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ERRATA - In Nomine Superiors: Lilith - July 23, 2010

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P. 26. Add this box:

The Frees' Freebies

What does a Free Lilim start with? Not much. Nine week-Geases, the option to take her Mother's Rites and Dissonance Condition package (p. 3), and a general "background knowledge" of Hell. She has no Heart, no attunements, and probably no clothes. From the moment she chooses Freedom, her own skill and luck are what shape her fate - or destiny.

P. 31. Melody should have Precision 8 to go with her Int 4.

P. 41. The reference to the "angels of Final Judgment" should be to the "Angels of Final Justice" - note the capitalization! They are Word-bound to the same Word, and thus are the Angels (not angels) of that Word.

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