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Log into our chat room to talk with fellow Pyramid subscribers! If you need any help with the Pyramid Chat, don't forget to read The Friendly Guide to Pyramid Chat, by Bob Portnell.

Want to host an organized chat? Send e-mail to, telling us who you are, what your experience in the gaming industry is, when you can chat, and what topic you'd like to talk on. We also have an archive of past chat logs.

Connecting to Pyramid Chat

You must be a current subscriber to log in. If this is your first time connecting, you'll need to set up a new chat login here. If you're a returning chatter but have forgotten your password, click here.

You may want to print out our page of basic chat commands.

You can use your Java or Flash-enabled browser to connect to the chat, or you can use a MUD client. If you use a client program, you can either connect to 2323, or securely (via SSL or stunnel) to 2300.

Browser clients:

Windows Clients

Macintosh (OS X) Clients

Unix Client

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