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December 8, 1998

There is a contest being run for entries in the new sourcebook, the Liber Servitorum, or the Book of Servitors. It's mostly Angels and Demons, with some rules for roles and servants thrown in. The contest rules are online here, for easy perusal. It ends on January 10, 1999.


November 25, 1998

I've finally posted some new articles online. Work backed off, and best of all, I finally became healthy once again, so updates should happen with greater frequency.

I lost a bunch of articles during the webserver crash, as they were sitting in my mail and it wasn't on tape-backup. So I apologize to anyone whose article I had in my hot little hands.


October 26th, 1998

Okay, so why haven't I put up any updates on the INC pages lately? I have plenty of articles. But, I've been in this massive cycle of "Lack of Immune" system which comes with pneumonia. *sigh* The bronchitis just went to hell.

I'm hoping to be out of it by mid-November, and back up to being able to work more then the absolute minimum. Keep yer fingers crossed.


September 28, 1998

I finally got around to updating the INC today. I have plenty of articles, but last week I was hit by work and the flu, so this had to wait.

In the mean time, Final Trumpet has been spotted at Underworld on South University in Ann Arbor, MI. so I assume that it's now out at hobby stores everywhere. The SongBook is likely right on it's heels. Also, the Book of Tethers is currently in playtest on Pyramid, so if you haven't looked at it yet, playtest is winding down and this is your chance.


September 9 1998

I've done my good dead for the day - I've finally broken the Tips page into Tips, Theories, Resources, and Humor. The four links are listed in the menu under Sections now.

In IN news, the Songbook has gone to the printers. And there's a rumor going around that Final Trumpet was on sale at a convention recently (DragonCon?) I'm notorious about both cons and sourcebooks (as in, my money goes to other things, like plane tickets) so I wouldn't know, but those are the rumors.


August 25 1998:

I am in the process of piloting/testing a search engine for the In Nomine Collection. Through the use of filters while indexing, it's exclusively for the INC for the time being. There is a link to it down on the left hand toolbar of the New Index, so it should be available soon.

The New Index is going to become the defacto index as of tomorrow morning. So if there are any comments or complaints, it would be best to send them on to me now. Thanks.


August 10, 1998

Well, gee, that was fun. After a bout of severe bronchitis, I'm almost up and about - sort of. Basically I'm run down and cranky as all get out.

As for the INC, I'm starting to pick at it listlessly. I'm stuck in the mother of critical sections at work, waiting for a coworker to finish up some code so I can move on, so I have an excuse to work on web pages.

Three more pages up, 26 more sitting in the queue. I could probably put up more then three a day, granted, but this is easier. I have an enormous list of improvements to experiment with, but I don't know when any of them will go live.


July 31, 1998

Okay, sue me. I'm way behind on getting the entire site up to date, but work came down like the Biggest Hammer, and we all know how that is. I added a few new articles... but my count has 29 more to go. They're all HTMLized, I just need to find time to put them all up. I have scripted about 90% of the site maintenance now.


July 17, 1998

Here I am with a terrible summer headcold. Man, it's unfun. Anyway, between Casca and Beth, I have acquired 60+ new articles for the INC, which will be posted in waves next week. Some might be repeats, so I need to do a little version control on some of the pages. In the mean time, I've had these thoughts about improvements:

I'll start picking at some of this stuff next week.

- Em

July 13, 1998

Thanks to all who gave me feedback. I'll probably use a bevy of the suggestions that were posted here. For those who asked about a white page instead, check out The Mockup Page where I've swapped all the colors. And, because so many people screamed in pain at the concept of fonts/style sheets, I've junked that idea.

But... and this is the bad news here.... I walked into work and not only do I have a project due, there was more project taped to my monitor. (Largely, and wisely, because I've learned to leave work before 4 on Fridays to discourage cheeky ideas that I'm going to hang around and work on stuff until late at night that night.) Therefore and thus, yes I have new articles and links to go up, and yes, you're going to be waiting. Let's see how far I can get today on work before I try to do any more web stuff.

- Em

July 7, 1998

Today (as if it wasn't blindingly obvious) I'm bringing the new page Live. The Old Page is still accessable from the link up at the top, and I have no intention of wiping it out any time soon. There's some automation that is getting added to pages - mostly Last Modified updates and the like today. I may be changing the font of the page to Ariel, I'm not sure yet. Thanks to all who gave me feedback!

- Em

June 29, 1998

Thanks to those who sent me comments. I've debugged the page, changed the coloring to white on black instead of red on black, tightened up the table, and changed the javascript to a cgi-bin PERL script. (There is a problem with it, and it's going to need to live somewhere other then my own web server, sooner or later.) So, check out the updated version here, send me comments at zenith@pyramid.sjgames.com. I should start working on some of my other master plan soon. Oh, and I have no new articles sitting in my inbox, so no new articles yet.

- Em

June 24, 1998

So you're asking yourself, "So, what's the deal with the INC?" Or you're asking me. Who can tell these things? Well, the thing is, I've been working on a new front page for the collection, and I'm looking for some serious feedback. If you hate it, or have suggestions on changing it, I really need to know. So drop me an email at zenith@pyramid.sjgames.com and tell me what you think. And maybe I can be conned into adding new stuff, as well.

- Em

June 11, 1998

I'm adding five new articles to the INC, and a new section, Game Quotes!, because I know there are good ones out there. I'm debating if I'm going to work on a mock-up for a new front page for the INC for Beth to look at today or work. I'm leaning toward the former, since I don't feel great. Oh, and tomorrow is my 25th Birthday (happy birthday to me cha cha cha) so I'm getting old. Nothing new will go up after that until next week.


June 6, 1998

Okay, well it's been a tad longer then a week, but these things happen. After the vacation, my Grandfather died. Then I was under a deluge at work. But now, things seem to have started to sort themselves out. There are a ton of pages to go up now.


May 8, 1998

This will be my last update for a week. Vacation Ho!

- Em

April 22, 1998

Another Em's Life Update!

Basically it comes down to this. I'm losing my mind. I have more to do then I can shake a stick at. Pretty soon they're gonna commit me to someplace with rubber walls and JELLO.

But in the meantime, I HTMLed a few more articles, and some of them had 1998 dates on them. Huzzah! The best of the INC starts to rear it's head!

April 15, 1998

Beth has sent me a small selection of some of the articles to be added which are backlogged. So now I'm playing super catchup with the INC.

- Em

February 20, 1998

Check out Steve Feldon's list of all the characters from the books -- even the little guys who only appear in one place! He's still working on it (there are always N+1 bugs), so if you find any errata, send it to him (his address is at the bottom of his page).

February 16, 1998

To reassure my Servitors some more, I do some fiction and adventures...

January 28, 1998

My Servitors seem to think I may have Fallen, just because Xmas (with travel), cons, and getting sick kept me from putting stuff up for a while. Shame on them. Check out the Rogues' Gallary and Movie trailer links!

January 26, 1998

<cough, hack> Well, I've gotten over: Christmas in Austin, Texas (I live in NH) with relatives; Arisia (SF con in Boston, MA); and the week-long cold/sore throat from Hell, mostly. Oh, yeah, and, like, real work on FotM. And there's some fiction updates, and some Dark Victory updates, and probably some other stuff floating around.

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