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Ogre Ninja

Ogre Ninja

Points: 150+

Of the many experimental cybertanks designed by the empires of the 21st century, certainly the best known was the Combine's Ninja. It was by far the most successful attempt at a "stealth" cybertank. How do you hide something the size of a small building? With lots of electronics. The Ninja traded offensive armament for speed, intelligence (almost all were self-aware), and defensive electronics and weaponry. Probably fewer than a hundred were built; they were expensive, and not cost-effective in a stand-up combat role. But as sneaky raiders or tactical recon units, they were unmatched. Legends built up around the Ninja.

The Ninja carries a main battery and 2 secondary batteries. It had a single missile rack and 4 internal missiles; 2 more missiles were mounted externally. It had 8 AP batteries. A Ninja starts with a move of 4 and 40 tread units.

A Ninja has state-of-the-art detection equipment, giving it advanced awareness of mines and other hidden units. Whenever a Ninja is about to enter a hex with a mine or a hidden unit, the opposing player needs to acknowledge the presence of a mine (or hidden unit) within the hex. The Ninja may then choose to stay still, move elsewhere, or continue into the hex. If a Ninja voluntarily enters a mined hex, the mine goes off only on a roll of a 6, instead of the usual 5 or 6.

Because of a Ninja's elaborate ECM, ECCM, extra point-defense armament, etc., it's very hard to hit. Subtract 1 from the die roll of any attack made against a Ninja except, in overruns only, by Ogres or infantry.

Units cannot combine fire against the Ninja unless they are attacking from an adjacent hex. Units farther away must take their shots individually. Infantry may still combine into platoons. An enemy Ogre may still combine the fire of any of its own weapons.

Ninjas have been accompanied on missions by a variety of drones: recon, security, and simple distraction. None of these are very large, but some might be dangerous. Players and referees are encouraged to be creative.

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