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ERRATA - In Nomine Liber Canticorum - July 23, 2010

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Back cover. Remove James Cambias and Kenneth Hite from the author list and add Sam Chupp, Jo Hart, John Karakash, Steve Kenson, and Patrick O'Duffy.

P. 14. Under Using Songs, insert "Unless stated otherwise, a Song cannot reach across realms to affect things on a different plane than the performer." between the first and second sentences of the section.

P. 16. Replace the last sentence of the first paragraph under Affiliations with: "If a celestial serves a Superior whose Word grants a bonus to a Song, he may add +1 to the check digit of a successful performance. (Humans do not get this bonus, even if they are Saints or undead.)"

P. 26. Musical Instrument (Precision) Defualt: -2 becomes "Artistry [musical instrument] (Perception) Default: -2". Replace the first two sentences with the following: "This Artistry specialization is the skill of playing a musical instrument. Each instrument is a separate specialization; if someone wants to be proficient in more than one instrument, he must purchase each specialization individually."

P. 41. In the first sentence of Motion, replace "created" with "discovered".

P. 82. In the boxed text, Ezra is a Cherub of Destiny, not Fate.

P. 90. In the first sentence of the Celestial entry, the reference should be to the Celestial Song of Symbiosis, not Essence.

P. 91. In the second paragraph under Life, the Essence cost is equal to twice the total Forces of the being to be created or slain (minimum 6).

P. 92. Under the Celestial version of the Song of Life, strike "whether it is in a vessel (in which case the vessel will drop dead) or" from the second paragraph.

Under Essence Requirement (the eighth paragraph), change the cost to "twice the total Forces of the being to be created or slain (minimum 6)."

P. 94. In the second sentence under Spirit Speech, replace "mortals" with "humans."

P. 96. In the Celestial Song of Creation, third sentence, change "that let him create the first undead." to "let him create his first undead."

P. 110. The page reference in the first paragraph should be to p. 89.

P. 111. From the Abbreviations listing, "Dist" stands for "disturbance", not distance.

P. 116. The Song of Faith is not listed. Take the Song of Submission entry, from p. 125 and insert as "Faith" (replacing "Submission" with "Faith").

P. 118. Under Life, change the ER for all three versions to "2xForces (min. 6)".

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