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Burning Feather

In Nomine jewelry is no longer in stock. It can be purchased from out-of-print game dealers.

Created by artist Georgia Panaritis, these pieces are cast in sterling silver and bronze. Cross pins and pendants are approximately 1" tall by ¾" wide; these are available in both the angelic and infernal cross designs.

Silver Angelic Cross Pendant (#JAVSJG014) -
Bronze Angelic Cross Pendant (#JAVSJG015) -
Silver Angelic Cross Pin (#JAVSJG016) -
Bronze Angelic Cross Pin (#JAVSJG017) -
Silver Angelic Earrings (#JAVSJG018) -
Bronze Angelic Earrings (#JAVSJG019) -
Silver Infernal Cross Pendant (#JAVSJG020) -
Bronze Infernal Cross Pendant (#JAVSJG021) -
Silver Infernal Cross Pin (#JAVSJG022) -
Bronze Infernal Cross Pin (#JAVSJG023) -
Silver Infernal Earrings (#JAVSJG024) -
Bronze Infernal Earrings (#JAVSJG025) -

All Angelic Choir logo pins and pendants are $24.99 each (sterling silver or bronze).

JAVSJG060 Seraphim Silver Pin
JAVSJG061 Seraphim Bronze Pin
JAVSJG058 Seraphim Silver Pendant
JAVSJG059 Seraphim Bronze Pendant
JAVSJG062 Seraphim Silver Earrings
JAVSJG063 Seraphim Bronze Earrings

JAVSJG030 Cherubim Silver Pin
JAVSJG031 Cherubim Bronze Pin
JAVSJG028 Cherubim Silver Pendant
JAVSJG029 Cherubim Bronze Pendant
JAVSJG032 Cherubim Silver Earrings
JAVSJG033 Cherubim Bronze Earrings

JAVSJG054 Ofanim Silver Pin
JAVSJG055 Ofanim Bronze Pin
JAVSJG052 Ofanim Silver Pendant
JAVSJG053 Ofanim Bronze Pendant
JAVSJG056 Ofanim Silver Earrings
JAVSJG057 Ofanim Bronze Earrings

JAVSJG036 Elohim Silver Pin
JAVSJG037 Elohim Bronze Pin
JAVSJG034 Elohim Silver Pendant
JAVSJG035 Elohim Bronze Pendant
JAVSJG038 Elohim Silver Earrings
JAVSJG039 Elohim Bronze Earrings

JAVSJG048 Malakim Silver Pin
JAVSJG049 Malakim Bronze Pin
JAVSJG046 Malakim Silver Pendant
JAVSJG047 Malakim Bronze Pendant
JAVSJG050 Malakim Silver Earrings
JAVSJG051 Malakim Bronze Earrings

JAVSJG042 Kyriotate Silver Pin
JAVSJG043 Kyriotate Bronze Pin
JAVSJG040 Kyriotate Silver Pendant
JAVSJG041 Kyriotate Bronze Pendant
JAVSJG044 Kyriotate Silver Earrings
JAVSJG045 Kyriotate Bronze Earrings

JAVSJG066 Mercurian Silver Pin
JAVSJG067 Mercurian Bronze Pin
JAVSJG064 Mercurian Silver Pendant
JAVSJG065 Mercurian Bronze Pendant
JAVSJG068 Mercurian Silver Earrings
JAVSJG069 Mercurian Bronze Earrings

All Demonic Band sterling silver logo pins and pendants are $24.99 each.

JAVSJG071 Balseraph Silver Pin
JAVSJG070 Balseraph Silver Pendant

JAVSJG091 Lilim Silver Pin
JAVSJG090 Lilim Silver Pendant

JAVSJG079 Djinn Silver Pin
JAVSJG078 Djinn Silver Pendant

JAVSJG087 Impudite Silver Pin
JAVSJG086 Impudite Silver Pendant

JAVSJG075 Calabim Silver Pin
JAVSJG074 Calabim Silver Pendant

JAVSJG095 Shedim Silver Pin
JAVSJG094 Shedim Silver Pendant

JAVSJG083 Habbalah Silver Pin
JAVSJG083 Habbalah Silver Pendant

JAVSJG026 Angelic Cross Key Chain, w/chain
JAVSJG027 Infernal Cross Key Chain, w/chain

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