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No Math CRT

by Martin Gallo
November 2, 2017

The Combat Results Table is often a topic of consideration between Ogre fans. Described as archaic and obstructionist by some, others have labeled it elegant and demonstrating an ingrained simplicity. What all can agree upon is that it is inherent in the very nature of the game.

Over the years, fans have experimented with ways of streamlining the CRT process. Proposals including specialized dice, combat odds wheels, and expanded charts have all been investigated. A core feature of some of the variants has been eliminating the need to calculate the actual odds to determine the outcome of the attack. To this end, Martin Gallo presents a chart containing most relevant attack and defense strengths, allowing players to quickly see the odds and apply the result of their attack die roll. It is designed to be useable by Ogre Miniatures players as well.

Instructions: After adding up the strength of the attack, find that column and read down to the appropriate defense strength. The intersection of these two numbers shows a colored box that corresponds to an odds ratio for the attack. Roll 1d6 and apply the resulting combat effect: no effect, disabled or destroyed (+/- a hulk, for Ogre Miniatures players).

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