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New Units



Designed by Steve Jackson * Edited by Steve Jackson * Cover art by Brandon Moore

Two giant maps, map overlays, new scenarios, buildable Ogres, and more!
Suggested Retail Price $74.95 * Stock number 1317 * UPC 080742099319
Warehouse 23 Only!click here to order!

Think your Ogre game is big? It just got even bigger!

Battlefields contains two giant double-sided maps, each one 28.5" by 33". If you have the Ogre Designer's Edition, these link to the four green maps in that set. If you have Ogre Sixth Edition, they give you a giant new gameboard with multiple types of terrain. Battlefields also includes:

  • Scenarios for the new maps.
  • A complete Ogre rulebook.
  • More than 70 game counters, including Light Artillery Drones and Heavy Weapons Teams.
  • Four buildable Ogres, with erasable record cards, and three extra cards.
  • More than 40 two-sided map overlays – terrain, road, and rail – for an infinite number of variations on the board.

Looking for the first edition of Battelfields? You can still get it in digital format on Warehouse 23

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