Tools of the Secret Masters

Illuminati: New World Order is the trading card game of world domination. Each player takes the part of an international conspiracay, the UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Bavarian Illuminati. The cards represent groups and places that the Illuminati can control, fast food chains, New York, France, the CIA, and the Boy Sprouts. But this is a war of secrecy. Few groups are even aware that they have been controlled. And only the Illuminati really know who controls what. Where else can the UFOs and Texas control the KGB?

  • INWO Starter Decks allow you to join the conspiracy
  • INWO Booster Packs add to your potential targets
  • Illuminati: Crime Lords is a standalone game using mechanics from both Illuminati and INWO.
  • Blank INWO Cards
  • INWO Book
  • INWO Assassins
  • INWO Deluxe
  • INWO Subgenius
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