Illuminati: Alternative Truths


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Designed by Steve Jackson * Illustrated by Lar deSouza

125 cards, a new Illuminati (Shangri-La), and rules for NWO cards and Artifacts.
Suggested Retail Price $39.95 * Stock number 1578 * UPC 080742097124
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Between Illuminati cards that didn't make it into the new edition, INWO cards that deserved translation, and new ideas, we had enough for a 125-card supplement. So here we are with another helping of disinformation . . . Alternative Truths.

Yes, this set includes the New World Order cards and the Artifacts! So Shangri-La, can use the Spear of Longinus during a period of "Fanatics Unite" to take over the suddenly cooperative Paparazzi with the Special Persecutor.

Now imagine what the daily news looks like . . .

This set includes 125 game cards (including three blanks for you to make up your own cards), rules for the two new card types, and a reference sheet for the new Illuminati, Shangri-La.

This is not a stand-alone game. It is a supplement for Illuminati Second Edition.

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