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Ogre Scenario Book 2

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Ogre Scenario Book 2

Available as a digital file!

Edited by Steve Jackson * Illustrated by Brandon Moore

36 pages. PDF. * Price $8.00 * Stock number 37-5032
Always AvailableClick here to buy!

A stockpile of new, ready-to-play Ogre adventures. Ogre Scenario Book 2 has 14 complete, fan-created scenarios, all using components from Ogre Designer's Edition. In "Marc-O Polo," a missile strike has damaged the Ogre's sensors, leaving it partially blind. In "Storming the Castle," warlord-led factions compete to capture an embattled AI. And finally, "Wounded Company: Ogre Rescue" follows an impetuous Vulcan who is determined to rescue an immobilized Mark V. Plus 11 more adventures!

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