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Under the Sea

An Ogre Miniatures scenario

by William Spencer

Ahh, the Pacific Ocean is wonderful this time of year. The sun, the gentle waves, the dolphins frolicking in the cool water . . .

Unfortunately, you're missing it all, because this tropical paradise is miles from land. You work all day, a mile beneath the ocean, building some top secret installation in special armor designed for the task.

Well, the Combine just found out, and has sent a task force to destroy you. You've finally been briefed on what you're building: a prototype Ion Laser Cannon, so big it needs an ocean for cooling. The basic idea is that it sends a beam up to a specially-equipped ship which reflects the beam in the desired direction. It would make a devastating siege weapon, and help the Nihon Empire immensely. The Combine wants it destroyed, of course.


There are two forces: the Combine (attackers), and the Nihon Empire (defenders). Each side gets equal forces: about 100 to 150 victory points worth.

This battle takes place entirely underwater, but all units are considered waterproofed and "Marine" capable (as for Marine infantry) for free. Each side may choose tanks or infantry, but no GEVs (hovercraft don't work underwater, for obvious reasons). Submarines may also be used; if you like Ogres, try the Continental Siege Submarine rules. At least half of the Nihonese infantry must be Engineers, and they may buy lasers or artillery.

Terrain should be pretty standard slopes and plains, with some coral (treat as rubble), seaweed forests (forests), and construction equipment/underwater cities (cities). Place one big building (about 50 SP) in the center. This is the ion cannon (still under construction).

The opposing forces should start deployed on opposite edges of the map.


The Combine wins if they destroy the cannon, and decisively win if they kill over 50% of the defenders. The Nihon Empire wins if they either destroy the attackers, protecting the cannon, OR they fire the cannon:

How to fire the cannon

Move a unit into the cannon building. The unit spends two turns in the building (getting out of armor, and then entering the command codes) . . . at the end of the second turn, the ion cannon fires – anything above it (including a large part of the attacking Combine fleet on the surface) is vaporized (XX). It must then wait 5 turns (cooling down). Firing the cannon twice is a decisive victory (blasts most of the Combine fleet above to flinders). The cannon is disabled and can't fire if it loses half its SP.


Lasers get half range underwater.

AP guns and missiles work normally. Other guns work like this:

  • All units gain +1 to Defense value (shots are slowed by the water, easier to shoot down).
  • All weapons ranges are halved (slowed by the water; sensors confused by movement of water).
  • Spillover fire burst radius is doubled (concussion effect of the water).

Author's Note

This was inspired by the scenario "Battle in the Depths," which appeared in the core rulebook to MECHA!, a miniatures game by Brad Carlson, Dave Georgeson, and John Sullins of Seventh Street Games. (I recommend it, if you can find it, mainly for the great optional background: Aztec and Toltec mecha fight aliens in outer space for the glory of their gods . . . an unusual and entertaining concept.)

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