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Ogre Games & Supplements

The world of Ogre is the story of the Last War . . . the world war between the Combine, Paneurope, China and Nihon . . . and the time after the death of the empires. The Ogres begin as mindless killing machines spawned in the labs of the Combine, and end as self-aware free agents and mercenaries, the metal warriors who keep the balance of power between the Factory States. In between lies a century of mayhem.

You can enter the world of the Ogres in several different ways:

Board Games


1/285 scale miniatures, with an award-winning rules set.

Digital and Print Supplements

Ogre Video Game

Available for both PC and Mac.


Play a GEV pilot, a militiaman, a survivor . . . or an Ogre!


Posters and, well, other stuff for the Ogre fan.

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