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Web Help Wanted

We're not currently looking for any online Assistant Editors right now, but when we are, we'll post it here.

The SJ Games web is BIG . . . often too big for your webmaster to keep an eye on the whole thing. So we're looking for a few volunteers to help with certain areas.

The title we're offering is Assistant Editor - which is pretty highflown for an unpaid position. But it looks good on the resume, and if you live up to everything the title implies, we'll be delighted. And we have to point out that a couple of our former online volunteers are now receiving regular paychecks from SJ Games . . .

The mission is, simply, to keep the game's pages active - write and post news (every 2 weeks, if not sooner), make suggestions for new features, help get new material HTML-ized and online, check links and delete stale links. The more active and interesting you can make the page, the better.

You must have solid, reliable net access and a good command of written English - you'll be posting directly to our pages, and we don't want to have to go in and edit you. Within these constraints, you can live anywhere in the world.

You must be familiar with the game, and be an active player/GM/referee. You must have the TIME to keep the page active, and promise to be honest with us (and yourself) and TELL us if you no longer have time, so we can let someone else take a turn. You must know enough HTML that we can safely give you clearance to edit files. You'll also need to follow our HTML standards.

Job benefits do NOT include pay. They do include:

  • Association with this attractive, technically advanced and prestigious website :-) and a keen title.
  • The chance to participate in, and interfere with, the development of the game you're supporting, by playtesting and otherwise.
  • Good odds that some of your news updates will be reprinted in Pyramid.
  • Membership in the Men In Black. (What's that? Don't ask. After you're in, we'll tell you.)
  • An invitation to hang out with us at the big cons. (But we may put you to work in the booth if you don't look out.)
  • The chance to evaluate new player/GM aid software (both commercial and freeware) for the game.

You will NOT be responsible for page graphics - we create those - but we are always open to suggestion, and we love to be impressed.

We'll list you on our netreps page to acknowledge your efforts in keeping the SJ Games website active and cool.

If you're interested, send email to Be sure to indicate which game you're interested in supporting, and include the URL to your own home page (and any other pages you have built).

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