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The Last War: The Amazon Combat Zone

The Last War was fought on the frozen tundra, over the fields of Europe, and across the burning African deserts. But no theater was dreaded more than South America, choked in its dying jungles and drowned in the ruins of the Amazon.

South America was the logical next target for Combine expansion. Only support from the Paneuropean Federation, both economic and military, kept the South American nations from collapsing immediately. So the Combine took the war to Europe. And after the fall of Britain, the Paneuropeans brought the war to North America, building armor and Ogres in Brazil and Argentina. The Combine was quick to respond.

The Caribbean coast and what was once Brazil became a hotly contested battleground, destroying the lush rain forest and turning the Amazon basin into an inland sea of mud. Brazil, Venezuela and the other northern countries vanished by 2085, ground beneath the weight of battle. A new republic, Nova Brasilia, was formed between Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. All else east of the Andes became the Argentinian Agricultural Union. Both new nations provided the Paneuropeans with hidden bases and staging areas. Their own military, largely Paneuropean-supplied, fought alongside their allies against the Combine, pushing as far as Mexico City at some points during the campaign.

The Combine found its own allies west of the Andes, a narrow corridor of independent states between the mountains and the sea. Here the effects of the war were far less apparent, the wall of mountains preventing all but the lightest units from crossing. The Combine invested in their economies and governments, buying their alliance, and turning them against their eastern neighbors.

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