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Ogre Construction Set

by Tom Warner

Cybertank/CSA body list

Mark I5/1538
Mark II10/30416
Mark III25/452340
Ninja20/401530(b, c)
Mark IV25/601938(c)
Mark V30/603456
Mark VI45/753964

Equipment list

Tread units1
GEO propulsion units1(d)
CSA propulsion units1(e)
Cruise missiles123(f)
External missiles13
Internal missiles1½(g)
Air to air missiles13(e)
Missile racks64
Main batteries/guns84
Secondary batteries/guns43
D2 secondary batteries (tertiary batteries)32
AP bombloads11(e)
Towing equipment9(h)
"Stealth" modificationsspecial(i)


  • a) CSAs: aircraft/Ogre Magi/Flying Fortresses, a completely imaginary variant from The Ogre Book.
  • b) Ninja Ogre bodies are not automatically stealth-equipped. They are Mark III size equivalent for ramming and towing.
  • c) Ninja and Mark IV are not automatically MA4.
  • d) Only available for ground effect Ogres (GEOs). One cannot mix different types of "tread" units. GEO propulsion units are targeted automatically at a 2-1. The total cost is multiplied by 4, in addition to any other modifiers if the Ogre is a GEO.
  • e) For aircraft only.
  • f) Cruise missiles can be mounted externally only. Stats are: cruise missile (special/infinite; d3)
  • g) Internal missiles take up ½ defense factor each, despite the fact that they are stored inside.
  • h) Towing equipment has a defense of 8; this doesn't count, since it represents difficulty to hit rather than size.
  • i) Stealth modifications consist of ECM, ECCM, and strengthening and addition of defensive weaponry. All attacks against stealth-equipped Ogres (except infantry overruns) are at a -1 to their die roll. The total cost of a stealth-equipped Ogre is multipled by 1.5 in addition to any other modifiers.

Step-by-step Ogre Construction

  1. Choose a body from the list. As an example, we'll choose a Mark VI body. It can mount up to 64 defense factors and costs 39 VP.
  2. Choose tread units or propulsion units between the minimum and maximum limits listed. The tread units must be divisible by the desired first phase movement (4 max) × 5. For GEOs, the movement can be 4/3, 3/2, 2/1, or 1/0. Our example Ogre will have 60 propulsion units with an MA of 4/3 (it's a GEO.)
  3. Load up on equipment, up to the listed defense limit. Our example Ogre will have 2 cruise missiles (24VP, d6), 2 missile racks (12VP, d8), 20 internal missiles (20VP, d10), 3 main batteries (24VP, d12), 8 tertiary batteries (24VP, d16), and 12 AP (12VP, d12), which adds up to d64, therefore, we're done . . . but we'll add stealth capability also (see below).
  4. Add up the VP costs:

    • 2 cruise missiles: 24
    • 2 missile racks: 12
    • 20 internal missiles: 20
    • 3 main batteries: 24
    • 8 tertiary batteries: 24
    • 12 antipersonnel: 12
    • 60 propulsion units: 60
    • Mark VI body: 39
    • Total: 215 VP

    Multiply by 4 if the Ogre is a GEO (this one is), then multiply by 1.1 if the Ogre has a 1st phase movement of 4 (this one does), then multiply by 1.5 if the Ogre is stealth-equipped (this one is). Then divide by 6 to get to the armor unit cost of the Ogre (round to the nearest .5). Ours comes out to be 1,419 VP and 236.5 armor units.

  5. Distribute the tread units evenly among the movement allowance. For our Ogre, it would be thus:
    60 propulsion units starting at MA 4/3
    ooooo ooooo ooooo (M3/2)
    ooooo ooooo ooooo (M2/1)
    ooooo ooooo ooooo (M1/0)
    ooooo ooooo ooooo (M0/0)

    For CSAs, this is done somewhat differently. The CSA movement must be determined by the number of propulsion units in relation to the maximum:

    • ¼ of maximum propulsion units = MA1
    • ½ of maximum propulsion units = MA2
    • ¾ of maximum propulsion units = MA3
    • maximum propulsion units = MA4
  6. Finally, draw up a record sheet.

Combine "Coelacanth" Ogre

2 cruise missiles (special/infinite; D3)         OO
2 missile racks (D4)                             OO
20 internal missiles (6/5)     OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
3 main batteries (4/3; D4)                      OOO
8 tertiary batteries (3/2; D2)             OOOOOOOO
12 antipersonnel (1/1; D1)             OOOOOOOOOOOO
60 propulsion units starting at 4/3 MA

ooooo ooooo ooooo (m3/2)
ooooo ooooo ooooo (m2/1)
ooooo ooooo ooooo (m1/0)
ooooo ooooo ooooo (m0/0)

And there you have it, another device to terrorize the mindless infantry of Ogre/G.E.V.! (Note: No matter what, the Mark I cannot have MA 4. This is perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed of.)

Tom Warner, March 1988

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