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by Steve Jackson

Updated 8-18-16


It didn't take an Ogre brain to tell that the first objective would be fairly easy and the second one very difficult. The question was: could it be done at all?

1.01 Overview. This scenario turns the Ogre map on its side and requires the Ogre to destroy two objectives for a full victory.

1.02 Necessary materials. Only the Ogre Designer's Edition, or Ogre Sixth Edition is required. A yardstick will be helpful to serve as a straightedge when calculating laser line of sight.


2.01 Maps. This scenario uses the orange Ogre map.

2.01.1 Overlays. Add the following overlays to turn the entire map into an obstructed area:

  • Place craters in hexes 0117, 0319, 0417, 0420, 0515, 0820, 0917, and 1021.
  • Place ridges between hexes 0114-0115, 0214-0215, 0215-0314, 0218-0317, 0317-0318, 0617-0618, 0618-0717, 0818-0819, 0819-0918, 1016-1017, and 1117-1218.

2.02 Paneuropean Units. The Paneuropean forces (blue) are the defenders and set up first:

  • 20 armor units and 36 squads of infantry on or behind the row of hexes beginning in 08.
  • Two laser turrets (treated as D1 for this scenario) are located in the two eastern corners of the map.

2.03 Combine Units. The Combine (red) forces are the attackers. They get a single Mark V Ogre. The Ogre enters on the first turn anywhere on the west side of the map.

2.04 Cruise Missiles. Cruise missiles are not allowed in this scenario.


3.1 Escape. The Ogre may leave the map only on the west side.

3.2 Lasers and ridges. Remember that lasers cannot fire over ridge hexsides, and that each crater hex is considered to have ridges all around it.

3.3 Laser turret defense. For this scenario, the laser turrets are considered to be D1 units that are destroyed by an X result but ignore a D.


4.01 Ending the Scenario. The game ends when the Ogre is destroyed or leaves the map, or when all Paneuropean units are destroyed.

4.02 Objectives. The Combine goal is to destroy the laser turrets; the defenders' goal is to protect them.

4.03 Victory Levels.
Still TBD. Preserving one turret should be a marginal PE victory; otherwise the Ogre will hit one and withdraw. Might be as simple as:

  • zero turrets = total triumphant PE victory
  • one turret and Ogre lost = PE victory
  • one turret and Ogre escapes = marginal PE victory
  • two turrets = Ogre victory
  • two turrets and Ogre escapes = total Ogre victory


5.1 Laser Towers. Replace one or both of the turrets with Laser Towers. They can now hit any spot on the board with no need for line-of-sight calculation. Reduce the defender's setup to 20 armor units and 30 infantry.

5.2 Mark IV. With its high speed and huge missile loadout, the Ogre Mark IV seems tailor-made for this mission. But can it take the heat once its missiles are gone?


By turning the map on its side, we get a scenario in which the shooting starts almost immediately. By making the objectives laser turrets, we weaken the Ogre missiles slightly to make up for their very close range, and keep a bit of pressure on the Ogres to advance. The laser turret's range encompasses the whole board, but of course craters and ridges get in the way.

Please give this scenario a try, and give us your comments – on game balance, clarity of instructions, or whatever else you think of – on our forums. The thread for commenting on this scenario is here.

The Ogre Scenario Book 3 PDF, combining all of these scenarios, may be purchased on Warehouse 23

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