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Steve Jackson Games maintains a collection of mailing lists for players of INWO, detailed below. Lists can come in two flavours: normal (a new message arrives in your mail box for every message posted to the list) and digest (messages arrive collected into one big message, every day or so depending on traffic). Digest mode has the advantage of not swamping you with mail, but the disadvantage of making it difficult to reply to messages. Investigate whether your email client has a filtering facility (Eudora, Outlook and Netscape Messenger all do, for instance); that way, you can separate mailing list messages into separate folders, and potentially delete them all in one fell swoop if they start piling up.


Main list inwo-list(Subscribe)
More information INWO List FAQ

This list is for all manner of discussion about INWO -- rules questions, wicked strategies, effective (or humorous) combinations, variant rules, release and distribution information, random rumors, and general chitchat about the ins and outs, give and take, yin and yang, and Abbott and Costello of the game.

Posting homebrew cards or requests for trades on the inwo-list is frowed upon; use the other lists for that.


Main list inwo-cards(Subscribe)
More information Card submission guidelines

This list is for talking about original ideas for INWO cards. You can see all the cards ever posted to the mailing list at INWO Homebrew (unofficial site), including the Card of the Week award-winners and the IN INWO INWO - In Nomine crossover.


Main list inwo-trades(Subscribe)

This list is for trading of INWO cards - Limited, Unlimited, German (including Uniques and Semi-uniques) and Assassins. Just mail with the cards you want and the cards you have, and You Will Be Contacted. Traffic is fairly low, so you may have to stay on for a few weeks.

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