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So . . . you'd like to run Steve Jackson Games demos in your friendly local game store . . . or maybe at a convention? You just might be the next member of our elite support team . . . the Men In Black.

To become an MIB for your area, please click here and fill out the appropriate fields and an email will be sent to your Regional Director. You will be contacted promptly about the possibility of joining the Men In Black to help at your friendly local conventions and stores.

What We Ask:

  • MUST be friendly and outgoing, or be able to fake it wonderfully.
  • Must get positive reactions from the general population.
  • Must love games. Especially ours.
  • Must like spending time playing games and evangelizing. Must like to TEACH.
  • Must be VERY good at playing/demonstrating at least one of our important games. The more the better.
  • Must be able to work with SJ Games and with other MIBs.
  • Must read and follow written directions and be able to write a coherent report.
  • Should be an adult, with RARE exceptions. Actual maturity encouraged but not required.
  • Should have web access. Failing that, MUST have a cell leader who will keep them posted.
  • Should have some familiarity with ALL our games.
  • Should have a sense of humor.
  • Does not have to be male.
  • Does not have to wear black, at least physically.

What We Offer:

  • The opportunity to do all of the above, including teach and play games, hang with MIBs.
  • An inside track on our companies: playtests, early access to games, freebies.

Steve Jackson Games
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