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Friday, November  7, 2008
Game News
NEW: Put On The Wax Cylinder, Jeeves! 3/03/2024
AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT PYRAMID'S FUTURE (plus Links to the Pyramid Archives) 11/10/2008
PR Report: Crafty, Gygax, Legendary Games Studio, Iron Crown, Triple Ace 10/11/2008
New Product Update: Kenzer and Company, Mongoose Publishing, Adamant Entertainment, Twilight Creations, Palladium Books 10/11/2008
PR Report: Crafty, Goodman, Polymancer Studios, Iron Crown, One Bad Egg 10/09/2008
past news...

How many years have you been reading Pyramid? (Feel free to tally the years you've read if there have been gaps.)
Less than one.   4%
One or more, but less than two.   2%
Two or more, but less than three.   6%
Three or more, but less than four.   7%
Four or more, but less than five.   6%
Five or more, but less than six.   5%
Six or more, but less than eight.   6%
Eight or more, but less than 10.  10%
10 or more, but less than 12.   8%
12 or more.  24%
I lost track!  16%
Other, should the editor be curious.   0%

Total: 709
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Roleplaying Games
The Hunger of the Western Sands, by J. Edward Tremlett
This adventure for All Flesh Must Be Eaten is like being in the desert on a horse with no name, except it's a camel . . . with no flesh.

Playing God: Minor Deities for GURPS, by Matt Riggsby
This short article will give you ideas for starting a game with power levels that are literally "sky-high."

Martial Arts Case Studies: More Gameable Myths, by Peter V. Dell'Orto
If you're looking for more ways to take what you "know" about martial arts and make it true in your GURPS game, true enlightenment awaits.

Other Games
AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT PYRAMID'S FUTURE (plus Links to the Pyramid Archives), by Steven Marsh
10 years of fun, waiting to be downloaded!

Suppressed Transmission: Our Revels Now Are Ended - The Tempest, by Kenneth Hite
Our master's long strange journey ends with one final play onwards.

Suppressed Transmission Supplemental: So Long, and Thanks for All the Mermaids, by Kenneth Hite
Parting is such sweet sorrow . . .

Random Thought Table: Allies and Endings, by Steven Marsh
We wrap up one series, and . . . a few other things.

Pyramid Pick: The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, by Matthew Pook
Pyramid Pick: 1960 - The Making of the President, by Matthew Pook
Pyramid Review: Cthulhu Rising, by Andy Vetromile

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