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Edging Ogre

by Jeremy Filko
November 2, 2017

As one who loves Ogre, and Steve Jackson Games for that matter, I can't stop wondering why they didn't use gatorboard or black infused cardboard for Ogre Designer's Edition. Despite this glaring oversight, have faith that this is easily corrected. For those of you with a little too much free time on your hands, or who simply need to justify, "Doing something productive," while binge watching the Gilmore Girls for the second time, edging your Ogre Designer's Edition is well worth the effort.

The Ogres themselves look so much better when their edges are carefully blackened with a Sharpie. I recommend fully disassembling your Ogres (or better yet, doing this prior to assembling your Ogres!) and using two types of Sharpie. Use the King Size Sharpie for most of the edges and then use a standard Sharpie to get into the tight spots (buy a box of each). Always use the King Size first, as it can get into more places than you might think, and it really covers the edges quickly. When you find yourself going back and forth across the cardboard edge more than once, change out your marker for a new one and let the previous one rest a bit. It's also worth edging all of the other cardboard components, even the white ones, as the units and terrain will subsequently blend in, making the game really come to life. Colored Sharpies may also be used in this manner.

I'm trying not to think about how long it took to edge my entire copy of Ogre, but it was worth it!

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