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Kill the Howitzer

A G.E.V. scenario

by Garth Getgen


  1. Defender chooses which map to be used, G.E.V. or Shockwave.
  2. Attacker declares which map-edge (N/E/S/W) his forces will enter on.
  3. Defender sets up ALL units anywhere on the map.
  4. Attacker moves first, any or all units enter the map along the map-edge declared in step 2.
  5. Play continues until one of the following:
    1. All Attacking units are destroyed, in which case the Defender WINS.
    2. The Defender's Howitzer is destroyed (not disabled), in which case the Attacker WINS.
    3. Either side concedes. There is no DRAW.
  6. There is NO time limit (turn count) in this scenario.


  1. Attacker gets four (4) GEVs and four (4) Light GEVs.
  2. Defenders gets one (1) Howitzer (non-mobile), two (2) Light Tanks and nine (9) squads of infantry (standard type).
  3. Neither side gets ANY reinforcements.
  4. No unit may leave the map.

Special Rules: None. All towns/bridges are intact.

Optional Rules: Players may agree to declare bridges are down, etc.

Victory Conditions: The objective is the Howitzer – NOTHING else matters.

If the Howitzer is destroyed, the scenario ends with an Attacker's Victory; otherwise the Defender wins – no matter what other losses there are on either side.

This is a suicide mission for the GEVs. The enemy has set up a Howitzer in a strategically important area where it will be able to disrupt supply convoys, and the only forces available to deal with it before the next convoy passes is a GEV Recon-Team.

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