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Character Sheets and Character Creation Programs

  • In Nomine Character Creator (Tim Converse) – This shareware program for Windows 95/98/2K makes In Nomine character creation a snap.
  • In Nomine Character Sheet (Elizabeth McCoy) – This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can be used to design celestials for In Nomine.
  • Michael Smith put together another Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for character creation that adds more options and details, found here.
  • A GIF image of the In Nomine Character Sheet
  • Some very nice 300dpi Adobe Acrobat format character sheets – for Angels and Demons, created by Mark McKenzie. Requires Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or better.
  • Still more character sheets, these by Tafka J. These are by far the most comprehensive sheets on this website. Requires Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or better.

General Information

Articles About In Nomine

Talking to other In Nomine fans

  • Looking for people to play with? Looking for good retailers? Use the Gamer Finder!
  • In Nomine is being discussed in
  • The official In Nomine discussion list has been created – look here for information!
  • The In Nomine mailing list digest archives are online – look here for older digests, and here for any digests after March 1, 2003.
  • There is an IRC channel on EFnet for In Nomine named #innomine, which also has a home page.
  • The In Nomine Online Roleplaying Community program has begun; view a list of registered In Nomine MU*s (and other ORCs) here!
  • In-Nomine fans in Italy have established their own Yahoo! Groups mailing list! Check it out!

Play Aids

  • A promising resource for background is the Catholic Online Saints & Angels page. The Angel background is somewhat poor, but the Saint listing is excellent.
  • The In Nomine Character Encyclopedia, written and maintained by Steve Feldon. A complete listing of all the NPCs in all of the IN sourcebooks, their references, and page numbers.
  • Event Posters – Downloadable flyers that you can use to get players for demonstrations, open games, or convention tournaments. Requires Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or better.
  • A list of suggested names for celestials. They are listed by both Choir and Archangel for the angels and by Band for demons. Sorry, no listing by Prince.
  • An online copy of Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible, with an extensive list of Bible-related names and what they mean.
  • The In Nomine Collection – In Nomine materials and links to assist the prospective gamemaster and player in enriching their gaming experience. These pages are now hosted on the SJ Games website.

Unofficial In Nomine Websites

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Questions and Feedback

Elizabeth McCoy is the In Nomine Line Editor and current netrep. If you have questions about the game, please follow these links:

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