the high point of Yei-jei's career, even though some members of the MoJ believe that at least one of the perpetrators remain at large.

Dlan/Ilelish                  196-1118

Received: 196-1118

A mysterious fire in the downport offices of the Planetary Transit Office has been ruled accidental after 10 day's investigation by local police and fire officials.

"We suspected arson initially because of the presence of certain accelerants," a spokesman said, "but subsequent investigation revealed that the fire was started by an aromatic incense burner, sometimes used by office workers during their breaks, left unattended overnight. The aromatic oil used in the burner was the cause of the rapid spread of the flames, and the reason we initially suspected arson."

"The responsible parties have been disciplined."

Capital/Core                  186-1118

A spokesman for the IISS announced today that Doctor Ganidiirsi Simalr, newly appointed Banasdan Professor of Comparative Sophontology at the University of Sylea has been asked to deliver an address before a special committee of the Moot on preserving cultural and ethnic diversity within the Imperium.

Unusually, the Emperor Strephon (in his capacity as Archduke of Sylea) will attend the meeting, and Princess Ciencia Iphegenia has been invited because of her great personal interest in the subject matter.

Doctor Simalr, son of the Duke of Ushra, was attached to the IISS Contact and Liaison Branch for several years (as a consultant from the university), where he made a name for himself in the field of comparative sophontology. He is due to be honored with a knighthood in the prestigious Order of the Arrow on the next Birthday List.

Ilelish/Ilelish                  173-1118

Received 173-1118

Demonstrations erupted outside the Government House in Ilelish's capital city of Anitarra. The demonstrators belong to a group of Suerrat preservationists appalled at what they see as the "encroachment" of Imperial culture on their homeworld, especially the growing use of Galanglic as a first language among the youth of Ilelish.

"This is nothing less than cultural genocide," explained Sen-vat ma-Happat, a spokesperson for the demonstrators. "Archduke Dulinor understood our concerns and was preparing to take action to preserve our way of life, but has his daughter followed through with his plans? Has the Imperium done anything to help us stave off the loss of our native ways? We will not sit idly by and watch ourselves be subsumed into a bland Imperial culture that does not recognize our uniqueness."

There was no official comment from Archduchess Isis, but a source at the Government House, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said "This is nothing new. Radical Suerrat groups have been blackmailing the Imperium for generations. The late Archduke believed he could avoid such confrontations by co-opting them into his efforts to renew the Imperium. We can see now the folly of such an approach."

Banasdan/Solomani Rim                  169-1118

Received 169-1118

A humorous incident occurred today as highport workers tried to sort out why the wrong cuisine was delivered to a passenger liner earlier today. "I took delivery on three month's supplies, just like I ordered," said chief steward Hanford Falco of the passenger liner Majorca, "The only thing wrong was that they were for Hivers. We found out because one of the cooks wanted to make baklava for the crew before we loaded passengers and started poking around among the containers. Well, you don't have to crack many packages of Hiver fungus to realize that somebody's made a serious error."

Highport officials blame an inexperienced clerk for the error, which sent the supplies for the recently-arrived Hiver embassy ship to the passenger liner, and vice versa. A spokesman for the Hiver ship said no apology was necessary, "We often consume supplies intended for other races -- sometimes by design and sometimes by accident. It is one of the great pleasures of travel."

Capital/Core                  161-1118

Sources inside the imperial palace have indicated that Emperor Strephon will reward Doctor Ganidiirsi Simalr with a knighthood in the prestigious Order of the Arrow, the order devoted to those who have achieved distinction in interstellar study. Doctor Simalr, son of the Duke of Ushra, was attached to the IISS Contact and Liaison Branch for several years (as a consultant from the university), where he made a name for himself in the field of comparative sophontology.

Dr. Simalr was appointed to the Banasdan Chair of Comparative Sophontology at the University of Sylea on 120-1118. The formal announcement wil be made with the publication of the Birthday List later this year. Dr. Simalr will be knighted in a formal ceremony at some unspecified time soon thereafter -- the palace sources did not reveal when this would be.

Warinir/Daibei                  156-1118

Received 156-1118

In a prepared statement, the press secretary for Duke Craig Horvath announced that the Duke will not attend the beginning of this year's fleet maneuvers in the Warinir system, for what the secretary described "personal reasons."

"His grace likes to oversee training maneuvers personally, but this year he has chosen to spend the time with family," said press secretary Aella Lavosier. "He will resume normal activities with 10 days, and will be able to oversee the final stages of the exercises shortly thereafter."

Kurae/Zarashugar                  140-1118

Received 140-1118

An Imperial Navy crewman was killed and three more were seriously injured during a training exercise in the outer Kurae system when a cargo shuttle crashed while attempting to dock with the Imperial dreadnought Smilodon. Details are being withheld pending an inquiry, but it appears that human error on the part of the shuttle's pilot may have been responsible

Vland/Vland                  138-1118

Received 138-1118

The Historical Preservation Bureau of Vland has caused quite a stir by denying an archeological permit to Professor Enli Dahtha of the University of Ot Zell. Dahtha, best known for a recent article in the sophontological studies journal Lurashu Garshanri, in which he identifies the Ancients with the mysterious shiimsarnii of Vilani legend, wished to visit the Kunashaakri region to test gather evidence in support of his theories. However, the Preservation Bureau believes the ruins in the region would not withstand the in-depth examination Professor Dahtha intends to pursue.

"This is outrageous," Dahtha explained. "My examination will be no more intrusive or destructive than any other that's been to the site -- possibly even less so. I have access to state of the art densitometer and equipment that will allow my party to gather the information from a hovering air/raft. We have guaranteed the Bureau that not a speck of dust will be disturbed. I contend the Preservation Bureau has something to hide."

The spokesperson for the Bureau declined to comment, but that didn't prevent academics from across the Domain of Vland from doing so. "Professor Dahtha sees conspiracies everywhere." explained Dr. Kevin Ikira, a noted archeologist and expert on ancient Vilani sites. "The fact is he's advancing a very dubious claim, namely that Vilani religion owes its origin to encounters with the Ancients millennia ago. That theory's been discounted for centuries. Dahtha's just trying to give himself some notoriety in order to boost the sales of his next book."

Alekvadin/Core                  132-1118

A spokesman for the port director at Twunchel Highport reported today that it now believes that the chemical spill reported a few weeks ago may not have been an accident, as was initially reported. Investigators for the SPA have uncovered evidence that the grav loader operator responsible for the spill may have intentionally caused the spill.

"We think he may have been trying to create a diversion in order to cover a theft from the bonded warehouse section, but that his confederates were not able to penetrate highport security, and abandoned the operation." The official declined to give specific details. "We have a member of the gang in custody, and we are hoping to use his testimony to help apprehend her partners in crime.

There were no fatalities in the spill, although several starport personnel had to undergo decontamination and were being held in the port's medical facility for observation.

Capital/Core                  128-1118

Dr. Enil Shugishviilii, a hematologist in private practice, has petitioned the Imperial Navy to be allowed to examine the tissue samples recovered from the wreckage Archduke Dulinor's gig two years ago. Dr. Shugishviilii believes that the Navy was too hasty in its conclusion that the tissues indicated that the Archduke was present on the gig when it exploded.

"The Archduke, like many wealthy people, traveled with quantities of blood and other medical supplies in case of an emergency," the Doctor's petition reasons, "It is my contention that the Navy identified these as coming from Dulinor's body. While this does not prove he wasn't killed in the explosion, it casts doubt on that conclusion."

Navy spokesmen had no comment on Shugishviilii's remarks.

Capital/Core                  125-1118

Sources at the Imperial Palace today revealed that Emperor Strephon has almost settled on the artists who will be commisioned to create the official Imperial portraits for his upcoming Golden Jubilee.

The Emperor will choose one artist for each of several forms, including two and three dimensional photographs, several sculptures, and a formal painting showing the Emperor in the traditional pose on the Iridium throne. Strephon has narrowed the list for each type of art to less than four names, but the source declined to reveal the artists under consideration.

Capital/Core                  118-1118

The imperial family will attend the first performance of a new symphony by Terran composer Alar Falco, titled Reflections. The performance marks the opening of the 1118-1119 concert season for the Sylean Philharmonic Orchestra, and it is unusual for the entire imperial family to attend, but both Strephon and Ciencia Iphegenia are said to be interested in the compositions of Dr. Falco.

The opening performance will be 130-1118, at Artemsus Concert Hall on the campus of Sylean University.

Monmouth/Delphi                  110-1118

Pirate attacks on shipping in the Monmouth system have risen sharply in the past three months, Imperium officials confirmed today. Most of the attacks have focused on capturing the cargo of trading vessels entering the system, though three ships have also been hijacked. Crew members of the ships say that the pirates seemed very well organized. Descriptions of the ships and perpetrators suggest that the pirates are members of the Fallani Syndicate, a criminal organization whose operations throughout the Fornast, Old Expanses, and Delphi sectors seem to be on the rise. The Fallani Syndicate is suspected to have headquarters on Granicus, in the Glimmerdrift Reaches sector. Imperial Navy officials would not comment on the matter, except to say that it is under investigation.

Capital/Core                  100-1118

A spokesman for the University of Sylea announced that Doctor Ganidiirsi Simalr has been appointed to the Banasdan Chair of Comparative Sophontology at that institution. Doctor Simalr, son of the Duke of Ushra, was attached to the IISS Contact and Liaison Branch as a consultant for the university.

Doctor Hasni Shukov, chairman of the Department of Sophontology, was quoted as saying: "It is a little unusual for someone so young as Gani to be appointed to such a high position -- those familiar with his work, however, were not at all surprised." Doctor Simalr will begin his duties on 120-1118.

Alekvadin/Core                  097-1118

Reports of a toxic chemical leak caused officials at Twunchel Highport to order portions of the orbital facility evacuated today. While in the process of unloading a freighter, an inexperienced grav loader operator bumped against a discharge hose, fracturing a fitting and causing a leak of potentially toxic hydrocarbons.

At first it was believed that the chemicals had leaked into the ventilation system, causing starport officials to order the evacuation of several loading bays as a precautionary measure, but the spill remained isolated to a single ship loading bay, and was quickly cleaned up by starport Hazmat personnel.

A spokesman for the port director revealed that there were no fatalities, although several starport personnel had to undergo decontamination and were being held in the port's medical facility for observation.

Capital/Core                  085-1118

Almost the entire staff of the Capital branch of the Traveller News Service has come down with a non-fatal but highly debilitating virus. Classified variously as "a bug," "that thing that's going around," and "some kind of flu," the disease manifests itself as a fever, headache, and general malaise lasting several days, settling first in the nasal passages, moving to the throat, and then on to the bronchi of it's victims. At least one editor was also afflicted with watering of the eyes so bad as to interfere with vision for hours at a time.

This plague is expected to run it's course within 10-14 days, and everything will be back to normal, but it has caused considerable discomfort here at TNS/Capital.

Lode/Zarushgaar                  073-1118

Received 073-1118

Admiral Sir Nigel Rudel, Baron of Ynsulmaar, announced he will retire as of 120 of this year. "I have served the Emperor for many years," the Admiral said in a tersely worded press release, "and I've decided I'd prefer to spend some time with my grandchildren while I'm young enough to enjoy it.

Terra/Solomani Rim                  062-1118

Received 062-1118

Jeffrey Long (the former Terran reporter who until recently was held Imperial custody) believes someone is trying to kill him. An anonymous source states that Long, a patient at a private sanitarium in the Solomani Rim, has asked to be moved to a different institution. The source states that Long believes that his food is being drugged, and fears that one of his fellow patients is a hired assassin.

The source states that the family will accede to Long's wishes, and will arrange for him to be transferred to a new facility under an assumed name.

Long believes that a mysterious cabal of industrialists and the military seek to silence him because of his researches into "hyperspace sickness," the disease which Long claims is the subject of a massive cover-up.

Capital/Core                  048-1118

A spokesman for the Imperial family announced today that Prince Lucan is adjusting to his new life as a Naval Cadet very well. The Prince enrolled in the Imperial Naval Academy last year after his twin brother Varian departed on a grand tour of the Imperium, and has been assigned to a special group of cadets aboard the flagship of the Dagudashaag fleet, the battleship Smilodon.

Capital/Core                  047-1118

Famed comedian Anton Wilson Peale announced today that he will commence a grand tour of the Imperium, in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Emperor Strephon.

I'm going to start a couple of years ahead of the Emperor, because Strephon is a bigger draw than me," Peale remarked to reporters, "We won't be in the same place at the same time, and I'm going to a few worlds he won't see, but other than that, think of me as his opening act

Peale told reporters he will announce a precise schedule for the three year Jubilee Tour in a few weeks, but that he intends to depart on 909-1118, well in advance of the Imperial family's departure.

Terra/Solomani Rim                  045-1118

Received: 045-1118

A spokesman for the family of Jeffrey Long announced today that Mr. Long has been admitted to a private mental care facility in Imperial territory, somewhere in the Solomani Rim.

Long, formerly a reporter for the Phoenix Sun news organization, is the author of a series of articles looking into rumors of a condition known as 'hyperspace sickness," evidence for which Long alleges has been suppressed by a military and industrial cabal.

Mr. Long believes he is in considerable personal danger from those who seek to silence him, and because of this his location remains a secret known only to close family members and his legal representatives.

Ludmilla/Solomani Rim                   040-1118

Received 040-1118

The Ludmillan government has released a statement denouncing "terrorist violence" in the nearby Boskone system. "Pirate forces have struck at fueling stations operated by Tukera Lines and Sharurshid. We call on the sponsor of these attacks to stand down, or face dire consequences."

Ludmillan planetary naval forces are reportedly planning an extended patrol in Boskone system, which is nominally under Ludmillan sovereignty. The system is currently the focus of a prolonged dispute over transit and refueling rights, involving the Ludmillan government, several Imperial merchant carriers, and the Vegan tuhuir Ewm Shao Gwi.

Dlan/Ilelish                  031-1119

With much fanfare, the leaders of the Virasan faith opened the 457th meeting of the Khanu, or Supreme Synod, in the holy city of Rimblan. By tradition, the Khanu meets at least once a decade to discuss matters of import to Virasins. Often, these matters are worldly concerns, such as the reorganization of administrative boundaries or the assessment of candidates for the dilanu. However, the 457th Khanu seems likely to be a major theological synod. In contention is a central issue of the faith, namely whether Virasin that die non-violent deaths while not on Dlan may attain full revelation in the afterlife.

This issue pits the faith's conservative and liberal wings against one another. Conservatives believe that there is neither scriptural nor traditional justification for this change in doctrine. Reform clergymen argue that the stricture against dying offworld is simply a holdover from the early days of the faith and more a statement of Dlani nationalism than religious truth. It promises to be a heated debate.

Shululsish/Solomani Rim                  022-1118

Received 022-1118

The Office of the Duke announced today that Iwohlarko, Duke of Alderamin, would be spending several days at Aggarish Naval Hospital for a physical examination and treatment.

Sir Rickard Tallyns, the Duke's personal spokesman, issued the following statement: "The Duke's health is as sound as that of any Aslan male of his age. His condition is not life-threatening and his physicians expect a full recovery within a few days."

Details of the Duke's medical condition were not available to the press.

Capital/Core                  019-1118

Elements of the fleets of Dagudashaag and Core Sectors are will engage in a series of combined maneuvers over the next few months. The fleets will divide into two teams, and simulate an invasion of Dagudashaag by a hostile invading force -- Core's fleet will simulate the invaders, Dagudashaag's fleet will defend.

Terra/Solomani Rim                  007-1118

Received 007-1118

A spokesman for Archduke Adair announced today that the Archduke has granted the appeal of relatives of Jeffrey Long to release the former reporter from the prison ward of the mental hospital where he has been held for several years into private care.

Long, formerly a reporter for the Phoenix Sun news organization, is the author of a series of articles looking into rumors of a condition known as 'hyperspace sickness," evidence for which Long alleges has been suppressed by a military and industrial cabal.

The archduke declined to release details of where Mr. Long will be transferred or when the release will take place, citing privacy concerns. Mr. Long believes he is in considerable personal danger from those who seek to silence him.

Capital/Core                  001-1118

The emperor issued his annual Holiday message today, wishing all citizens of the Imperium luck, prosperity, and health in the upcoming 1118th year of the Third Imperium, and in years to come.

Capital/Core                  365-1117

The personal assistant for reknowned sculptor Trow Shadii-Eriskany refused to confirm or deny that the controversial artist has received a commission to create a work celebrating the late Archduke Dulinor, killed last year in an explosion that investigators labeled "Murder by person or persons unknown."

Shadii-Eriskany is widely know for her anti-Imperial treatment of her subjects, and her controversial approach to her art.

Capital/Core                  364-1117

Informed sources today confirmed that the Imperial mint on Dlan will issue a commemorative credit coin in honor of the late Archduke of Ilelish, Dulinor Astrin Ilethian. The obverse will bear the Archduke's portrait, the reverse a stylized representation of the great reft, which dominates the night sky on Dlan. The design was personally chosen by Dulinor's daughter, Archduchess Isis Arepo Ilethian, and the dies were executed by artisans at the mint before her departure.

The Archduchess has requested that several million of the coins be issued and released into circulation throughout the domain of Ilelish, in addition to the normal minting of specially polished and packaged coins intended solely for coin collectors. "My father was a man of the people," the Archduchess said, "and he would want all of the people if the domain to see and hold this coin, not just a privileged few."

The Archduchess took the dies back with her when she returned earlier this year, and minting of the coin will commence on Dlan on 001-1118.

Capital/Core                  363-1117

Professor Dympna Ehara-Wilkinson has been appointed to head the Department of Vilani Literature at the University of Sylea. Professor Ehara-Wilkinson has been on the faculty of the university for nearly a decade, and her appointment marks the first appointment of a non-Vilani to the position is well over four hundred years. The appointment is not without controversy among the more conservative members of the university faculty, who feel that a non-Vilani cannot properly appreciate the nuances of the literary tradition of Vland. The president of the university, however, feels the board of governors has chosen the best candidate for the job.

"Dympna was the protege of the previous department head, retiring Professor Lishenni Ishuggi -- a member of one of the most oldest and most respected Vilani families, and no one who knows her can doubt her devotion to her field."

Capital/Core                  363-1117

Sources at the Archduke of Deneb's office on Capital confirmed today that the Archduke will announce the first knights of the Order of Deneb on 001-1118. The list of initial knighthoods will include Duchess Delphine of Mora, and will be announced at Mora, in the Spinward Marches.

No other names were released, although the source indicated that they include notables from the Domain of Deneb, and will total several dozen.

Capital/Core                  362-1117

Is Archduke Dulinor alive? Stories of "Dulinor sightings" are common on numerous worlds throughout the Imperium, despite the conclusion of the Imperial Navy that the former Archduke of Ilelish died in an explosion last year, a victim of murder by parties unknown. The stories lack any specific details in common -- sometimes Dulinor is said to appear before a small group and make a brief speech, sometimes he is a passenger aboard a small starship, sometimes a patient in a hospital ward. In every case, primary witnesses to the event cannot be found.

"Everyone seems to hear these things second- or third-hand," says Doctor Simone Minori-Maasaaru, a retired professor of folklore at the University of Sylea at Capital. "Stories like this circulate after the death of many public figures, and my feeling is that they represent a form of wish-fulfillment among those who spread them -- people just don't want to admit that a popular figure is gone." Doctor Minori-Maasaaru is studying how the stories spread, and intends to publish her findings as a chapter in an upcoming book.

Capital/Core                  360-1117

In a year that's already seen the rise and fall of numerous fads among the children of the Imperial nobility, yet another has taken hold: "ethnic" styles of dress. Many of these styles derive from cultures that have suffered serious declines over the centuries, such as the Darmine and the Rudukk. Does their return to prominence -- even if only in the annals of youthful fashion -- suggest a renaissance for cultures long submerged in the Imperial mainstream?

"That's one interpretation" explained Professor Edvard Syrin, a historian at the Imperial Cleon Museum, "and it does have some plausibility. After all, Archduke Dulinor was a staunch advocate of local cultures within the Domain of Ilelish. He even worked to revivify Suerrat culture after centuries of disregard. Of course, such cultural renaissances occur for less political reasons too. We need only look at the recent popularity of Vilani fashion among the more outre members of the Imperial court. In the end, it's hard to assign a definitive answer to this question -- at least until we see if this proves to be more than another passing fad."

Terra/Solomani Rim                  358-1117

Received: 358-1117

Relatives and friends of Jeffrey Long, former reporter for the Phoenix Sun news organization, today presented another petition for his release to the local offices of Archduke Adair.

Mr. Long achieved fame several years ago for a series of articles looking into rumors of a condition known as 'hyperspace sickness," evidence for which Long alleges has been suppressed by a military and industrial cabal. Long is currently in protective custody in the prison ward of Phoenix Down Mental Hospital, and his family has long petitioned for his release into private care

Capital/Core                  356-1117

Sources close to the Archduke of Deneb today confirmed that before Norris left to return to his Domain he conferred with the appropriate authorities to establish a new order of knighthood, the Order of Deneb. Archduke Norris will create the first knights of Deneb with his Holiday proclamation from Mora on 001-1118, and the Emperor will simultaneously issue the formal announcement of the order's establishment from Capital.

It is not known who the first knights of the new order will be, but if custom holds, the emperor will be the second (Archduke Norris himself will be the first knight of the order, again, if custom is followed). Our sources declined to comment further, saying that full details will be announced in a few days.

Capitol/Core                  352-1117

One of the Imperium's most treasured artistic resources, choreographer Sir Ganaarre Rudel died today, aged 146, after a long illness. Rudel founded the style of dance named after him almost 85 years ago, fusing moves from his native Nulinad (Empty Quarter) with traditional Vilani and Solomani dances.

Rudel had suffered from a number of ailments which prevented him from working since 1112, when his daughter Romura took over administration of the Rudel Dance Troupe, but she could not prevent him from attending every opening.

Rudel was knighted for his artistic efforts in 1098 by the Archduke of Gateway, and was honored with a knighthood in the order of the Emperor's Guard in 1107, in honor of his many contributions to the arts.

Hindahl/Old Expanses                  350-1117

A coalition of the local nobility, headed by Duke Quentin Antosz, released their annual year-end report, in which they revealed that the Old Expanses sector has seen a record increase in trade and productivity over the past year. "Per Capita GSP has climbed to Cr 9,430 -- a 5% increase over last year." explained ducal spokesperson Orlando Bilaagan.

The report also indicated that the sector's political situation was equally stable, with record declines in terrorism and anti-alien violence. The report suggested this was due to a successful education campaign that targeted the more radical factions of the Solomani Movement in Old Expanses.

Given these successes, the report recommended that no changes in local government policies be contemplated. Although dismissed by critics as "self-congratulatory," the report was hailed by Duke Antosz as proof that "the Imperium works."

Terra/Solomani Rim                  348-1117

The Terran government reports that it has issued a limited visa to Solomani diplomat Madeline Hefernin, who was previously denied admission to the Imperium a few weeks ago. The visa will enable Hefernin to attend an upcoming diplomatic conference of rimward states.

The details of the agreement are confidential, Terran officials say, but the government has agreed to allow both Hefernin and her personal assistant, Marcus Vezina to attend the conference provided they make no public statements while inside the Imperium and agree to limit their movements within the Imperium to such travel as is necessary to get them to and from the conference (which is to be held on Terra early next year).

Warinir/Daibei                  342-1117

A former investigator for the Imperial Ministry of Justice's Daibei Sector office today stated that at least one of the saboteurs responsible for the so-called Ulane hoax has eluded capture. Uhura Jai-Kiirumim, who resigned from the Ministry last year, believes that officials have been too hasty in dismantling the search for the data saboteurs.

On 091-1108 unknown perpetrators on Warinir penetrated the security of the Xboat system and introduced a number of unauthorized updates and additions.

In a statement to the press today, Jai-Kiirumim said, "I believe political expediency is overwhelming good investigative technique. The officials in charge of the investigation have ignored evidence indicating that at least one other person was involved."

Officials for the minstry refused to comment on Jai-Kiirumim's allegations

Esperance/Sol                  339-1117

Imperial Naval headquarters at Dingir today announced that Admiral Dame Maria Magdalena de Castaneda y Orleans, daughter of Count Hernando of Alphanor, had been appointed commander of the 1291st Colonial Fleet, attached to Esperance.

"Dame Maria is well-known as a hardliner against the Solomani," explained Professor Giuseppe Scherloski of the University of Alphanor's political science department, "She's devoted to equitable relations between humans and aliens. Some people will see this as a message from the Imperium that mistreatment of its Vegan population will not be tolerated."

Esperance is a high population balkanized world with both human and Vegan nations. Many of the human-dominated nations show pro-Solomani sympathies. Those sympathies have kept Esperance on the brink of world war for several years now, a situation that has worsened in recent months.

Ansenz/Antares                  330-1117

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice denied rumors that the recent capture of Roderick Panay was accomplished by a "mole" inside the Black Lightning terrorist organization. Panay was captured, according to the spokesman, "By good, old-fashioned investigative work, which included the use of surveillance devices of various sorts, as well as several covert operations which must remain classified, as the agents involved are still in the field, and still in some danger."

In addition to MoJ agents, the spokesman said, officers of local law enforcement agencies were involved, as well as operatives from Imperial Navy intelligence. "The operation was a sterling example of good police work and counter-terrorist technique."

Ansenz/Antares                  328-1117

Ministry of Justice officials today revealed they have captured Roderick Panay, alleged leader of Black Lightning, a violent pro-Julian terrorist group. Panay and his accomplices were apprehended while attempting to plant an explosive device at the Badmarash Interstellar Starport. According to the Ministry, Panay’s goal was to "draw attention to the growing Imperial encroachment upon the autonomy of the League of Antares." The League of Antares is a small collection of semi-autonomous worlds within the sector. They gained their special status as a concession to the Julian Protectorate, who managed to seize the worlds during the Julian War. Since the War, the Imperium has vouchsafed the League’s autonomy.

Nevertheless, pro-Julian terrorist groups have bedeviled Antarean officials for centuries. Black Lightning is only the latest -– and boldest –- to appear on the scene. Its members are humans and Vargr from the League who served in the Imperial military. While the Julian Protectorate has repeatedly denounced the actions of Black Lightning, some analysts suspect they may be receiving covert support from a faction within the Protectorate government. Whether true or not, the capture of Panay is a remarkable coup for the Ministry of Justice and certain to hamper Black Lightning’s operations in Antares.

Terra/Sol                  331-1117

The Terran government has denied a travel visa to a Solomani diplomat, preventing her from attending an upcoming diplomatic conference of rimward states, Terran officials recently admitted. The diplomat denied the visa, Madeline Hefernin, explained that she had submitted an application several months ago and did not expect this turn of events. Hefernin accused the Terran government of “capitulating to irrational Imperial demands.” Representatives from the Imperium, the Solomani Confederation, and the Aslan Hierate are expected to send delegations to the conference, as well as many smaller states rimward of the Imperium. The visa was denied under a post Solomani Rim War Imperial proclamation that authorizes denying entry to an Imperial world if the visit is considered contrary to Imperial interests, Terran officials explained. Hefernin's personal assistant, Marcus Vezina, also was denied a visa.

Observers of Imperial-Solomani relations suspect that Hefernin was denied a visa because of recent statements at a regional Solomani Party caucus in which she likened the Imperial nobility to “leeches” and called for support of pro-democracy movements within the Imperium. Terran officials refused to comment on these allegations, saying only that the order to deny Hefernin a visa had come through appropriate channels and was not as unusual as many have alleged.

Alphanor/Solomani Rim                  322-1117

Count Hernando Gabriel de Castaneda y Orleans made a rare public announcement in which he condemned the growth of anti-Vegan violence on the nearby world of Esperance. "I cannot emphasize enough," he said, "how deeply disturbed I am to learn that any humans would believe violence is a legitimate means of political discourse. The Vegans of Esperance are Imperial subjects, and I will not tolerate the efforts of anyone to suggest otherwise."

Esperance is a balkanized world inhabited by humans and Vegans. Many of the world's human states have pro-Solomani leanings, creating an air of uncertainty on this high population world. This statement by Count Hernando suggests that the instability of Esperance has not gone unnoticed. Whether it will boil over into full-scale violence remains to be seen.

Capital/Core                  321-1117

Grand Princess Ciencia Iphegenia has returned from her trip to accompany Archduchess Isis Ilethian part of the way back to Dlan. The details of the pair's itinerary remain classified, because of recent threats against the Archduchess' life. The Grand Princess' seneschal issued a statement for the press giving such details of the trip as security considerations allow, but the trip was uneventful, and the Princess declined to discuss specifics. Security considerations prevent revelation of the number and type of vessels included in the escort.

The Imperial Navy has been especially conscious of security for the Imperial family since the assassination of Archduke Dulinor last year.

Urnas/Deneb                  319-1117

Talks between the Ryanar Pact and Avenel Alliance broke down after weeks of failed attempts to jumpstart them. The two "nations" of this heavily populated balkanized world are, in fact, confederations of arcologies, each one self-governing. Unsurprisingly, coming to any agreement between these two confederations is a slow and time-consuming task, one that has tested the considerable skills of Imperial mediator Shan Pavan.

"It's extremely frustrating." Pavan explained. "Although each confederation is united by a common ideology and mistrust of its opposite numbers, there's actually great diversity of opinion among the arcologies that make them up. Trying to sort through them to satisfaction of everyone is enough to test anyone's patience - even someone who's been a diplomat most of their lives, as I have."

The conflict between the Ryanar Pact and Avenel Alliance stems from a dispute over resources on this mineral-rich world. Because of Urnas' small size and high population, land is highly valued, especially land rich in industrial crystals and lanthanum.

"Nevertheless, I have faith these issues can be resolved." Pavan added. "Things may look bad now, but I don't think either side is ready to go to war over this. I think we'll see them back at the bargaining table within days."

Chanad/Lishun                  312-1117

Protests rocked Chanad's capital city of Unwalla today, resulting in ten deaths and dozens of lesser injuries. The protests were sparked by an unusual uprising of Irhadre jak'ut, members of the servant caste of the Irhadre minor human race native to Chanad. Uprisings like this are exceedingly rare on Chanad, a world renowned for its peculiar practices, including a form of ritual servitude known locally as the jak'aat mihal.

"We do not believe this was a spontaneous uprising. The jak'ut are not "slaves" as many offworlders assume and they accept their status as necessary to the survival of the Irhadre people," explained Hagelaar Adalat, a spokesperson for Chanad's Ministry of the Interior. "The jak'ut caste makes up the bulk of the planetary bureaucracy and fills many other key positions on the planet. They would not involve themselves in violence unless influenced by offworlders, who do not understand our ways."

Gam D'Aoust, local representative of The Warrant, a Lishun-wide group opposed to the jak'aat mihal, denied these allegations. "We're here to educate, not spark riots. If the Irhadre slaves -- and that's what they are -- finally saw fit to strike back at their oppressors, we can't be held responsible."

A government investigation into the cause of the rioting continues.

Deneb/Deneb                  309-1117

Spokespeople for the household of Duke Alesksandr Lagaashiga today announced that the duke’s eldest son, Commander Justin Lagaashiga, would wed Countess Marie-Sophie Clivio of Usani. This announcement came after weeks of speculation that Commander Lagaashiga, a well-regarded officer of the Imperial Navy, would indeed formalize his long-standing association with Countess Marie-Sophie, whom he has known since they were both children. More importantly, the engagement will mark the beginning of an alliance of two powerful Denebian noble families, a fact not overlooked by commentators.

As Professor Shannash Bamiidshaa of the Imperial University of Alpha Cygni explained it, “This marriage will be the culmination of decades of association between the Lagaashiga and Clivio families. How will it affect sector politics? Who can say? Yet, there’s no denying this is a major event, not only for Deneb sector but for the entire Domain.”

No date has yet been set for the wedding, although it is widely believed it will take place in the middle of next year on Deneb where the head of the local branch of the Church of the Stellar Divinity will officiate, as is a common practice among many Denebian noble families.

Antares/Antares                  302-1117

The office of Archduke Brzk confirmed that Sir Morteza Sengupta, poet laureate of the Domain of Antares, had passed away at the age of 141 after a prolonged illness. Sengupta is best known for his epic poem, the Buehneriad, in which he elegizes the Sylean explorer Philip Buehner, remembered for his recontact of many worlds in Antares sector before and during the reign of Cleon I.

A memorial service for Sengupta will be held on his homeworld of Sarar. He is survived by his wife and three daughters, one of whom, Sapna, is a talented poet as well.

Capital/Core                  298-1117

Observers of Imperial haut couture have seen the star of Vilani designer Eneri Makhiiruu rise in recent months, as increasing numbers of nobles wearing attire created by him are seen at various functions. Although no member of the Imperial family or its retinue has yet worn a Makhiiruu design, there are rumors that Empress Iolanthe thinks highly of him.

For his part, Makhiiruu plays down these rumors. "I can't deny I’d be pleased to be patronized by the Imperial family, but it's more important to me that I have an outlet for my creative expression -– wherever that may be." Makhiiruu’s designs are heavily influenced by ancient Vilani styles of dress, some of them going back to the days before the Interstellar Wars when the Ziru Sirka was at its height. This has led some to predict a "Vilani renaissance" throughout the Imperium, as long-forgotten arts and designs find their way into popular culture. Whether such a prediction is true remains to be seen.

Capital/Core                  297-1117

Received from Warinir/Daibei, 297-1117.

Calim Yei-jei, the director of the Ministry of Justice's Daibei Sector office, today announced that the entire group of saboteurs responsible for the the so-called Ulane hoax had been caught and arrested yesterday.

On 091-1108 unknown perpetrators on Warinir penetrated the security of the Xboat system and introduced a number of unauthorized updates and additions.

Although some people were inclined to regard the act, which became known as the Ulane hoax as a prank, authorities took the affair most seriously and instituted a criminal investigation that culminated yesterday after almost a decade. "This was no prank," Calin Yei-jei stated. "Such wanton acts of disruption strike at the very roots of the Imperium and must be dealt with accordingly."

Capital/Core                  280-1117

Received from Pretoria/Deneb, 280-1117

Admiral Sir Gerald NicDhiarmida, military governor of Pretoria, quashed rumors of a return to civilian rule for the subsector's capital. Pretoria has been under military jurisdiction since the Rachelean Revolts in 1010. Since then, there have been frequent calls for the establishment of a non-military government. Ronita Principe, spokesperson for Admiral NicDhiarmida, explained, "The situation is still unstable on Pretoria. Even now, over a century after the Revolts, there is substantial evidence that there remains a sizable minority who support the Rachele Society and its Vilani supremacist beliefs."

Not surprisingly, this view is not widely held by Pretoria's populace. Armand Mitchel, a member of a pro-civilian pressure group found the Admiral's contention laughable. "The Rachele Society and its racist agenda are history. No one takes them seriously on Pretoria."

Capital/Core                  267-1117

Received from Gampin/Deneb, 267-1117

Archaeologists from the Imperial University of Alpha Cygni excitedly announced what they called "a major find" on this world at the spinward edge of Deneb sector. Evidence of human habitation from the Second Imperium was discovered in the Hanisan Canyon region of Gampin.

According to Professor Eirik Lehoff, "The site is possibly the remains of a military encampment from around -1800 or so. We've found a number of artifacts -- weapons and vacc suits mostly -- that support this hypothesis. What's truly remarkable about it is that this supports the theory that exploration was ongoing even in the dying days of the Rule of Man."

Capital/Core                  263-1117

Received from Quaver/Solomani Rim on 263-1117

Director Mikal Kamsash resigned his office today, following weeks of widespread strikes and civil disobedience. He named no successor, and indeed most of the ruling High Council seems to have gone into hiding or exile. Members of the world's dissident Citizen's Committees have claimed control of the government, sparking celebration in several major habitat domes around the world.

Received from Ugarup/Solomani Rim                  249-1117
A tense standoff at Ugarup Down starport was resolved after a series of negotiations between the Duke of Ultima and Lt. Colonel Aram MacKenzie of the Michigan Rifles. Through an intermediary, Duke Huang assured the mercenaries that he will make a public statement in their favor, regarding their dispute with the planetary government of Ugarup. With this guarantee, the Rifles stood down and began a peaceful evacuation of the planet. The Duke's huscarles immediately moved to secure the starport and critical locations within the Human Enclave.

Capital/Core                  221-1117

Received from Boqueron/Solomani Rim 221-1117

First Citizen Etyenn III announced that his government has reached an historic agreement with the Boqueron Belt's three main rebel factions. A government of national reconciliation is to be formed within six weeks, beginning a process of popular reforms. Reaction in the belt's main habitats has been muted, as the citizens wait to see what substantive changes might follow the announcement.

Capital/Core                  189-1117

Received 189-1117 from Scandia/Solomani Rim:

Rumors of fleet action within the Solomani Confederation were apparently confirmed today. Captain Renna Tallgreen of the subsidized liner Polaris was interviewed by a TNS reporter regarding her expulsion from Solomani territory ten days ago. "We were just dropping off passengers at Ochre when the Solly Navy turned up and ordered us to refuel and head back for the border. Escorted us all the way to the jump point, too. They were very polite, but their turrets were trained on us the whole way."

Imperial Navy spokesmen refused to comment on Captain Tallgreen's story.

Capital/Core                  152-1117

Over a year after the death of Archduke Dulinor, the Navy team charged with locating the party or parties responsible is unable to even name a suspect.

Speaking unofficially, a member of the investigative team told TNS that while several leads are still being investigated, there is very little in the way of physical evidence because of the size and power of the explosion that destroyed the gig in which Dulinor was riding. Very little of the "black box" data survived, which caused, our source reports, some officials to speculate that the explosion had been carefully designed to destroy as much of the evidence as possible.

Capital/Core                  152-1117

Security officers arrested a man outside the main offices of the Travellers' Aid Society who claimed he was Dulinor Astrin Ilethian, and demanded admission to the TAS Lounge so he could issue a press release denying he died last year in an explosion. He turned violent when refused admission, and law enforcement officers were summoned.

Arresting officers held the man for a few hours before transferring him to a psychiatric facility. TNS reporter Nirka Kinshasha-Kinmon witnessed the arrest and reports "The man was clearly deranged. I interviewed Dulinor a few years ago, and this man does not resemble him in the slightest. Dulinor was taller, had all of his hair, and maintained a much higher level of personal hygiene."

The man's name and the exact location of the facility where the man is being held has not been revealed to anyone other than Kinshasha-Kinmon, who will be allowed to interview the "Archduke" after his condition has been assessed.

Dlan/Ilelish                  146-1117

In a report received from Dlan today, Imperial offices of all sorts report an increase in acts of petty vandalism since the anti-Imperial riots last year (265-1116), but since that time there have been no major violent outbreaks. A small number of Dlan's citizens feel that Imperial officials have not revealed the full details of the death of Archduke Dulinor, and speculation is rampant in some circles that Dulinor was assassinated. An alternate theory, which has numerous adherents here on Dlan, holds that Dulinor's death was an accidental result of the assassination of another passenger on the Archduke's gig.

Capital/Core                  140-1117

Unofficial sources indicate that the Solomani may have quite a problem dealing with Kulkulcan's recent declaration of independence.

"The Confederation cannot allow the declaration to stand -- they have to do something." Remarked an unidentified source, "On the other hand, Kulkulcan is a populous and highly productive industrial world . . . it could prove a tough nut to crack. The Confederation probably can't get together the resources for a direct assault -- not without taking resources from other hotspots. Sustaining a blockade will be enough of a strain."

The source indicated Imperial policy will probably be to watch and wait, at least for the immediate future.

Capital/Core                  138-1117

Imperial reaction to the news (received yesterday) that the Solomani Confederation has declared the entire Kulkulcan subsector off-limits to vessels of Imperial registry has been subdued. Emperor Strephon has not commented so far, although sources at the palace report that he has received several briefings on the matter. A Naval spokesman declined to comment other than to state that the Navy will follow the situation as it develops.

Laputa/Solomani Rim                  137-1117

Received 137-1117

Official Release: Civilian traffic is hereby forbidden to enter the Kukulcan system (Solomani Rim 2835) until further notice. All such traffic is advised to detour via Goliad (Solomani Rim 2834) or Cyprian (Solomani Rim 2836) if they must traverse the region. All civilian vessels are required to obey the directives of Confederation naval traffic control.

No ship of Imperial registry may enter Kukulcan subsector while this order is in effect. Imperial ships violating this order and the territorial sovereignty of the Solomani Confederation are subject to being fired upon without notice.

Long live the Cause.

By order Brendan Grant, Fleet Admiral

Capital/Core                  138-1117

The Imperial palace today announced that Prince Lucan has asked to attend the Imperial Naval Academy under a pseudonym, and that his unusual request has been granted. Prince Lucan was unavailable for comment, but a spokesman at the palace indicated that the prince was sincere in his wish to avoid any hint of favoritism, even to the extent of dispensing with any security arrangements other than those given any member of a noble family entering into the Imperial Navy.

Capital/Core                  120-1117

The Imperial Navy has no reason to believe that the political situation within the Solomani Confederation is deteriorating, according to a tersely-worded press lease distributed today. This in spite of the news (received yesterday) that the planet Kukulcan has severed all connections with the Solomani Confederation.

"We will continue to observe events in the region," the anonymous press release stated, "and will go to a heightened state of readiness if events make it necessary. We do not anticipate any repercussions for imperial citizens a this time, except for any who might be in the system involved.

Scandia/Solomani Rim                  119-1117

Received 119-1117

A cross-border courier arrived today with word of a major development within the Solomani Confederation. The planet Kukulcan has declared itself a sovereign and independent world, severing all ties with the Solomani central government. The Confederatio n's response is unknown at this time.

Capital/Core                  083-1117

A press release from the Imperial Palace today confirmed that Grand Princess Ciencia Iphegenia left Capital with Archduchess Isis Arepo Ilethian at an unspecified time within the last month. "The Grand Princess and Archduchess are life long friends," the press release "and wished to spend a little more time together."

The precise date of the pair's departure, the mode of their transport, and their exact itinerary remain a secret, for security purposes.

Terra/Solomani Rim                  080-1117

Received 080-1117:

Imperial naval spokesmen confirmed today that major fleet maneuvers appear to be occurring within the Solomani Confederation. Imperial forces have been placed in a heightened state of readiness, but there appears to be no immediate cause for concern.

Imperial Fleet Admiral Janos Fiorello appeared briefly before the press to quell any rumors. "If the Solomani come, we are ready for them. They know that. That's why I don't think they'll come." Admiral Fiorello declined to comment on the purpose for the maneuvers.

Capital/Core                  080-1117

Spokesman for the Imperial palace today revealed that Archduchess Isis of Ilelish and Archduke Norris of Deneb have both departed Capital for their respective homes at some unspecified time over the last few weeks. Both nobles left on Imperial Naval vessels, and the strictest security measures were implemented.

"In view of the plot to assassinate Lady Isis uncovered last year by Naval intelligence," the palace press release stated, "the Imperial Navy convinced the Emperor that Isis and Norris should conceal the time of their departure and their intended route ." Officials refused to comment on the question of whether decoy vessels were used.

Mithras/Spinward Marches                  078-1117

The Domain of Deneb's Office of Corrections administrative board today decided to continue its experimental treatment of criminals on the world of Mithras. Founded shortly after the Fourth Frontier War, Mithras is a prison world on whi ch prisoners must cooperate to survive its harsh conditions.

"We really are proud of what we've accomplished here." Warden Pavel Renko declared. "These prisoners learn to cooperate with one another and develop skills usable in the outside world. You wouldn't believe how many of these people go on to work for the Colonial Office in setting up new colonies."

The prison on Mithras isn't without its critics, however. Some, like board member Edward Regis, see Mithras as nothing more than an "easy way to avoid the real roots of crime in the Imperium. Instead of shipping these people off to some world for 'trea tment,' we should be looking at why they offend in the first place."

Karin/Spinward Marches                  072-1117

Low-level rioting has erupted on this frontier world, after a political rally turned violent. Karin has been under military rule since the Fourth Frontier War and many of its inhabitants resent the policies of their Naval governor. The rally, organized by a coalition of local pressure groups, was intended to draw the eyes of the Spinward Marches to Karin's plight. "We do not condone violence." spokesman Shannash DeFreitas explained. "Our goal was only education. The military's to blame for this latest incident."

Reports of the incident are contradictory. What is certain is that Imperial troops opened fire on a crowd of protesters outside the Naval governor's office, wounding several. The soldiers insist they retaliated only after they were fired upon. The prot esters deny having initiated the violence, declaring the soldiers attacked them during a peaceful demonstration. Shortly thereafter, the soldiers rounded up those suspected of involvement in the incident and dispersed the crowd. No one was killed in the fighting, but eleven men and women were treated for injuries.

Despite this recent clash, TAS has no intention of re-classifying Karin an Amber Zone at the present time. Travellers are nevertheless warned to beware of similar situations in the future.

Medurma/Sapphyre                  60-1117

The following was just received from Medurma/Sapphyre (Dagudashaag 2124) dated 260-1116:

Police officials investigating into the death of Colonel Hiroshi Enera, former commander of the Ilelish Regiment of the Imperial Guard, have uncovered evidence eliminating any possibility that the retired officer's death was suicide.

"Forensic analysis of the hotel room where Enera's body was discovered showed that at least two other individuals were present at the time of the death," a police spokesman stated. "We have evidence that Enera's fatal wound was not self-inflicted, evid ence we are not yet ready to completely reveal as it will prove vitally important in the ultimate identification of those responsible." Officials have not yet revealed whether or not they have determined a motive for the Colonel's murder, and have caution ed against uninformed speculation.

Aramis/Spinward Marches                  056-1117

Received 056-1117:

Anti-Vargr sentiment has now spread to this subsector capital. Only a small minority of the world's 620,000 inhabitants are Vargr -- most of them Imperial citizens -- but that hasn't stopped the hate group Superioriti from setting up an office in the u nderground city of Leedor. "We are not a hate group." Jesse Mathanaskan stated. "We are simply alarmed by the way the Imperium has begun to forget its historical role as a defender of Humaniti against aliens. We can't forget that the Vargr helped to bring down the First Imperium as surely as the Terran Confederation's wars. We don't want to see a repeat of that here."

Nevertheless, some commentators, like Professor Austin Laskaris of St. Regina University, dismissed Superioriti as being insignificant. "Paying attention to these half wits is just what they want. They crave attention more than anything. My recommendat ion is to give them little heed and watch their support shrivel and die."

Vantage/Solomani Rim                  042-1117

Received 042-1117

Speaker Willem Sandoval, representing Sequoyah to the Bootean League, today accused the government of Polyphemus of violating four sections of the League charter. "If the League fails to enforce its own rules in this matter, then Sequoyah will have no choice but to act in support of its own interests," he concluded.

Medurma/Sapphyre                  039-1117

The following was just received from Medurma/Sapphyre (Dagudashaag 2124) dated 240-1116:

The body of Hiroshi Enera, former commander of the Ilelish Regiment of the Imperial Guard, was found in a highport hotel room earlier today, dead of a single pistol shot to the head.

Colonel Enera and several other officers of the Ilelish Guard resigned under mysterious circumstances last year. Enera had spent a few weeks in Capital after his resignation and then booked a passage to his home on Dlan. Local authorities were unable t o comment on the death, except to say that they are investigating it as a possible homicide, but that suicide cannot be eliminated as a cause.

Capital/Core                  035-1117
Colonel Murnas De'Angelo, commander of the Ilelish Regiment of the Imperial Guard, announced today that the remaining three vacancies in the officer corps of the Ilelish Regiment (created by the resignation of a number of officers last yea), have been filled by transfers from other units and promotions from within.

Colonel De'Angelo made no further comment, but in response to a question said that the names of the officers involved are a matter of public record and " . . . any interested citizen can find them in the usual data banks."

Capital/Core                  021-1117

Archduke Norris of Deneb is rumored to be considering an investigation into recent allegations made by retired Colonel Ruys de Bessier that members of the Imperial military are still being held prisoner within the Zhodani Consulate. Ne ither the Archduke nor his seneschal could be reached for comment, but a spokesman for the Archduke agreed to comment on the rumors without attribution.

While Archduke Norris is reported to be concerned at the possibility that Imperials are still held by Zhodani, he feels that Colonel de Bessiier was premature in releasing his suspicions to the press, and does not believe there is enough evidence to wa rrant an official investigation

Fenris/Solomani Rim                  019-1117

The following was received today from Fenris/Solomani Rim, dated 284-1116.

The starship which arrived unexpectedly in-system today has been identified as the Crown Lines passenger liner Haven Princess, registered on Thetis in the Solomani Confederation. Imperial Navy spokesman Lieutenant Alexandra Inshar revealed that the shi p had misjumped far from its normal route due to unspecified drive damage.

Passengers and crew have been detained by Navy authorities, but will soon be returned to Confederation space. Lieutenant Inshar did not respond to questions seeking to confirm that the liner's damage was the result of hostile fire.

Kukulcan/Solomani Rim                  006-1117

Received 012-1117:

After several days of planet-wide rioting, a press conference was held today by General Anton Marques, military chief of staff to the President of Kukulcan.

He announced that President Orinda was in seclusion, recovering from injuries suffered when "insurgents" stormed the Presidential Palace late last night. General Marques further announced the suspension of civilian government proclaimed martial law in the areas most affected by rioting, and promised that order would be restored quickly. He vowed that the planet would get through these "difficult times," and that the armed forces stood ready to defend the people against "all enemies, foreign or domestic ."

Saxe/Solomani Rim                  003-1117

The following was received today from Saxe/Solomani Rim, dated 254-1116.

A hostile takeover of Saxe Transport appears to be an accomplished fact today, after the New Bavarian High Court refused to hear a legal challenge against the stock buyout engineered by Lysander Production, Incorporated. LPI spokesmen filed a press rel ease today, assuring all interested parties that despite the buyout, Saxe Transport would continue to operate autonomously for the immediate future.

Capital/Core                  001-1117

Selections from Emperor Strephon’s words at the investiture ceremonies on Holiday, 1117:

To Lady Isis:

”You and my daughter were born on the same day, and since that time you have grown up together, here on this Capital of the Third Imperium, the greatest interstellar state seen by history. As young girls you were able to play and laugh, carefree thanks to the strength of its armed forces and the devotion to duty of its leaders.

In a moment you will become one of those leaders, and cease to be the girl I knew. Looking at you, and back over the years, it seems as if my own daughter were becoming Archduchess, although I know an even more stern duty awaits her. And thinking of th is, Isis Arepo, I realize that with my immense pride is mingled sadness.

Pride that you will be strong, as your father, my friend, Dulinor was.

Pride that you will carry on his mission to lead his people, now your people, to a better future.

Sadness that you will never again be that laughing girl.

Isis Arepo, you will make decisions on which hang the lives and deaths of your people.

Isis Arepo, your name will induce fear in our enemies, respect in our allies, and admiration in your subjects. But it will not induce love, as fathers love their daughters.

Isis Arepo, you will die in the performance of your duty if the time comes, as your father died before you.

In my hands I hold the circlet of your office, of your father's office: the Archduchy of the Domain of Ilelish. Once it touches your brow you will never be the same.

Now, one last time, you are a daughter who can be loved by a father. Remember him, remember me, remember the sun-swept afternoons with Ciencia on the plains of Arbellatra.

And now . . . “

Here the Emperor placed the circlet upon Lady Isis’ brow.

”Now you are no one's daughter, and never will be again.

I present Her Grace Isis Arepo Ilethian, Archduchess of Ilelish, the second of her line. Look upon her with admiration, pride, devotion, respect, and, if necessary, fear.”

To Duke Norris:

”Norris Aella Aledon, Defender of the Imperium. "Defender of the Marches," I have heard them say, here at the the Capital, secure behind the walls of starships, ranks upon ranks of subsectors. "Defender of the Imperium," I say, and they will all learn it.

What other duke in living memory has defended the Imperium from invasion by hostile empires? What other frontier has been fought over so many times in that same memory?

Surely none of our nobles have ever done better by the tradition that we serve. Whatever else may be said of me, it is to my credit to have had your service, and you have my deepest gratitude, and the gratitude of 11,000 worlds, defended by the bulwark you have created and continue to man.

The Imperium owes a debt to Your Grace, and to the strong, resourceful citizens you so ably lead. And the Imperium intends to pay that debt today, not by giving more to you, but by asking more from you.

Rise to the leadership of a new Domain, young, vibrant, and strong.

Rise to a greater level of service for which you have proven so prepared.

Rise each day with the strength to carry the burden we place upon you with such faith, represented by this circlet of office I place on your brow . . .”

Here the Emperor placed the circlet upon Duke Norris’ brow.

”Rise, Your Grace, Norris Aella Aledon, Archduke of Deneb, the first of your line.

Rise with us to defend this crown of stars, this Imperium, in peace as well as in war. Keep the flame for us in the Marches, keep it burning brightly for all of our children, and our children's children.”

Capital/Core                  001-1117

Composer Dame Julye Lasczult-Sharama, whose Orchestral Suite #6 was performed at the archducal investiture today, has requested that the name of the composition be formally changed to Investuture Suite -- Holiday 1117 in honor of the occasion of its first public performance. Dame Julye reports that she was so moved by the ceremonies earlier today that she wants the composition to be forever associated with them.

Dame Julye has created numerous compositions at the request of the Imperial family, and is currently reported to be working on a symphony honoring Emperor Strephon's upcoming golden jubilee.

Aquitaine/Solomani Rim                  001-1117

The following was received today from Aquitaine in the Solomani Rim sector, dated 244-1116.

The Royal Ministry of Information today announced the betrothal of Queen Marie III to Ian Kellerman, one of the five Ephors of nearby Polyphemus. In a touching note, royal spokesman Jean d'Alembert stated that the Queen was "hopelessly in love" and was looking forward to the marriage. A date and venue for the ceremony have not yet been fixed. Spokesman d'Alembert declined to comment on the political implications of the match.

Capital/Core                  001-1117

In a ceremony held under the Moot Spire today, the Emperor Strephon confirmed two new archdukes of the Third Imperium: Lady Isis Arepo Ilethian was confirmed as Archduchess of Ilelish, and Duke Norris of Regina was confirmed as Archduk e of Deneb. The ceremony proceeded according to established traditions, with the candidates receiving their circlets of office from the hand of the emperor.

The ceremony was attended by the Emperor, the Empress, Princess Ciencia Iphegenia (a lifelong friend of the archduchess), and other members of the Imperial family, as well as other nobles and the quorum of the Moot.

Capital/Core                  365-1116

Speaking on condition that he not be quoted, a retired officer of the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service confirms that there may be a kernel of truth behind Colonel Ruys de Bessier's allegations that Imperial POWs are still within the Zhodani Consulate but that they are there of their own volition.

"I won't even begin to summarize the reasons, but in almost every war a certain number of people perform what might be considered questionable acts and are hesitant about returning home . . . some of them take advantage of the chaos of war to assume new i dentities, others simply take a liking to their new home and decide not to leave." The officer stopped short of saying any Imperials were guilty of treason, but offered the following: "Imperial intelligence knows that a number of serving members of the Im perial military during the Fifth Frontier War were Zho sympathizers. I think that is pretty much what we have here."

The officer concluded: "It doesn't make sense anyway . . . why would the Zhos keep POWs this long after the war? You can spin all sorts of crackpot conspiracy/espionage scenarios, but most of these are fodder for cheap action/adventure holos."

Capital/Core                  365-1116

Former Imperial Army Intelligence officer Colonel Ruys de Bessier alleged today that the Zhodani Consulate continues to hold POW's captured during the Fourth and Fifth Frontier Wars. Colonel de Bessier recently resigned from the Imperi al Army citing "matters of conscience."

During a hastily-organized press conference today, Colonel de Bessier presented what he described as "overwhelming evidence that many of our comrades continue to languish in Zhodani prisons. This is a travesty of civilized behavior, and I, for one , refuse to keep silent any longer."

Colonel de Bessier maintains that from 2,000 to as many as 10,000 Imperial personnel are held at a number of locations within the Zhodani Consulate, and that seven of these locations have been "positively identified." Colonel de Bessier refused to disclose by what means these identifications were made.

Imperial Military sources declined to comment on these allegations.

A spokesperson for the Zhodani Consulate described the allegations as "laughable and lamentable" and "yet another impediment to lasting peace" but refused further comment.

Capital/Core                  365-1116

General Mueni Arap Rutan, commanding officer of the Imperial Guard, announced the appointment of Colonel Murnas De’Angelo as commander of the Ilelish Regiment of the Imperial Guard. The appointment of Colonel De’Angelo, former executiv e officer of the Antares Regiment of the Imperial Guard, finally fills the vacancy created with the retirement of Colonel Hiroshi Enera earlier this year. The regiment spent the intervening time under the personal command of General Rutan.

There remain three other vacancies in the Ilelish Regiment, also created by unexpected retirements earlier in the year, but neither General Rutan nor Colonel De’Angelo would comment on how soon those positions would be filled.

Capital/Core                  365-1116

In a short press release issued today, Prince Lucan, nephew of Emperor Strephon, announced that he has changed his mind about embarking on a tour of the Imperium.

"My application to the Imperial Naval Academy has been accepted," said the prince, "and I will serve a term as an officer upon my graduation." Lucan explained that he had been too hasty in announcing his intention to embark on a grand tour, and decided , after considerable thought, that he did not want to imitate his brother Varian too closely. "I have always been taught that each of us must chart his own course." Lucan said, "and I finally concluded that I had been too hasty in my earlier decision."

Emperor Strephon had no comment on his nephew's decision, except to state that he would support Lucan's decision.

Antares/Antares                  365-1116

In a joint press conference at the archducal station of Cerise, Archduke Brzk and Adkhar Shirushi, head of the sector's Church of the Stellar Divinity, announced that the Star of Jyestha will be sent on tour throughout the Imperium. Th e Star is a religious artifact believed to have belonged to Jyestha Yerubid, the founder of the Church during the days of the First Imperium. As there are many autonomous churches of this faith throughout the Imperium, this gesture on the part of the Anta rean church is of considerable importance.

An itinerary and timetable for the Star's journey has yet to be completed, but both Archduke Brzk and Shirushi agreed that it would be present on Capital in time for the festivities surrounding the emperor's Golden Jubilee.

Jesedipere/Spinward Marches                  365-1116

A cell of the anti-Vargr group Superioriti has sprung up on this backwater world of the Spinward Marches. For the past ten years, Jesedipere has been home to an increasing number of Vargr refugees fleeing the depredations of the Kforuz eng corsair band. Because of the world's lack of a central government, clashes between its original human inhabitants and the Vargr newcomers are common. The rise of Superioriti will only exacerbate the situation.

The commander of the local Scout base, Nanda Theiss, has attempted to act as a mediator between the groups, but to little avail. She stated that "the situation is worsening and I fully expect larger-scale violence to erupt if something is not done."

Capital/Core                  364-1116

Despite the Imperial Navy's conclusions to the contrary, a small number of people believe that Archduke Dulinor is still alive. Almost from the start, according to sources in the Ministry of Justice, reports of the Archduke's survival were received, although the vast majority of them could be dismissed by investigators after minimal investigation

An anonymous source reveals that almost a thousand separate reports of "Dulinor sightings" were filed with the Imperial Navy, and that more than two dozen investigators were assigned to follow them up. Every report was found to be without factual basis , but this has not prevented the growth of persistent rumors that Dulinor either survived the explosion of Sargon's gig or was never aboard the vessel to begin with.

"A lot of people see someone they think resembles the late Archduke," our source said, "and let their imaginations run away with them." Evidently, many of the "sightings" occurred almost simultaneously in locations separated by several parsecs. Even th e most outrageous reports were completely investigated, our source assured us, and all of them proved to be ". . . a waste of time and resources."

Capital/Core                  365-1116

The Imperial Navy has finally returned the personal possessions it impounded from Commo Tech First Class Gani Riishao earlier this year. Riisha was on duty on Sargon's bridge on 131-1116, when the gig containing Archduke Dulinor explod ed, killing all aboard.

Gani received no explanation from the Navy, other than a short letter apologizing for any inconvenience he may have suffered, and inventorying his possessions.

"Nothing seems to be missing," Gani said, "But they still haven't told me why the kept everything for so long. I'm more than a little curious."

Capital/Core                  357-1116

Informed sources within the Imperial Ministry of Justice today confirmed that the formal search for the assassin or assassins of Archduke Dulinor will be conducted by a special team formed from members of the Imperial Navy, the Scout S ervice, and the Ministry of Justice, among others.

No details as to membership were made available, but the sources indicated that the team will have nearly unprecedented investigative powers and will consist of top investigators from several agencies other than those named above.

The team will report directly to the Emperor, and has already begun operations based on the Imperial Navy's investigation into the explosion of 131-1116, which killed the Archduke and the crew of his personal gig.

Nusku/Sol                  351-1116

At the request of the Marquis of Nusku, the planetary Duma today ordered military protection for an archaeological dig on New Kodiak Island. Civilians with no connection with the scientific team have been barred from approaching or la nding on the island.

Duma spokesman Ian Direma stated that the Marquis had gathered information suggesting that the dig site was the focus of a conspiracy to loot archaeological relics. When pressed for details, Direma referred the journalists conducting the interview to Marquis Yushchenko's office. The Marquis could not be reached for comment.

New Kodiak Island is known to have been the location of a minor command center for Terran forces during the Interstellar Wars period. The Reinhardt Foundation has been excavating the site for three years, thus far without any results of interest to the general public.

Romarr/Spinward Marches                   331-1116

The ruling council of Romarr today authorized Spinward Spice & Spirits, LIC, to export 250 tons of dust-spice without paying the normal duties and tariffs.

This measure, which will allow SSS to undersell its competitors, is likely to save the troubled company from bankruptcy.

A company representative, Captain Mark Spencer, denied charges of corruption or nepotism, stating the a business case for deferred payment of duty had been presented to the Council and accepted by them.

When asked whether he thought the shipments were at risk from ihatei marauders, Captain Spencer replied that SSS would be hiring additional security staff.

Roget/Spinward Marches                  231-1116

Mercenary and former member of an elite Darrian unit Htarlehtoir was today invested as ko (clan chief) of the Feiftiusaea Clan, one of four which jointly control Roget.

This is an unusual clan in that it has both Aslan and human prides; Htarlehtoir is the first human to act as ko for any of the four clans.

Rhylanor/Spinward Marches                   324-1116

Subsector law enforcement agencies and the general public were today warned by the Imperial Navy to be on the lookout for Miguel Casimir, also known as Casimir Clarke or Miguel Clarke, who is wanted for a variety of crimes including im personating an Imperial officer, theft of Imperial property, piracy and murder.

Commander Miles Cullan of the Imperial Navy said, "Casimir -- or whatever name he is now using -- recently escaped from a maximum security prison at a classified location, killing two guards in the process. We believe that he will attempt to dupe loyal ci tizens into hiding him by claiming to be the victim of a government cover-up. Do not be deceived, this man is a vicious animal. "

Commander Cullan explained that because of the charges of piracy, the Navy has been asked to lead the investigation. He went on to say that the fugitive has escaped before, and on that occasion claimed to be a member of an Imperial Research Station, and t hat Imperial and megacorporate interests were pursuing him to suppress a radical new power generation technology he had developed after examination of Ancient artifacts. "Casimir may use this story again," said Cullan, "and let's be completely clear: There is absolutely no truth in it."

Sacnoth/Spinward Marches                  244-1116

The University of Sacnoth today launched an appeal for funds to purchase rare Aslan artifacts. Professor Elke Ragnarsdottir, leading the appeal, said: "Unfortunately, neither the University nor the government are willing to provide fun ding, so we must appeal directly to the public."

She continued, "These pieces are important because they may prove that Aslan ranged as far coreward as Mithril, centuries before they were thought to have reached the Marches. This is a golden opportunity to learn more about them, but they need to be stud ied scientifically, and the best chance of that is for the University to acquire them."

The artifacts were found on Mithril in 1106, and have since been in the hands of a private collector, who is now selling them to raise money for other projects.

Other bidders are likely to include the Darrian government and Aslan traders. The Darrian Embassy declined to comment on why their government might want to buy the pieces.

If she fails to acquire the pieces, Professor Ragnarsdottir plans to use whatever money is raised to mount an expedition to Mithril in the hopes of discovering more items at the original site.

Jewell/Spinward Marches (1106-A777999-C)                  158-1116
After months of investigation, the Office of the Judge Advocate General for the Imperial Navy has dismissed charges of war profiteering brought against Gishan Ryan Khaasira. A spokesperson for the JAG Office stated that "we have found no evidence to support the accusations made by certain individuals concerning the activities of former Lt. Khaasira during the Fifth Frontier War. As such, our investigation has ended and we consider the matter closed."

Gishan Khaasira is a former Naval intelligence officer who transferred to Supply after the ship on which he served, the Agidda, suffered heavy damage from a Zhodani attack. Khaasira then spent the remainder of the war working as an aide to the Quartermast er-General, Admiral Rafael Sukhamaran. It is because of the mysterious disappearance of several shipments of supplies during his tenure there that unnamed sources pointed the finger at him.

While the JAG Office has now officially cleared Lt. Khaasira of all wrongdoing, he has elected to resign his commission from the Navy. Khaasira cited the deaths of his sister during the war and of his father recently as the reasons for his resignation. He intends to return home and use his skills to rebuild his family's m erchant business after years of hard times.

Aristotle/Solomani Rim (1740-A269985-E)                  360-1116

The Confederation Navy today announced the conclusion of their quadrennial SWIFT RETRIBUTION XXIV readiness exercise. "Civilian traffic in the Gemini Subsector may safely return to normal operations," said Commissioner Ignacy Aszykkrol , public affairs spokesman for Doan Naval Base. "We are aware of the inconvenience these maneuvers cause," he continued, "but the price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Commissioner Aszykkrol refused to comment on the nature of the exercise or the elemen ts involved, saying only that the event had been "entirely satisfactory, good training and a complete success."

Later, Lloyd's of London and the Traveller's Aid Society issued a joint bulletin rescinding the subsector-wide Amber travel advisory posted for Gemini Subsector on 060-1116.

Lanth/Spinward Marches (1719-A879533-B)                  365-1116

An Imperial board of inquiry has declared the 10,000-dton passenger liner S.S. Sundance lost with all hands. The Sundance, one of Al Morai's Sunfarer class of luxury express liners, has been missing since she fail ed to make her scheduled planetfall at Lanth on 118-1114, en route from Regina to Mora. She was carrying 3,084 passengers (2,054 in cold sleep), 577 crew, and 419 dtons of cargo when she left Ghandi/Spinward Marches (1815-B211455-A) on 110-1114. The loss is officially listed as "cause unknown; presumed misadventure."

This ruling paves the way for the settlement of claims brought by Sundance's shippers and passengers' next of kin. Al Morai officials steadfastly deny allegations of improper maintenance or use of unrefined fuel as possible explanations for the ship's disappearence, citing their excellent operational record and impeccable safety rating from the Imperial Grand Survey.

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                  356-1116

The Imperial Navy has issued a report on its investigation of Archduke Dulinor's death, ending several months of speculation. The report concludes that Dulinor was killed on 131-1116 when the gig on which he was a passenger vanished in a massive explos ion. The report further states that, in the opinion of the investigators, the explosion was intentional, and represents an act of assassination by a party or parties unknown.

Investigators could not find any remains, but DNA extracted from tissues recovered from the wreckage was conclusively identified as being Dulinor's. The report also concludes that one or more of Dulinor's assassins also perished in the explosion, but i s unable to reach any conclusion on whether this was a deliberate act of suicide.

Unofficial sources close to the investigation state that there was considerable controversy among investigators as to whether the DNA finally confirmed as Dulinor's came from his body or from medical stockpiles carried as part of his luggage (many nobl es travel with medical supplies cloned and cultured from their own tissues, but it is not known for certain whether Dulinor followed this practice).

The complete text of the report was delivered to the Emperor yesterday, and will be released to the press after a copy has been delivered to Lady Isis, the archduke's daughter and heir.

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                  354-1116

The ships carrying Lady Isis Arepo Illethian and Duke Norris of Regina arrived in system today. TNS has learned that the fleets, which merged at some unspecified point along their respective paths, actually arrived in Core sector some time ago, and hav e spent the intervening period in security isolation at an unspecified location.

A press conference is scheduled for next week, shortly before the ceremonies that will confirm Lady Isis as Archduchess of Ilelish and Duke Norris as Archduke of Deneb.

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                  292-1116

TNS sources learned today that Imperial Navy intelligence operatives may have foiled a plot to assassinate Lady Isis Arepo Illethian. Confidential sources suggest that a series of arrests on Capital and elsewhere in the sector were a result of a long-t erm undercover operation combating terrorist activity in Core sector. According to the sources, the purpose of the assassination was to galvanize anti-Imperial feelings in the Domain of Ilelish and spark a revolt there by blaming the assassination on Empe ror Strephon.

A spokesman for the Imperial Navy refused to comment on TNS reports about a plot, and would neither confirm nor deny the existence of any undercover operations in Core sector or elsewhere. The spokesman did state that both Lady Isis and Archduke Norri s were traveling to Capital under a Naval escort, and that their precise schedules and itineraries were classified.

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                  289-1116

The gas-giant planet Plistii, in the Lunion subsector of the Spinward Marches, underwent a violent shudder beginning on 341-1115, causing some small concern for the inhabitants of Quiru, one of Plistii's satellites (Quiru/Lunion 2321). A panic among th e world's 3,200 citizens was averted by quick-thinking MainLines Shipping officials, who were able to gain a few hours advance notice of the disturbance and stage an evacuation drill while the event took place.

"We got everybody in one place, withi n sight of the emergency evacuation vessels, and then told them what was going on," said a company spokesman. "We gave everybody the day off with pay, and started playing dance music and serving food. It turned into a holiday, and had things turned sour w e could have had everybody on the evac ships and out of there in a couple of hours."

Details are still sparse, but the event appears to have been either a massive storm front in the gas giant, or else some kind of "gasquake" deep in the giant's liq uid-hydrogen core. Company officials are monitoring the gas giant for further events, but so far nothing other than a few minor aftershocks has been detected.

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                  289-1116

The Imperial Navy has released several transcripts relating to the death of Archduke Dulinor in an explosion on 131-1116. The transcripts describe communications between the gig and inner-system traffic control, but also include selections from the gig 's flight-data recorder.

The gig's last response to traffic control was at 13:22:34-131-1116, when the gig's pilot acknowledged and carried out an instruction to alter course. A short time later (13:39:48-131-1116), traffic control issued a course correction instruction, but t he gig did not acknowledge. The gig's navigational transponder ceased broadcasting at 13:41:06-131-1116, which is within seconds of the time the gig's flight-data recorder lost contact with all instruments, and approximately the time several other ships i n the area reported a bright flash from the gig's coordinates.

All in all, the data released confirms the Navy's contention that several near simultaneous explosions destroyed the gig, killing all aboard instantly. When asked about the gig's cockpit voice recorder, Navy spokesmen responded that the instrument was severely damaged in the blast, and that it was still undergoing reconstructive analysis.

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                  282-1116

Commo Tech First Class Gani Riisha is having trouble getting his possessions back from the Imperial Navy. Gani Riisha was one of the crewmembers of Archduke Dulinor's flagship Sargon, and his possessions are, for some reason, relevant to the invest igation into the explosion that killed the Archduke and several others on 131-1116.

"They questioned me quite intensively," Riisha said, "because I was on duty on the bridge when the gig blew up. I expected them to want my signal logs and everything official, but why do they need my uniforms and my personal kit? They released me from cus tody after a few days, and they've been very generous in supplying me with replacement clothing and such, but there are a number of items of a personal nature I'd like to get back. They can't even tell me when I can expect to see them."

Gani is not alone. While most of Sargon's crew members (and their possessions) have been released from custody, the Imperial Navy still retains the flagship itself, some of the crew's personal gear, and three members of the crew itself under tight security.

The Imperial Navy Public Relations Office refuses to comment, other than to say that the personnel and items are necessary to the ongoing investigation, and that the crewmembers are not suspects at this time.

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                  270-1116

Prince Lucan Alkhalikoi, nephew of the Emperor Strephon, announced today that he will imitate his brother Varian and take an extended tour of the Imperium.

"My brother and I often discussed taking a grand tour of the Imperium together," said the prince, "but we could never agree on the specifics, and when he departed earlier this year on his own, I felt compelled to remain at Capital for personal reasons. I have recently decided however, that I, too, must become more familiar with the Imperium, although I intend to do it in a different way than my brother."

Prince Lucan went on to say that he has not yet completed plans for his trip, and that his itinerary remains open. He did confirm that he will delay his departure until after the archducal investiture ceremony on 000-1117, so that he may attend on beha lf of his branch of the Imperial family.

The Emperor had no official comment on his nephew's decision, but sources at the palace indicate he approves.

Dlan/Ilelish (1021-A8D1ADE-G)                  265-1116

What started as a minor protest rally at the government center on Dlan escalated into a major civil confrontation between police and local citizens. A large crowd protesting what they called the Imperial Navy's cover-up of events surrounding Archduke D ulinor's death assembled without a permit and became hostile when ordered to disperse.

More than 600 rioters ransacked offices of the Imperial Navy, the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service and the Office of Calendar Compliance, all located in the downtown Imperial office building. Local police and constabulary forces dispersed the crowds within a few minutes, using non-lethal crowd-control devices. Sixteen people, none of them police, were treated and released at local medical centers.

The destruction apparently was haphazard. The Naval office, which suffered the heaviest damage, was primarily a public-relations and recruiting center. At the time of the riots, only civilian employees were present.

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                  262-1116

After months of intensive investigation, the Imperial board of inquiry into the explosion of Archduke Dulinor's personal gig on 131-1116 is unable to physically confirm that Dulinor died in the explosion, or that he was even aboard the gig when it was destroyed. Officially, he is still listed as "missing, presumed dead." They have been able to confirm that the explosion was no accident. So far, this has been their only conclusion.

"We have testimony from Sargon's crew that the archduke and his staff boarded the gig," said an unnamed source close to the investigation, "but we haven't been able to find a trace of remains - well, not his remains, anyway." According to testim ony of several of the crew, Dulinor's flagship, the cruiser Sargon, launched the gig with the normal crew of two plus a port guide from customs, Archduke Dulinor and fourteen members of his personal staff, and three bodyguards plus assorted baggage for the party. The explosion was so powerful that not a single complete body has been recovered, although DNA and other evidence has accounted for sixteen of the nineteen passengers.

"The pattern of the wreckage indicated three separate, simultaneous explosions, calculated to pulverize the entire passenger compartment," the unnamed source continued. "The explosions all originated in the compartments where baggage would ordinarily b e stored." Dulinor's own standing orders, however, provide for constant supervision of the loading process by his bodyguards, and further require that the security staff who guard and oversee loading of the gig must accompany it when it departs. If these requirements were followed, it would seem that at least one of the perpetrators was killed along with the intended victim.

The unnamed source emphasized that investigators are still not convinced that Dulinor was the target of the explosion, although "At this point . . . that's the way to bet."

Dlan/Ilelish (1021-A8D1ADE-G)                  245-1116

Puzzled citizens of Dlan who wondered why every entertainment channel was airing re-runs during prime-time last night now have an answer. An unknown agency reserved two hours of air time last night and cancelled a week or so ago, without telling anyone what the reservation was for.

The Dlan Minister of Communication's office had no formal comment, but a high official in that office stated "Somebody's out several mega-credits. They reserved the time almost a year ago, and paid by a bank draft from a numbered account, then last wee k we got a message that cancelled the reservation and told us to run whatever we wanted. It was too late to try to sell the time elsewhere, of course, so we let individual regional managers decide."

Speculation is rampant in the local entertainment industry, and guesses range from a new holofilm technique that didn't pan out to a massive (and very costly) practical joke. One rumor was a news flash of great importance, but no one can agree on what that might have been.

Dlan/Ilelish (1021-A8D1ADE-G)                  244-1116

Sector Admiral Hutara Astrin Ilethian, brother of the late Archduke Dulinor of Ilelish, has announced that he is resigning his commission, effective immediately. In a short press release read by the admiral's newly-appointed aide, Lieutenant Tadashi Conacht hault-Musillo, the admiral stated that he is resigning in order to devote his full attention to the management of the family lands and business interests now that his niece has been appointed Archduchess in her father's place.

The admiral stated that his niece would now be busy with government duties, and would no longer be able to devote the time necessary to keep the various Ilethian family interests running properly.

Asked why the admiral had not made the announcement himself, the lieutenant stated that the admiral has been ill the last few days, and while he was well on his way to recovery, his doctors felt the added strain of a public appearance might delay his recovery.

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)	               152-1116

The monthly changing of the guard at the Imperial Palace took place today, but palace watchers say the ceremony is a little late. Imperial guard uniforms all look pretty much alike, especially to those unfamiliar with them, but a local military enthusiast whose hobby is Imperial uniforms says the differences are like night and day, and to her trained eyes, the Antares guard has been on duty for almost three weeks.

"It is fairly easy to pick out the Aslan, " says Minaro hault-Yunami, author of Uniforms and Equipment of the Imperial Guard, 1080-1110, " and the Marines are in maroon, so they stick out too. But the difference between Antares and Illelish is in c ertain details of the collar tabs and shoulder boards, which are pretty hard to pick out on the video screen." How does Minaro, who has access only to the same videos of the court as the rest of us ordinary citizens, know the difference?

"Every day when the Emperor enters the Long Hall on his way to the Iridium throne, he is preceded by an honor party of the guard. On the first day of the week, the honor party always wears battle dress instead of the normal full dress uniform. The Illelis h Guard's battle dress has a black stripe outlining their right plastron - the Antares Guard is blank. It's a subtle difference, but it's there for anyone with halfway decent eyes."

What does it all mean? "It's a speculation, but I think the Ilelish Guard were pulled from duty so they could mourn their Archduke. It's highly unusual, but it's not completely unknown. The last time something like this happened was in the reign of Arbell atra in 632."

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)	               212-1116

In-system space ship traffic was snarled today when the arrival of an unexpected Naval courier vessel was vectored to Capital ahead of all other incoming vessels, causing considerable dislocation in orbital traffic control.

A spokesman for System Port Authority refused comment other than to state that the vessel had the highest military priority, and its commander insisted on being cleared for approach immediately. TNS reporters managed to locate the shift supervisor at Capi tal Far Orbit Control, who was somewhat more talkative on receiving assurances of anonymity.

"The transponder indicated that it was an Imperial Navy vessel," the supervisor said, but when the neutrino signature analysis came through, I recognized it as an Imperiallines TI-class. Now, a Tango Ida with a Navy squawker, is a little unusual. I've wor ked this duty eight years, and I've only seen that twice...we have a lot of TI-class ships in and out of system, but normally they have civilian transponders. This one demanded clearance straight through to the Naval Base, and we had to give it to them on account of the transponder priority code, even though it meant I had to spend the next three hours unsnarling everything." When asked what he thought it all meant, the supervisor winked at this reporter, and said: "Somebody had something they wanted to g et dirtside real fast, and they couldn't wait for the Xboat. Maybe Prince Lucan ordered some extra Tokay escenzia for one of his little parties."

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)	               215-1116

Archduke Dulinor Astrin Ilethian will be honored at a memorial service to be held in the Hall of Nobles beneath the Moot Spire on 230-1116. Because Dulinor's body has still not been found, mourners may view a holographic representaion of the Archduke, whi ch will lie in state in the Hall for 10 days prior to the ceremony.

Emperor Strephon will deliver the main eulogy. The memorial service itself will incorporate aspects of the Dlani Virasan religion, but will not be a Virasan funeral service, as that will be held on Dlan, Dulinor's homeworld. Although not a follower of the Virasan faith, Dulinor was said to be deeply interested in its tenets, which state (among other things) that true believers must die a non-violent death on Dlan to attain true enlightenment.

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)	               230-1116

A memorial service for Archduke Dulinor Astrin Ilethian was held in the Hall of Nobles beneath the Moot Spire today. Emperor Strephon, his wife Iolanthe, his daughter Grand Princess Ciencia Iphegenia, and the emperor's nephew Prince Lucan were present. Th e Emperor delivered the eulogy, of which the following are selected excerpts:

Dulinor was my friend. And Dulinor was a madman.

Harsh words? No. Rather, a tribute.

Great spirits are not normal, they are abnormal. In their ceaseless questing for a world which has not yet been but which they seek to bring about they show their alienation from the world around them. These aliens are those whom we call leaders, visionar ies, prophets, poets, artists - madmen. Dulinor was one of them, and he stood at their head.

What does it take to see the universe as it is and say it is not enough? To say that it can be another way that it has never been before? These are not the thoughts of a contented man, one who is well-adjusted to the world as he finds it. Well-adjusted is a compliment we throw around easily, but it is not a compliment that applies to a leader. Because leaders are never well-adjusted; they are always discontent, they always seek a universe that does not exist, and they strive to make that universe a realit y. This striving is the opposite of being well-adjusted, it is madness.

In all the years I knew him, Dulinor never ceased striving, and I loved him for it.

Talent, we are reminded by the ancient philosopher, is the capacity for opposites. If so, then Dulinor was perhaps the most talented of us all. Cloaked in contradictions, like the black garb he wore, imposed upon him by a faith he did not embrace, he serv ed and defied, agreed and challenged. He was unpopular, and indispensable. He went to his death believing in the course of his life, and not caring if others understood. His life and death are perhaps a warning to those of talent who would follow after hi m, that the candle that burns brightest burns briefest. Let all talented madmen remember that the life of service comes at great cost, but let them never shrink from it.

Dulinor died in the blackness that he wore in life, and as in that life, never being fully of it, but also not rejecting it.

We will not see his like again.

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                         137-1116

Prince Varian Paulo Alkhalikoi, nephew of the Emperor Strephon, announced today that he has decided to leave Capital on an extended vacation from the Imperial court.

"Life at the Imperial Court is a wondrous experience," said the prince, "however, I feel that I am missing an even more wondrous and varied experience to be had by getting away from the pressures of the palace and seeing more of the various societies and cultures that make up the Imperium. I hope to spend some time getting to know a few of the 11,000 worlds a little better." Varian announced no itinerary, but said he plans to try to travel incognito to the greatest extent possible.

The Emperor has not commented officially on his nephew's announcement, but indicated privately that he feels that travel cannot but help to improve anyone's character. Varian's brother Lucan has chosen to remain at court, and refused to comment on his brother's announcement, other than to wish him a safe journey. [omega]

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                         140-1116

In separate proclamations issued today, the Emperor appointed Lady Isis Arepo Ilethian of Dlan as Archduchess of Ilelish, and Duke Norris Aella Alledon of Regina as Archduke of Deneb. Formal investiture will take place at the palace on 001-1117. Both candidates will be present, and the Emperor will personally invest them with the regalia of their office, an unusual occurrence in view of the vast distances involved. Special task forces of the Imperial Navy have been dispatched to Dlan and Regina to escort the candidates to Capital. [omega]

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                         145-1116

Admiral Jori Mallory hault-Viswanath of the Imperial Navy's public relations branch announced today that the Navy was pursuing a number of lines of investigation into the explosion that killed Archduke Dulinor Astrin Ilethian fourteen days ago. "In cooperation with other agencies, we are concentrating massive resources on the investigation of the incident. We have recovered fragments amounting to over three-quarters of the gig (the largest massing over 8500 kilos, the smallest less than 200 grams) and are subjecting them to the most rigorous possible forensic examination. The gig's maintenance records have been fully examined, and every member of the crew of Dulinor's flagship Sargon has been interrogated. We have tracked down every craft that was in the near vicinity for twelve hours before and after the explosion. We are still not certain whether we are investigating an act of terrorism, a multiple homicide, or a freak accident."

Asked about the possibility that the explosion was an assassination, Admiral hault-Viswanath remarked that while that possibility cannot be eliminated, there is no direct evidence of any assassination plot. "That is one of several lines of investigation being actively pursued." he said, "We have orders from the highest level to investigate every possibility, no matter how remote."

Asked if remains of any of the victims of the massive explosion had been recovered, Admiral hault-Viswanath stated that while fragmentary remains had been found, none had been positively identified as those of the Archduke. Asked if this was unusual, other sources responded that in explosions of this size and power, it is unusual to find any remains at all, let alone anything substantial. [omega]

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                           131-1116

Archduke Dulinor Astrin Ilethian was killed today when his personal gig was destroyed in a massive explosion of unknown origin. The gig was inbound to the palace from Dulinor's flagship, the cruiser Sargon, when it failed to change course in respon se to traffic control instructions, and then vanished in a massive fireball while in deep space.

Craft were immediately dispatched from Sargon to search for survivors, and were soon joined by vessels of the Imperial Navy. Search and rescue operations continue, but searchers acknowledge that the extremely violent nature of the explosion make th e possibility of any survivors increasingly small.

The archduke was en route to an audience with the Emperor, the subject of which was not available at press time. Emperor Strephon has ordered the Imperial Navy to take charge of a full investigation of the explosion in cooperation with other authorities, and has ordered Sargon and her crew into quarantine at the Imperial Naval base at Capital for the duration of the investigation. Naval vessels are in the process of tracking down any and all vessels that were in the area and have ordered tapes of a ll communications to and from the gig subjected to the most rigorous analysis.

The Emperor expressed his deep sadness at the news, and has sent a formal proclamation of his condolences to the people of the Domain of Ilelish and a private letter to Dulinor's wife and daughter. Funeral arrangements for the Archduke have not been annou nced.

Also killed in the blast were the Archduke's Naval aide Volante Imprey, the crew of the gig, and a number of other individuals. A full list of victims is not available at this time. [omega]

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                           132-1116

In a tersely-worded press release issued today, General Mueni Arap Rutan, commanding officer of the Imperial Guard, announced that Colonel Hiroshi Enera, commander of the Ilelish Regiment of the Imperial Guard, and three other officers of the same regimen t have submitted their resignations to the Emperor, effective immediately.

None of the officers could be reached for comment, and General Rutan refused to comment further except to say that the officers involved had all cited personal reasons for their resignations.

The Ilelish Regiment was serving its normal month-long period as honor guards in the Imperial palace when the resignations occurred, and continues to serve in that position. No replacements have been appointed to the vacancies thus created - the regiment is currently the personal command of General Rutan. A political motivation for the resignations is suspected, but no comments from anyone involved have been forthcoming. [omega]

Capital/Core (2118-A586A98-F)                           137-1116

Informed sources at the palace say that Emperor Strephon will appoint two new Archdukes in the coming year: Lady Isis Arepo Ilethian will be appointed archduchess of Ilelish, succeeding her father, the late Archduke Dulinor. Duke Norris Aella Alledon will be appointed the first Archduke of Deneb. [omega]

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