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Monday, November 6, 2000

Several weeks ago on the In Nomine Mailing List, a series of stories were posted, regarding the Archangel Michael and the challenge he proposed: any challenger, anywhere in Heaven.

The various trials that Michael faced during the course of these challenges have been collected and recorded, both on the mailing list and here in the In Nomine Collection. They are ordered here chronologically as the Trials happened - which may or may not be the order in which they were written.

We hope you enjoy them!

-- EDG

August 12, 2000

Updating without news! Blasphemy!

Actually, I've been making subtle changes to the site over the last month, including a major update two weeks ago (and another one on this upcoming Monday, 8/14), and I think things are finally getting in order.

FYI, I'm going to be linking new files from their appropriate pages (in other words, a piece of Dark Victory fiction would be linked from the Dark Victory page) when they're replaced by another update. As a side note, everything from previous updates should be linked. Let me know if there's a problem with them.

-- EDG

June 28, 2000

A week later, and I've got enough new material to do a full update!

I couldn't have done it without Casca. (Well, maybe I could have, but it would have meant more work for me.) What a neat, helpful guy! Thanks, Casca!

Within the next few days will appear the Holy Submission Guidelines. These, the Holy Stylesheet, and the Holy Writing For In Nomine Guidelines, are the Absolute Reference for getting your work published in the In Nomine Collection.

As always, if you have comments, questions, or complaints, feel free to direct them at me.

(Update: The "last updated" thing at the bottom is on crack.)

-- EDG

June 20, 2000

I've come back up from reorganizing. Now I just have to upload everything...

Speaking of uploading, I've got five new pieces for you today - you can find them down below. Special thanks go to Casca, who edited these for me (and wrote one of them), and who has proven to be an inestimable help in reminding me that I have things to do. :)



Three more bits and pieces, all of them movie trailers, are about to be added. Two are by Tafka J., one by Maya Cogman. :)

-- EDG

May 31, 2000

Gosh. I don't know what to say.

Life hit me over the head pretty hard there for a while, and I owe some people some apologies for getting their submissions up so late. I really am sorry about that. I wish things could have been different, but between babies and moving and work and such...

But that's all behind us, I hope. Below we've got ten new submissions which I think you all might like. In addition, I'm going to be doing a site restructuring all this week - mind the dust, please. You might experience some broken links as you wander through; please rest assured that I'll be fixing all of them. By the time I next post news here, they'll all be gone - or they should.

Wish me luck - I'm goin' in!

(Ladies and gentlemen, I also must give credit where credit is due - without the help of "Graveyard" Greg, I wouldn't even be this far. The measure of his assistance is inestimable. Thank you, Greg!)

-- EDG

January 16, 2000

Well, it's been two and a half months again, and I'm finally getting to this! Sorry about the delays; I had a severe case of Life and I've been playing Editor for Superiors 3, so my time has been limited.

We do have some new stuff coming your way, though, so be on the lookout!

-- EDG

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