Art Preview

Here's a small sample of the art from Illuminati: New World Order.

  • The Adepts of HermesThe Adepts of Hermes
  • The Bavarian IlluminatiThe Bavarian Illuminati
  • The Bermuda TriangleThe Bermuda Triangle
  • The UFOsThe UFOs
  • Servants of CthulhuServants of Cthulhu
  • Discordian SocietyDiscordian Society
  • Gnomes of ZurichGnomes of Zurich
  • The NetworkThe Network
  • Shangri-LaShangri-La
  • The Second BulletThe Second Bullet
  • Atomic MonsterAtomic Monster
  • Don't Forget To Smash The StateDon't Forget To Smash The State
  • Angel's FeatherAngel's Feather
  • Clipper ChipClipper Chip
  • Crystal SkullCrystal Skull
  • Oregon CrudOregon Crud
  • Hitler's Brain<Hitler's Brain
  • Deasil EngineDeasil Engine
  • Eco-GuerrillasEco-Guerrillas
  • Grassroots SupportGrassroots Support

INWO Promotional Flyer

Al Koenig created these desktop wallpaper images of the various Illuminati logos. There's an 800x600 version as well as a 1024x768 version.

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