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Ogre Record Sheet


Updated July 23, 2010

Points: 25

The first and smallest of the Ogres, dating from 2060, it has 1 main battery, 4 anti-personnel batteries, and starts the game with 18 tread units. The first cybernetic tank, the Mark I, was a direct line development of the Combine's advanced battle tanks. Half again the size of a Heavy Tank, it was turreted, with a "conning tower" mounted behind the main gun. This gave the Mark I's sensor suite an excellent vantage point high above the battlefield. The tower became a trademark of Ogre design. The Mark I was intended as a battle-line unit, but proved not to be cost-effective in that role. Although it was hard to kill, it was too easy - relative to the huge cost of the cybernetic brain - to put it out of action. However, the Mark I remained in regular production as long as the Combine lasted, simply because it was the only Ogre small enough to be transported by conventional means. It proved to be effective as a light raider unit in terrain where human troops did not perform well, such as remote jungles and tundra. Perhaps a larger Ogre would have been even better... but often they couldn't get there.

1 Main Battery (Attack 4, Range 6", Defense 4)
4 Antipersonnel (Attack 1, Range 2", Defense 1)

18 Tread Units: Movement starts at 6"
000 (Movement drops to 5")
000 (Movement drops to 4")
000 (Movement drops to 3")
000 (Movement drops to 2")
000 (Movement drops to 1")
000 (Movement drops to 0)
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