INWO Assassins: Twist the Knife . . .


INWO Assassins: Twist the Knife . . . – 1995 Origins Nominee

Origins Nominee for Best Card Game of 1995

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INWO Assassins: Twist the Knife . . .

Further your evil schemes. Amaze your friends . . . and grind them into the dust. Cackle with glee. Assassins adds 125 new cards guaranteed to liven up any conspiracy, including:

  • A sinister NEW Illuminati: The Society of Assassins – They thrive on secrecy and fanaticism and you control them.
  • Strange New Groups: Killer Satellites! Newt Gingrich! and Teddy Kennedy! Dittoheads! Shock Jocks! Australia! The Big Prawn! (what does it do?)
  • New Plots: New assassinations! New disasters! New New World Orders! And three brand-new types of plots:
    • Attribute Freeze – Freezes every card of a given attribute, preventing them from acting for the rest of the turn.
    • Paralyze – Take a single card out of commission until countered.
    • Zap – Affects another Illuminati group directly!
  • 10 Ultra-Rare Cards: In one out of every ten Booster Packs, the Rare card has been replaced by one of ten Ultras . . . which we chose, not for their power, but for great art and general weirdness. Trade with your friends, or hoard them for yourself and gibber madly!
<i>INWO Assassins</i> (pack)

Pack of 8 cards.
Suggested Retail Price $1.40
Stock number 1615
ISBN 1-55634-313-1
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<i>INWO Assassins</i> (box)

Box of 60 packs.
Suggested Retail Price $84.00
Stock number 1614
ISBN 1-55634-312-4
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Rarity and Distribution

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Read the Assassins Designer's Notes from Pyramid #18.


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