The In Nomine ORC List
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Welcome to the ORC list! This page serves to catalog all of the sites which have agreed to the ORC license and sent in their license forms. If you're interested in becoming a registered In Nomine ORC site, turn your browser to - or, you can contact Orc at for more information.

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Active Games

+ In Nomine: R&D is set in modern-day Advincula, CA, a small city north of Livermore whose biggest claims to fame are a university and a research park. The events of this story center mostly around that research park: specifically, on a new Tether to Technology that's formed there.

The "settings" for this MUX are high Contrast and medium-low Brightness. Angels, demons, humans (Soldiers and otherwise), and a range of lesser celestials are all appable.

The MUX is located at: port 2007.
While the wiki is at

+ The Gates opened ten years ago. To this day, no one knows who made them, or why - but their purpose is abundantly clear. They link together every single plane in the multiverse, allowing for trade, communication, and even warfare between alternate realities.

This premise is the core theme of GateMUSH, a MUSH-based roleplaying environment that accomodates characters from almost any source. It's heavily focused on roleplay, with its primary RP drive coming from conflicts (and other interactions) between characters and settings. This game is currently accepting players. To reach the game, connect to at port 5301.

Please note that, as a multiverse game drawing from many different settings, the In Nomine aspects of this game diverge greatly from canon.

Inactive Games

+ In Nomine: Symphony & Silence is a MUSH set in current day Austin, Texas, where there is a thin balance of power between the forces of angels and demons. There is a wide variety of character types to choose from, including angels, demons, remnants, saints, soldiers, undead, and mundanes (humans). Story arcs and smaller plots will be on-going and there is the potential for other cities to become available for play.

The website can be found at and the game itself at Online character generation is open.

+ Exaltation: Santa Cruz: A MUSH set in Santa Cruz, California. It is named after the Spanish Mission around which the city was built: the Mission of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The city is presented realistically, but with some fictional features. Available character types include Angel, Demon, Mortal, Ethereal, Sorcerer, and Undead.

Exaltation: Santa Cruz is currently accepting players by application only for light RP, and is looking for staff members willing to help with building and code. If you're interested, contact the administrator.

+ World Weavers In Nomine: For those who love the In Nomine setting, but can't find a local group of players, or who want to expand their horizons, the online interactive fiction writing club, World Weavers, has now opened the In Nomine world setting up for play. Interactive fiction combines elements of traditional roleplaying games, fan fiction and the challenge of writing as part of a group. Members create and develop one or more characters, and cooperatively write the stories which advance the lives and careers of these characters.

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