Angelic Choirs

These are the seven major choirs represented in In Nomine. The choirs are introduced in the In Nomine Core Rules, and further expanded in the Angelic Player's Guide.

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Seraphim: The Most Holy
In thought and deed, this most divine of Choirs stands closest to God. Consequently, they have the most difficulty dealing with mankind. Occupying the highest stations in Heaven also means they have the farthest to Fall. These celestial nobility demand respect, and strive to be worthy of it, but aren't infallible.

Cherubim: The Guardians

Only a step below the Seraphim in divinity, the Cherubim have always been much more active on Earth, protecting all God's creations. No Choir works harder (only the Malakim are their equals in relentless devotion to duty). If humans knew just how much the Cherubim have done for them, they would occupy the most privileged station in angelic lore.

Ofanim: The Wheels
The Ofanim, known also as Thrones, Galgillim or - most commonly - the Wheels, are God's fastest creatures. They embody the dynamic, primal energy of the universe. Try to restrain an Ofanite at your peril!

Elohim: The Powers

Often cold and seemingly aloof, the Elohim are unique among angels in their carefully cultivated detachment. They see the truth of the soul by freeing their reason - if not their entire mind - of anything that would color their perception, striving to transform themselves into divine mirrors.

Malakim: The Virtues
The Malakim are virtues embodied. They were not created with the other Choirs, but came into being during Lucifer's rebellion. The noblest and purest angels, led by Uriel, became a new kind of celestial, warrior angels so resolute that they could not Fall. Since then, they have been Heaven's first and last line of defense against the diabolical hordes.

Kyriotates: The Dominations

The Dominations are gifted with the ability to take part in the different corporeal aspects of the Symphony; seeing the world through an endless array of eyes. They are the most alien of all of the Choirs, capable of experiencing life in ways other angels can only imagine, but they are also closest to the human experience in many ways.

Mercurians: Friends of Man
The Mercurians are the angels charged with relations with mankind, and thus the least divine of all the angelic Choirs. From divine diplomats to heavenly socialites, Mercurians are the developers of politics and the arbiters of taste, bringing the discipline of abstract structures to the corporeal realm.

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