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Ogre Miniatures Without Ogre Miniatures

by Thad Blanchette

March 26, 1997

(Thad works for Devir Livraria, a publisher and distributor in Brazil.)

Thinking about the miniatures crisis which seems to have afflicted many Ogrephiles out there has prompted me to compile this list of sci-fi figure manufacturers. All of the companies below produce 1/285th-1/300th scale figures suitable for Ogre. Quality is measured by the number of asterisks next to the company's name (on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best). Some of the stuff listed here is nicer looking than the rest, but any quality judgments made are my own subjective opinions. Your tastes are probably way different, so don't sweat it if I pan your pet manufacturer, O.K.?

A word to the wise: please do not order stuff blind from this listing and then blame me if it's not what you wanted. All these companies will be more than happy to send you a catalog and/or some photos of their figures. Look before you leap!

Please be aware that this is not a complete listing – I don't have catalogs for everybody and there are literally hundreds (OK, dozens upon dozens) of small garage manufacturers out there. Not listed here (for starters) are companies like RAFM which produce some nice mecha figures but otherwise leave 1/300th scale sci-fi untouched. Also not listed here are pure terrain manufacturers. Finally, I'm only giving descriptions for those figures that I've personally seen up close. The stuff below is merely what I've run across up to now, in as complete a form as possible.

Company: Geo-Hex/Capricorn Space ****

Let's start off with Geo-Hex, my favorite sci-fi company. I like their stuff, though it's slightly smaller and more modern (meaning closer to the '90s) than the traditional Ogre line. (Geo-Hex's GEVs are small, turreted tanks, for example). Great for third world Ogre powers. The Triton IV chassis is used as the basis for many of the vehicles listed below, which supports the idea of vehicles built by a country with a limited military/industrial base (such as Brazil or India).

Address: 2126 North Lewis, Portland, OR, 97227
Phone/Fax/Net: 503-288-4805/503-288-8992/geohex@aol.com
Line Name: Future Wars 1/300th scale sci-fi miniatures

Ordering Info: Accepts check, money order, VISA and MC (credit card payment available to US residents only). U.S. Domestic shipments pay 7% shipping charges while us overseas folks pay 25% for land or 50% for airmail. Canadians pay 15%. Better yet, Chessex and many other distributors work with these guys, so your local games pusher will probably be able to front your order for you. Support local merchants, where possible!

All blisters are $6.50 unless otherwise noted. Number in parenthesis is number of figures in the pack.

ItemNameOgre Equivalent
FWT01Triton IV Tracked Tank (5)Light Tank
FWT02Triton IV GEV Tank (5)GEV (has jump jets instead of skirt)
FWT39Symtor GEV MBT (5)GEV (has GE skirt)
FWT11Jupiter IIA Tracked Med. Tank (4)Heavy Tank (this is very, very nice)
FWT16Andromeda/D1 w/Hy. Turret (3)Super Heavy Tank, 1 cannon only
FWM08Triton IV Tracked Msl. Launch. (5)Missile Tank
FWM09Triton IV GEV Missile Launcher (5)GEV-MSL
FWSV16HEMTT Heavy Flatbed Truck (5)Really nice Truck unit
FWA04Hellcat Tracked SP Gun (5)Mobile Howitzer
FWG01Infantry (50)MIL (I prefer Sintacs armored infantry for INF.. This stuff is slightly smaller.)
MT-25GEV Mobile Command Post (1)Mobile CP in resin. $4.50
MT-26GEV Bulk Cargo Transport (1)BIG GEV Truck in resin. $4.50
MT-46-50Industrial complex (1)Factories in resin; each one of five sections is different. MT49 makes a great reactor. $9.50 (Resin)
MT-01Small General Purpose Buildings (3)Typical resin sci fi urban houses. $4.50
MT-02Med. Gen. Purpose Buildings (2)Typical small resin warehouses. $4.50
MT-33Basic Building (1)Basic resin office/store complex. $8.50
MT-08Armored Command InstallationCP in resin.
QUD001Signs, Public Toilets, GreenhousesLots of fiddly bits for sprucing up urban areas. (White metal.)
Full Listing for Geo-Hex
FWT01Triton IV tracked tnkFWT44Wolfcat tracked tank
FWT02Triton IV GEV tankFWT45Wolftor GEV tank
FWT04Deimos hvy GEV tnkFWT46Wolfbat grav tank
FWT05Diemos/IO (lg turret)FWT57Sencat trackd sup tnk
FWT06Ganymede shvy GEVFWT58Sencat GEV sup. tank
FWT07Ultratron shvy trk tnkFWT59Sencat grav sup. tank
FWT09Antron hvy track tnkFWG01Infantry
FWT11Jupiter II md. track tnkFWI03Triton IV trackd IFV
FWT12Deimos w/FWT11 turretFWI04Triton IV GEV IFV
FWT14Deimos w/twin mnt turretFWAC01Tritonian II trk APC
FWT16Andromeda shvy track tnkFWAC02Tritonian GEV APC
FWT17Andromeda w/twn turretFWAC09PT-124 lt grav com.
FWT19Andromeda w/FWT11 turFWAC10PT-124 ACAV
FWT20Ganymede II w/hvy turretFWM08Triton IV trkd msl
FWT21Ganymede w/twn turretFWM09Triton IV GEV msl
FWT30Triton AAA trackedFWM10Triton IV lt grav msl
FWT31Triton AAA GEVFWSV05Trkd ammo carrier
FWT36PT-124 lt grav tankFWSV08Police GEV van
FWT37Simcat MBT trackedFWSV09Trkd engineer veh
FWT38Sycat AAA trackedFWSV10civilian vehicles
FWT39Symtor GEV MBTFWSV16Heavy truck
FWT40Sytor AAA GEVFWA04Hellcat tracked SPA
FWT41Simbat grav MBTFWA05Helltor GEV SPA
FWT42Simbat AAA gravFWA06Hellbat grav SPA

Geo-Hex has lots (and lots and lots) more sci-fi stuff (including boats, VTOLs, two entire lines of buildings...), but the above is what would most interest an Ogre player. Ask for Geo-Hex's full catalog if you need more info.

Company: Simtac/Scotia ***

Many people don't like these folks' sci-fi miniatures, as several of them are kit-bashed together from WWII and modern micro-armor parts. For example, their hover scout vehicle is based on a German WWII SPW 251 chassis... Nevertheless, some of the items in the Simtac line paint up quite nicely. In particular, I like their power armored infantry – when painted correctly these make great battlesuits! I've received several faulty castings from Simtac over the years. Assume that 5% of the figures you'll get will be poor castings. In Simtac's defence, they do offer a quality guarantee. I've never taken them up on it because of the cost of sending figures back and forth between Brazil and the States.

Address: 15G Colton Road, East Lyme, CT, 06333
Phone/Fax: 203-739-3609
Line Name: Scotia Models 1/300th scale sci-fi miniatures

Ordering Info: Accepts check, money order, VISA and MC. U.S. Domestic shipments pay 15% shipping charges while overseas pays 20% for land or 40% for airmail.

All blisters are $5.50 and the figures are either lead-free pewter or normal white metal unless otherwise noted. Number in parenthesis is number of figures in the pack.

ItemNameOgre Equivalent
SF2Air Cushion Tank (5)Primitive GEV
SF11Hvy Multi-turret tank (1)A primitive Ogre/Chinese Dragon $6.50
SF14Twin Laser Grav Tank (5)Light HWZR (it looks non-mobile)
SF15Lt. Grav APC (5)GEV-PC
SFI108Power Armored Infantry (+/- 40)INF, ENG, WPN (three models)
SFI05Lying trooper (+/-40)Militia
TT301Pre-fab Light Laser Turret (4)Laser Turret. $3.00
TT319PPC Tower Type 1 (1)Laser Tower. $5.00

I'm not as familiar with Simtac's line as Geo-Hex's stuff, so I've only listed here the items I can personally attest to. There are many other sci-fi figures produced by Simtac, however. One thing I haven't listed which is pretty neat is a heavy power armor design which would make a great 10mm figure for a miniatures version of Battlesuit. They also make a line of exotic modern vehicles (including Brazilian, Argentinean, South African and Chinese stuff) if you're looking for some odd archaic armor. Ask for Simtac's catalog for more info. (BTW, all recognizable armor names in the list below are vehicles built on that chassis. The 2000 line generally has a railgun turret while the 3000 line has a railgun and GEV skirts. 4000's have their bottom hull filed off to give them that high-tech grav vehicle look...)

Full Listing for Scotia
SF1Lg grav tank w/heavy hullSF61York 4000 grav AAA
SF2Std air cushion tankSF62SA4 2000 tread msl tank
SF3Air cushion scout vehicleSF63SA4 3000 GEV msl tank
SF4Primitive grav tankSF64SA4 4000 grav msl tank
SF5Lg grav APCSF65SA5 2000 tread pt defence
SF6Sm scout vehicleSF66SA5 3000 GEV pt defence
SF7Hvy scout vehicleSF67SA5 4000 grav pt defence
SF8Sm grav jeepSF68ZA1 2000 tread SPA
SF9Imperial grv tnk w/hy gunSF69ZA1 3000 GEV SPA
SF10Imperial grv tnk w/laserSF70ZA1 4000 grav SPA
SF11Hvy multi turrent tankSF71ZS14 2000 tread SPA
SF12Sm flying saucerSF72ZS14 3000 GEV SPA
SF13Lg flying saucerSF73ZS15 4000 grav SPA
SF14Twin laser grav tankSF74T10 2000 lt AT laser gun
SF15Lt grav APCSF75T10 3000 lt AT laset gun
SF16Medium field support laserSF76T10 4000 lt AT laser gun
SF17Twin lt field support laserSF77XT101 lt sonic canon
SF18Hvy plasma supprt cannonSF78XT201 md sonic cannon
SF19Thunderbolt 3000 fighterSF79XT301 hvy sonic cannon
SF20Abrams 2000 tread MBTSF80PXT2001 super hvy laser
SF21Abrams 3000 GEV MBTSF81PXT2002 supr hvy plasma
SF22Abrams 4000 grav MBTSF82PXT2003 super hvy disrpt.
SF23Chieftan 2000 tread MBTSF83Scorpion 2000 tread lt. tnk
SF24Chieftan 3000 GEV MBTSF84Scorpion 3000 GEV lt. tnk
SF25Chieftan 4000 grav MBTSF85Scorpion 4000 grav lt. tank
SF26Challenger 2000 trd MBTSF86Ford XT 2000 truck
SF27Challengr 3000 GEV MBTSF87Ford XT 3000 GEV truck
SF28Challengr 4000 grav MBTSF88Ford XT 4000 grav truck
SF29Merkava 2000 tread MBTSF89GMT 2000 md truck
SF30Merkava 3000 GEV MBTSF90GMT 3000 GEV truck
SF31Merkava 4000 grav MBTSF91GMT 4000 grav truck
SF32Leopard 2000 tread MBTSF92Scamm 2000 hvy truck
SF33Leopard 3000 GEV MBTSF93Scamm 3000 GEV hvy trk
SF34Leopard 4000 grav MBTSF94Scamm 4000 grav hvy trk
SF35Osario 2000 tread MBTSFI01Marine w/laser rifle
SF36Osario 3000 GEV MBTSFI02Marine w/pulse rifle
SF37Osario 4000 grav MBTSFI03Strike trooper w/pulse rifle
SF38Leclerc 2000 tread MBTSFI04Support laser grav sled
SF39Leclerc 3000 GEV MBTSFI05Lying trooper
SF40Leclerc 4000 grav MBTSFI06Officer w/bolt pistol
SF41BMP 2000 tread IFVSFI07Rocket team (prone)
SF42BMP 3000 GEV IFVSFI08Power Armor Infantry
SF43BMP 4000 grav IFVSFI09Bounty hunter
SF44Warrior 2000 tread IFVSFI10Crewman/pilot
SF45Warrior 3000 GEV IFVSFI11Battle Armor Squad
SF46Warrior 4000 grav IFVSFI12Ranger in envirosuit
SF47Bradley 2000 tread IFVSFI13Combat powered troops
SF48Bradley 3000 GEV IFVSFI14Combat powered cmand
SF49Bradley 4000 grav IFVSFI15Combat powered hvy wpns
SF50M-113 2000 tread APCAAF1Alien infantry/w hvy laser
SF51M-113 3000 GEV APCAAF2Alien infantry w/club
SF52M-113 4000 grav APCAAF3Alien command
SF53BTR50 2000 tread APCAAF4Insectoid infantry
SF54BTR50 3000 GEV APCAAF5Insectoid hvy wpns
SF55BTR50 4000 grav APCAAF6Insectoid Command
SF56GEP AMX 2000 trd AAAAAF7Biomech tank, medium
SF57GEPAMX3000 GEV AAAAAF8Biomech tank, heavy
SF58GEPAMX 4000 grav AAAAF1Alien hvy transport APC
SF59York 2000 tread AAAMS1Hyper Speed Tank XT-T1
SF60York 3000 GEV AAAMS2Heavy APC Power 7 Type

Company: Irregular Miniatures * to **

This company has three sci-fi figure lines; two in 1/300th scale and the other in 2mm! I've only seen the 2mm stuff up close, and I found it very unimpressive. Even a careful paint job will probably not liven these buggers up. However, they might be of some use as unit markers on a campaign game map. The photos for their NSF 5mm (1/300th) line look better, but it's hard to tell a figure's quality from a black and white shot in a catalog. In any case, Irregular's stuff looks much more high-tech than the Ogre universe norm – vehicles are clearly grav powered, etc. However, they do have some nice infantry, scenery and even some odd stuff you cant get anywhere else (such as Empire Strikes Back-style rebel cavalry). A further bummer (for Yanks) is the company's English location, which means a pretty hefty freight charge for American customers (welcome to the club!)

Address: 69a Acomb Road, Holgate, York
N. Yorks. YO2 4EP, United Kingdom
Phone: (01904) 79-0597
Line Name: 6mm science fiction miniatures, 2mm Sci-Fi

Ordering Info: Accepts international money order, VISA and Access or pounds sterling (add 10% for bank charges if paying in non-Brit currency). U.S. and Canada residents pay 45%-50% shipping charges (depending on order size) for airmail, 25%-33% for surface (which means it'll get there about the time the Combine/Paneuropean war really starts to heat up). Eurofolk pay 25-33% while Aussies and Africans pay 35-90% (!). Apparently, Irregular has forgotten that us folks in South America play miniatures games, too...

Full Listing for Irregular
6SF1Infantry Group6SFHA8Humanoid jeep
6SF2Missile Team6SFHA9Humanoid command vehcl
6SF3GM74ATL MBT6SFHA10Humanoid gun mortar veh
6SF4GM274 Cutlass AA Tank6SFHA11Humanoid APC
6SF5GM311 Alexander IFV6SFHA12Humanoid AA msl vehcl
6SF6GM591 AT missile vehicle6SFHA13Humanoid SPA
6SF7GM561 Attila lt tank6SFHA14Humanoid assault vehcl
6SF8GM191 GUV jeep6SFHA15Humanoid early MBT
6SF9GM191 jeep + AT msl6SFHA16Humanoid msl team
6SF10GM571 Gun mortar vehcleNSF1Stabber MBT
6SF11GM581 Armrd cmmd veh.NSF2Strumber MBT
6SF12GM541 APCNSF3Slider MBT
6SF13GM321 AA msl vehicleNSF4Lifter APC
6SF14GM531 SPANSF5Jet bike
6SF15GM76 assault gunNSF6Track pulse cannon
6SF16GM86 IFVNSF7Robot attack class
6SF17M62 early MBTNSF8Robot mechanic
6SF18Infantry msl teamNSF9Attack Infantry
6SF19Infantry recon teamNSF10Support Infantry
6SFG1AGS430 Human gunshipNSF11Alien Infantry
6SFG2OG 420 Human scoutshipNSF12Alien Support Inf
6SFG3UG 400 Human asltshipNSF13Rebel cavalry
6SFHA1Humanoid inf groupNSF14Large dust worm
6SFHA2Humanoid msl teamNSF15Baby dust worm
6SFHA3Humanoid T1 MBTNSF16Alien MBT
6SFHA4Humanoid AA tankNSF17Alien light MBT
6SFHA5Humanoid IFVNSF18Alien SPA
6SFHA6Humanoid armored carNSF19Alien APC
6SFHA7Humanoid AT msl vehicleNSF20Alien skimmer

Figures generally run around 15-60 pence apiece (what that is in Yank money, I have no idea). [As of June 1998, the exchange rate was approximately $1.625 US per pound sterling. So 60p would equate to about 40 cents, give or take. – Fish] Attack infantry come based 4 to a 15p stand. I'll not go into details here (as I've not seen the stuff outside of the catalog), except to say that figure NSF7, the Robot Attack Class, looks suspiciously like a Dr. Who Dalek... Irregular also produces any kind of historical 6mm figure you could possibly want, and many you probably couldn't care less about. Ask for their catalog and have your mind blown. Cavemen hordes vs. a Mk V, anyone?

Company: Ral Partha ****

Most of you know about Ral's Battletech stuff already. I'm not a big fan of it, but I do use some of their figures. I'm not going to go into much detail about Ral Partha here as they supply practically every games store in the world. Ask your local store owner for a glance at the catalog. Ral's Kurita 6mm Infantry is particularly nice as it has two different types of figures: 5 armored battlesuit models and 5 unarmored militia models.

Line Name: Battletech Figures
Phone contact: 513-631-7335

Company: Games Workshop

Now, now... they do make 6mm scale sci-fi figures. For the three or so of you who dont know about this company, GW is the biggest miniatures manufacturer in the world. They produce a 6mm sci-fi game called Epic 40,000, which has sort of a dark, gothic ambiance. GW's figures are very overpriced and not at all to my tastes, though I suppose that someone could conceivably use them for Ogre. I've even kit-bashed one of their Eldar Tempest heavy grav tanks into a MkII-sized GEOgre; anything is possible. Like Ral, GW is in every game store in the universe, so I'll only give contact info here.

U.S. Address: 3431-C Benson Avenue, Baltimore, MD, 21227-1072

No other contact info at this time. Pick up a copy of GW's house organ White Dwarf at your game store for further news.

Line Name: Epic 40,000

Company: Nightshift Games *** for plastics **** for metals

Nightshift took over the old Renegade Legion sci-fi armor game from FASA. As part of the deal, they aquired some of FASA's miniatures stock as well. Of particular note are their plastic Renegade Legion tank boxed sets. These are two different kits with around 50 miniatures of 5 or so different tank and APC models each. Again, these figures are quite high-tech compared to Ogre, looking more like grav tanks than GEVs. [Possibly because they are... – Fish] However, theyre nice looking and relatively cheap, if you can find them. Check out Nightshift's stand at conventions; they should still have some in stock.

Line Name: Renegade Legion Miniatures, 1/285 scale (they look closer to 1/300 to me)

I only have a contact number for these folks from the 1996 Games Quarterly Catalog. God only knows if its still current... 510-797-0717. Last years sales contact was Paul Lidberg. Ask for items 5975 – Plastic Death: TOG Cohort Pack and 5976 – Plastic Death: Legion Cohort pack. Each is 20 bucks, though item #5985, the Miniatures Bonus Pack, will give you both for a measly US$29.95. C-in-C used to produce metal figures for Renegade Legion – ask the folks at Nightshift if they've still got any.

Company: Stone Mountain Miniatures ****

Yet another high-tech looking 1/300th sci-fi minis line. Stone Mountain has support walkers (two-legged vehicles smaller than mechs), infantry and nice laser installations as well. Their tanks look sleek enough to drop from orbit, however, and are obviously about a century ahead of Ogres tech level. Very pretty, though.

Line Name: Dark Star 6mm Miniatures

Again, I only have a 1996 contact number for these folks as some well-meaning person here at Devir apparently tossed their catalog while cleaning out our files... Phone: 303-654-7989. Sales contact person last year was Dave Babb.

Full Listing for Stone Mountain
ASF100MarinesASF220Zukat walkers
ASF101Inf. sup. weaponsASF250Sorhan IFV
ASF120Scout walkerASF251Srahne com. IFV
ASF150Puma IFVASF261Zirhan MBT
ASF160Lynx ACAVASF210Imprl mid-tech Inf.
ASF110Mid-tech inf.ASF262Tank
ASF151Stormer IFVASF262MBT
ASF162Lancer MBTFAN600Laser towers
ASF200LegionariesFAN601Laser cmnd towers
ASF201Legion sup. weapns

Abbreviations for the jargonically challenged are as follows:
SPA = self-propelled artillery (a big, mobile howitzer-like gun)
MBT = main battle tank (a tank)
APC = armored personel carrier (a mobile box for carrying foot soldiers)
IFV = infantry fighting vehicle (an APC with more armor and a bigger gun)
ACAV = armored cavalry vehicle (a faster, better armed IFV)

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