Hellboy RPG To Feature Original Hellboy Comic

Austin, TX -- Steve Jackson Games announced today that the upcoming Hellboy roleplaying game will include a new original Hellboy comic from Jai Nitz, SJ Games' Philip Reed, and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.

The story will introduce a new character to the Hellboy continuity. Orson Gaines is a former British SAS agent and the newest member of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense team, and his debut will be "a fast and furious story in the typical Hellboy fashion," Reed said.

Nitz will script the story (with assistance from Mignola himself), while Zach Howard and Peter Bergting will handle the pencils and inks, respectively.

Reed said, "After years as a fan it was a thrill to work on a Hellboy story. Everyone involved had so much fun working on it that we already have more in the works to be released as the year goes on."

The Hellboy roleplaying game, scheduled for an August release, will also feature an original short story by Christopher Golden. The RPG is an entry in SJ Games' "Powered by GURPS" line of roleplaying games that use the award-winning GURPS rules, but come with the basic GURPS system integrated into the text, making the book a complete game.

Hellboy is an award-winning series of comic-books and graphic novels published on a regular basis by Oregon-based Dark Horse Comics. Other products in the always-expanding Hellboy line include a metal lunchbox, a PVC figure set, and a soft vinyl statue, all available from Dark Horse. To learn more about Hellboy, visit www.DarkHorse.com.

For more information, contact Philip Reed (phil@sjgames.com) at (512) 447-7866.