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Ogre Record Sheet


Updated July 23, 2010

Points: 50

The first Ogre to have a varied weapons array. An Ogre Mark II has 1 main battery, 2 secondary batteries, 6 anti-personnel batteries, and starts the game with 30 tread units. The Mark II was intended as a replacement for the Mark I. In addition to its turreted main gun, the Mark II had a pair of secondary cannon. This added greatly to its battlefield flexibility. It was certainly more cost-effective, but because it would fit in no transport smaller than an ocean-going freighter, it wasn't suitable for many of the Mark l's missions. Furthermore, once it had been tested in battle, it still appeared undergunned, The Mark II was phased out of regular production in 2076. The Seattle factory complex retained production templates, and occasional short runs were done for special purposes - including sale to client states.

1 Main Battery (Attack 4, Range 6", Defense 4)
2 Secondary Battery (Attack 3, Range 4", Defense 3)
6 Antipersonnel (Attack 1, Range 2", Defense 1)

30 Tread Units: Movement starts at 6"
00000 (Movement drops to 5")
00000 (Movement drops to 4")
00000 (Movement drops to 3")
00000 (Movement drops to 2")
00000 (Movement drops to 1")
00000 (Movement drops to 0)
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