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by Steve Jackson

Updated 8-30-16


They'll need a howitzer for a starting pistol.

1.01 Overview. This is a highly gamelike scenario in which two opposing Ogres race to the end of the map, opposed by swarms of smaller units.

1.02 Necessary materials. The Ogre Designer's Edition, or Ogre Sixth Edition is required.


2.01 Maps. Use the basic Ogre map.

2.01.1 Overlays. Overlays may be added for variety, but keep the east and west sides of the board as essentially symmetrical as possible.

2.02 Setup. Each player gets an Ogre Mark V, 24 squads of infantry, and 14 armor units.

The Combine player sets up first. His setup area is on the east side of the board, in hex columns 01 through 04. He may set up no more than 30 attack strength points in the Central Area; the rest goes to the North Area. After the Combine player sets up, he covers his units with (e.g.,) a few sheets of paper.

The Paneuropean player then sets up in the same way, but on the west side of the board, in hex columns 12 through 15. The Combine's setup is then uncovered.

The Combine player moves first, entering the map with his Ogre at 1222.

The Paneuropean player moves second, entering the map with his Ogre at 0422.


There are no special gameplay rules.


4.01 Ending the Scenario. The game ends when both Ogres are unable to move (in which case the last one moving is the marginal victor) or one Ogre exits the map and wins. If the Combine, which moved first, exits the map first, then the Paneuropean Ogre gets one final turn to exit and tie the game.


5.1 Command Post. Each side gets a Command Post as an additional objective for the enemy Ogre. Only the Ogre can shoot at the CP, and an Ogre cannot exit the map until the CP has been destroyed. The Combine CP is at 1401; the Paneuropean one is at 0201.

This objective is obviously harder; an Ogre may or may not have to stop to attack the CP, but each Ogre will traverse diagonally across the map, which almost certainly means their paths will cross, and possibly end, in the center of the board.


A quick game just for fun. Lots and lots of units are going to get blown up here very quickly.

Please give this scenario a try, and give us your comments – on game balance, clarity of instructions, or whatever else you think of – on our forums. The thread for commenting on this scenario is here.

The Ogre Scenario Book 3 PDF, combining all of these scenarios, may be purchased on Warehouse 23

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