The Hunger of the Western Sands

An Archaeological Adventure for All Flesh Must Be Eaten

by J. Edward Tremlett

June 26th, 1932:

We found the remnants of the Buttersworth expedition today, along with the necropolis they set out to find. I'm afraid that they're all probably dead. There are signs of a terrible struggle -- torn tents spattered with blood, boxes broken open, and dead camels everywhere. No bodies, but they could have been buried in a pit, somewhere.

Karl says it had to have been desert raiders, but I doubt it. If it had been, Buttersworth's supplies would have been taken, especially the guns and ammunition, to say nothing of the camels. No, the diggers are convinced something really bad happened, too, and I agree with them.

Karl wants to at least make an initial reconnoiter before we bunk down for the evening. I'm all for putting it off until tomorrow morning, but he's hoping we'll learn more when we enter the necropolis, itself. If only to put the diggers' fears to rest.

Maybe Karl's right: the sooner we see what they found, the sooner we can leave. I've been here only a half hour, and I already hate the place. I feel like I'm being watched. Every time I stand still for too long, I could almost swear I see the sand moving out of the corner of my eye.

And I have the horrible feeling that the camels we found were chewed on . . .

"The Hunger of the Western Sands" is a one-short adventure intended for Norms, and is based on the previous All Flesh Must . . .

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Article publication date: November 7, 2008

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