Steve Jackson Games In Nomine

ERRATA - In Nomine Revelations V: The Final Trumpet - July 23, 2010

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Inside front cover. In Night Music, Furfur is the Demon of Hardcore.

P. 2. Delete "and Beth McCoy" from the credits for Malphas, Demon Prince of Factions.

P. 8. In the third paragraph, "the Angel of Teenage Death teeters on the edge of falling", not the Angel of Teenage Suicide.

P. 56. Under Relations, Laurence is not Allied with Khalid. Beneath the Hostile entry, add this text: "If Khalid does not Fall, but regains his own Faith, move Laurence to the "Allied" list; however, Khalid will still mistrust Dominic for his previous persecution of Gabriel."

P. 93. In the first full paragraph, Jormungandr does 1dx10 damage, not 1d10.

P. 97. Delete "in full celestial form" from the first sentence of the last paragraph.

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