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As of July 23, 2010

Pyramid is the gaming hobby's hottest voice! We're the online source for game reviews, source material, and background information for all kinds of game systems. We cover card games, board games, miniature systems and wargaming. Our industry news is updated immediately, whenever a gaming-related story breaks, and new reviews and articles are posted every Friday.

Pyramid currently has over 1,500 paid subscribers. Note that "paid."It's important. Our readers like Pyramid so much that they pay to readit. And Pyramid has received ten Origins Award nominations for BestProfessional Game Magazine (in 1993 and in 1995 through 2003), and wonthe OA for Best Professional Game Magazine of 2000, Gamers Choice:Electronic Product for 2003, and Best Nonfiction Publication of 2004.

So we're not advertising-supported. But that means we can price our ads affordably, because we're not depending on the money . . .

We currently offer three kinds of ads on Pyramid: banners, premium banners, and covers.

Banner Ads

These appear at the top of articles, news items, chat pages, and discussion boards. Banner advertising is $10 per 1,000 impressions, with a minimum order of $50 (5,000 impressions). One "impression" means one person viewed your ad. Click-throughs to your site can't be predicted, but as of May 2002 the average click-through was about 1%.

Banners will display on all pages across the site (in a random rotation with other banners), and each advertiser will also be listed in our index of advertisers page. In addition, banners will be displayed on sample article pages, where non-subscribers can examine (at no charge) the first few paragraphs of any articles in our archives.

Cover Ads

Each issue has only one cover ad. It runs for one week on the Pyramid "cover" page, from Friday to the following Thursday. It is archived with that issue's cover, so in effect a cover ad lasts forever, but it will get most of its traffic during the first week. Cover ads are $100. Since there is only one cover ad for each issue, the space is first come, first served.


Banner ads may be up to 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high, and the image must be 45Kb or less. Cover ads may be 125 pixels wide x 225 pixels high, or smaller, and the image must be 75Kb or less. Format may be GIF or JPEG, 72dpi RGB color. Animated gifs are accepted if they are under the above byte limits, as long as they are not flashing or otherwise obnoxious. Java applets, Javascript, DHTML and Flash ads are not accepted.

You must provide the banner art.


Ads are payable in advance. You can use our secure online form to place your advertising order, or use our advertising contact form.

Once we receive your payment and artwork, your ad will be placed on the Pyramid site within two business days. It will appear to paid subscribers and to visitors reading the sample pages. It will also be displayed in the Index of Advertisers.

You will also be given access to a report page showing the duration of your ad (when it first appeared and when it expired), a count of the actual clicks on your ad, and the calculated click-through ratio.

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